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Named for one of the greatest mages of the College of Air Magics (and a heroine of the Sylphs), Ildrisholm is a region of rugged hills (partially forested) and cliffs situated in northern Brastor.

A small monastery that used to house a sect of pacifist Air Magicians and known to the locals as “the Cloisters” is located high in the hills and may be reached by a trail through the Greenwood. All the air mages are now dead and foul undead are known to inhabit the Cloisters.

No commerce passes along this trail from the Brastor Holding since the dark circle problems.

The Cloisters, and most of the immediate vicinity (including a mountaintop reached by footbridge across the gorge of the Sweetwater), is a High Mana area donated to the sect by the Sylphs in memory of Ildris.

Ildrisholm itself is a hilly area with two distinct peaks by which flows the Sweetwater River. This stretch of the river is probably the fastest flowing and most dangerous of what is otherwise a gentle river.

Note: The whole Ildrisholm and Greenwood area still seems to be affected by the dark circle, un-natural darkness.

Memories of Ildrisholm

by Sabastian

Talking squirrels, I remember them. Sabastian had one for a while.

It is rumored the following people opposed the Dark Circle denizens - kraken, troll, dwarf, gargoyles and Sean.


The Greenwood is a large forest in the southern half of Ildrisholm. it contained a number of unusual inhabitants.

Black Cats

Pre Dark Circle

A large number of black cats live near the edge of the woods. As they can curse and its best to taken them a gift before entering the woods otherwise you'll find yourself turned into a mouse.


Rumored to be gone.

Crazy Baboons

Pre Dark Circle

A tribe of baboons lived in the forst, they went crazy following the disappearance of The Ranger. We never determined wny then went mad.


Rumored to be even more crazy them before.

Missing Ranger

Pre Dark Circle

Lived in the forest, but went missing. His disappearance sparked the baboons going crazy.


Nothing known. We havn't yet entered the forest as its rumored to contain dark circle denizens.


Pre Dark Circle

A large tree in the centre of the forst acted as a postbox for the inhabitants of the forest.


Nothing known. We havn't yet entered the forest as its rumored to contain dark circle denizens.

Giant turtle

Pre Dark Circle

A gigantic turtle, the size of a large hill, was trapped on the eastern edge of the forest by the floating trees.


Nothing known. We havn't yet entered the forest as its rumored to contain dark circle denizens.

Floating Trees

Pre Dark Circle

Floating trees that drag roots along the groung. The roots can attack and paralyse people, whom are consumed by the trees.


Nothing known. We havn't yet entered the forest as its rumored to contain dark circle denizens.

The Hill

A sentient hill in the north eastern part of Ildrisholm.


Pre Dark Circle

Looked after by the ogres.


Fell under the influence of the dark circle. A party destroyed the crystal controlling the hill and traveled inside the hills mind to the dreamland to help it regain its sanity.

The hill grants earth powers to its protectors and is at war with the rat clan and vampires. Cats (not the curst cats) lived in the hill for protection. Either Sabastian of Arkham are often found in the hill, empowering the cats with earth magic to help them fight the rats.

The hill is covered with a number of complex, resetting rat traps.

It is rumoured one of them hell cats what did curse you back there is living on the Hill. They've all learned how to do earth magic from the hill, and are casting it on themselves.


Pre Dark Circle

Three Orges lived in the hill who were generally friendly; Geode and his two brothers.


Geode was living east of Ildrisholm with the gnomes. He traveled with the party back to the hill and helped liberate it from the Dark Circle influence. His brothers were taken by force and drafted into the Dark Circle army. The party were able to locate one of his brothers and he departed to find him.

Goblin Lookin Chain (GLC)


The Goblins have a long history with a few Guild adventurers. They were set them free from Kraken servitude at one point - by destroying the Kraken's cart that allowed him on land, so he couldn't get to them. You've taught them to brew alcohol and also take a merchant's appreciation to high class magic items and low class drugs (some of this maybe indirectly).

They come from down south somewhere, you think probably in or near the swamps around Novadom. The were brought here by the Kraken as his slaves (there seemed to be a mixture of mind control and violence keeping them in order). Once the Kraken's cart was destroyed they were being dominated by the Slug until he was forced back to the Graveyard and finally killed. Then they had a period of moderate self sufficiency, growing potatoes and staying out of people's way. Being taught to brew alcohol seemed to be their turning point, as when the Dark Circle legions drew near they made a very healthy profit selling booze to the (largely) humanoid soldiers. Out of this they seem to have found themselves with a large stash of magic items. They have sold much of those and turned them into a lucrative drug trade in and around Brastor and Cazarla. However you do know they are sitting on a cache of Dark Circle created magic items (amongst they their necrosis earrings and some sunken grave medallions).

Due to this they are not a bunch of pathetic goblins anymore, they are quite skilled and cunning. They have highish ranked Brewers, Thieves and Merchants (Benny Blanco who is currently with you also managed to get a few ranks of courtesan). They are lead by a Goblin who used to be known as The Butcher, but now goes by the moniker Tenacious G and they lot of them call themselves the Goblin Lookin Chain, the GLC or simply the Chain.

Recently the Binder (who you also know little about and have just named "The Binder" for lack of a better description, though that is probably a little inaccurate) captured Eggsy and 2000AP (aka Two Hats). The GLC swapped Eggsy back for an elephant (recently created at castle rock) but failed to get 2000AP back. They are keen to get him back. In the brief time that Eggsy was in with the Binder he was rebuilt as half goblin, half golem. In the process he has picked up some useful mechanician skills and a bit of healer, though he does tend to get the two confused.


The goblins became traders during the time of the Dark Circle. The darness allowed them to grow cave moss above ground, which they used to create alcohol. They traded alcohol with soldiers and became rich. The obtains a number of powerful items that necrosis anyone that kills a goblins, this protected them from the worst of the Dark Circle.

As the darkness has disappeared from the spent most of the time drinking and taking drugs. Ishamel and Sabastian improved their still and arrange trade between the tribe and Brastor.

Members of GLC

  • Tenacious G; tribe leader.
  • Benny Blanco
  • Eggsy; the clockwork goblin - half goblin, half golem
  • 2000AP (aka Two Hats); prisoner of the binder
  • The Maggot

Castle Hill

Pre Dark Circle

Sculptured chess pieces buried at this hill become soldiers of some sort. Dragon teeth become dragon warriors.


Unknown. However the goblins requested sculptured chess pieces, so we assume this is still active.


A large mountain dominates the Nothing part of Ildrisholm


Two large gargoyles and one smal 'normal' gargoyle live in a cave at the top of the mountain. Their lair is believed to have wards around it. The Normal Gargoyle hunts fro them, the larger gargoyles tend not to stray from the lair - we suspect they are afraid of the vampires.

They have a pet basilisk whome is gecko-like, it has no problems going up and down the mountain sides, which don't slow it down at all.

About 20 feet into the cave (and around a slight bend) some Rk20 darkness starts that obscures the insides from view.

They are not like ordinary gargoyles. There were three of them who were human size and had beautifully crafted human like bodies with horns, tails and wings. They had normal gargoyle servants. The first time they met you you ran away from them after they gave you a serious meteor storming. They also had shadow forms on, so you figure one is a celestial mage.

Since the DC they have lost many of their servants (all but one poor soul from what you have observed) as well as the large Gargoyle who was a warrior type. They have a pet basilisk. Which is the size of a large dog and can climb along any surface. They are obviously immune to its effects.

We believe they come from the east.

The capture the Dwarf and forced him to work for them.


Still alive and active. The captured Brother Zepher, whom they traded to a party. They have a pet weaponised basilisk, often carried in a box when travelling.

They don't seem to like the Vampires very much at all, due to them having lost nearly all their servants and one of their brethren to them. Otherwise they have been very standoffish and have acted very aloof, as if they think they are better than you (which of course they are).

They seemed to be very afraid of the Spider Wight living under the mountain.

  • Severius - male gargoyle, celesital mage
  • Plenetentia - female gargoyle, magic user (mind?)
  • Comodus - the dead warrior gargoyle. (killed by the vampires - Heinz?)
  • Ambulus - the last small servant gargoyle.

The Crashed Ship

A small ship can be seen on the other mountain to the west of here. It is many miles so is hard to make out any more.

From the ship and the way it is outfitted, that it is from the east. The lanteen rigging and the style of build mark it out as not being from the Western Kingdom and surrounding Baronies. It is a small galiot, a rigged and rowed ship, any smaller and it would merely be a boat. There is a short bank of oar slots (the oars are not out at the moment), probably for about 20 people.

The crew are all dressed in the style of Lunar Empire free merchants. Overhearing some of the talk confirms this. All up there are 10 crew. Some of them are injured.

From listeneing in we hear the ships original captain has been lost. There are a couple of cousins, one appears to be more senior. They're better dressed and giving orders, but aren't entirely together on things, so there is a little bit of confusion. It is not a tightly run ship.

The ship has a huge hole in one side, and the boat is lodged on a sizable boudler that it seems to have landed on. You see a couple of the crew, with the captain, attempting to move the boat and patch it up. Them seem very frustrated, they obviously don't have he required tools, or materials.

Floating off the back of the ship is a small dinghy, or tender. Just hanging there in mid air about 10 feet above the deck of the larger ship. There is a complex ratcheting oar mechanism in it, with big feathery looking oars attached. It is designed to skull through the air.

Pecking around the ship are a handful of geese, about half of these have clockwork mechanisms mounted, like hoods, on their heads. These devices cover the whole head, leaving the beak out, and have small holes for the eyes.


A north-south tunnel allows travelers to pass through the mountain.


The tunnel is now inhabited by large nasty spiders, ranging from the size of a dog to the size of a carriage.


At the bottom of a steep sided steep-sided gorge. Skeletons attacked a boat from within the river.


Pre Dark Circle

The southern entrance of the mountain tunnel comes out to a bridge that spans a steep-sided gorge.


Its rumored something nasty lives under the bridge.


Pre Dark Circle

A troll lived under the bridge and tormented anyone traveling across the bridge. If the troll faced danger he would leap into the river and regenerate. He eventually was captured by the Kraken.



The Big Juju (Kraken)

Pre Dark Circle

A very smart and very dangerous Kraken that lived in the river. Rumored to come from the Islands of adventure. He was seeking pages from a powerful book. Captured and enslaved the Nixie and Troll. Was willing to pay parties to enter the deep tunnels of the mountain, an offer never taken up. According the Butcher, leader of the goblins 'Juju is a water mage. He killed the nixie which was there and consumed her power. Has ivory chess set. Planted Slug in the graveyard. Juju comes from Snake Island.'


Dark Circle mages set the wards to keep the Juju in the river. He was a bit of a problem to them. Undead (or those that associate with them) are very rarely water mages. So a water mage kraken, hiding out in tunnels near their muster point was deemed to be a bit of a nuisance. But a nuisance that was easily avoided.


Pre Dark Circle

Captured and enslaved by the Kraken.


Presumed dead, eating by the Big Juju.


Pre Dark Circle

A large circular depression surrounded by a ring of trees. A plug in the bottom of the bowl was pulled to release a hydra. The hydra may not move beyond the ring of trees.


Its rumoured the Hydra is a pet or servant of the Dark Circle.


Pre Dark Circle

A leprechaun with an unhealthy interest in explosive bamboo. He hated the witch.


Alive and well, and still has his unhealthy interest in explosive bamboo.

The Witch

Pre Dark Circle

A friendly witch.


Rumoured to be dead.


Pre Dark Circle

Lived underground near the forest. Friendly-ish. The surrounding area is covered in snakes.



The Cloisters

See also main article on The Cloisters.

Pre Dark Circle

A large tower that housed a clan of pacifist air mages. The order used to be large and powerful but had fallen into more quiet and humble times. Numbers were further reduced by the arrival of the Big JuJu and his tribe of goblins. Before they turned up there were about a dozen members. By the time of the Dark Circle there were only six:

  • Brother Smegma
  • Brother Zephyr
  • Master of Novices (was responsible for new members of the order,
  • The Cardinal
  • The Ordinal
  • The Abbot

Inhabited by three vampires whom carry a number of artifacts of the Air Mages. The rat clan lives in the basement.

  • Brother Smegma; living with the goblins
  • Brother Zephyr; captured by the Gargoyles and rescued by a party. Looking for The master of Novices.
  • Master of Novices; unknown.
  • The Cardinal; reported dead.
  • the Ordinal; reported dead.


There are four vampires residing in the Cloisters. They have visited The Binder and recieved 'enhancements'.

Horst is a very strong vampire, who previously had a large square jaw and impressive fangs. Now he has a prodigious, mechanically enhanced mouth embellished with huge dagger like teeth. He has a penchant for tearing creatures limb from limb, and doesn't so much suck blood as tear open arteries and drink from the resultant fountains. A dark celestial.

Apparently Horst likes ripping things apart, so the goblins bring a range of small to medium size animals for him. Vampires although very capable appear to be quite lazy and would rather pay for this rather than dirty their hands with it.

Heinz apparently has an interesting vampire talent, he can take on various physical characteristics of blood that he has recently drunk. When you met him he was very hairy, and had a thick skin. He now has an apparatus that he can use to inject samples of blood directly into his system from canisters that he carries on clockwork harness that is now mostly part of him. According to the Goblins he is an avid collector and will go out of his way to find blood that he has not seen before, even if it is not of any particular use to him. The Goblins have been trading for interesting and unique samples of blood.

Karl is a flyer. He is apparently has a fast set of shadow wings and is accomplished at charging things whilst airborne. Anything in the skies over Ildrisholm or the Greenwood is fair game for him. He likes to chase and bring down all manner of flying creatures. After your last encounter with him he has had pistons implanted in or around his legs. He can quickly leap high into the air and take flight almost instantly.

Comandant Kopf, is another Vampire who you have not encountered. Kopf was to hold the Cloisters as a minor outpost once the DC had topled Carzala and penetrated the Western Kingdom. However this did not come to pass and he was left behind in the retreat. He does not like the Goblins and does not allow them in the Cloisters, though he seems unable to enforce this as you hear that the rat clan and the vampires have let them in occasionally.

Rat Clan

A clan of humanoids that have aspects of rats. Also use rats as weapons ans spys. A number of the clans members are powerful 'shA-mans'.

The Graveyard

Pre Dark Circle

A nasty place that is powerful for undead. Contains an evil tree from which hangs a cage that drains people on touch. Was the home of The Slug, prior to his being killed by a party.



Ashur Asafe

Pre Dark Circle

A powerful alchemist living south of the Greenwood.


Fled. Alive but location unknown.


Pre Dark Circle



A binder that worked an an arms merchant during the dark cicle. Responsibly for hideous experiments of living entities. Controls Slag and Tin golems.

Recently captured Eggsy and 2000AP (aka Two Hats). The GLC swapped Eggsy back for an elephant (recently created at castle rock) but failed to get 2000AP back. They are keen to get him back. In the brief time that Eggsy was in with the Binder he was rebuilt as half goblin, half golem.

Wyvern Hill

Pre Dark Circle

An invisible hill that was the home of invisible wyvern. They were slain by a party.


Rumored that something dangerous is living here.

The Dwarf

Pre Dark Circle

A Dwarven weaponsmith that liven north of the mountains. Captured and put to work by the Gargoyles.


A status in the gargoyles lair.

Darkness still in effect

Scribe Notes on the area