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Ignis Lambertis

Towering over most humans with his height at 7 foot 2, he is definitely not a puny Warrior and Navigator from Palestrina. His fascination with Atmospheric Phenomena has guided him to study lightning and magic at the college of Air Magic. He is played by Fabio

He honors his family by remembering and living by his fathers military motto "In battle, victims and accidental casualties, are inevitable"

Erasmo the Crow

New companion of adventure, Erasmo is particularly chatty, cautious as well as been exceptionally intelligent. It is a rank 3 philosopher of the Magic World and particularly fond of eyeball and carrion meet.


  • To be Known for his lightning prowess.
  • Be the first Palestrinian to be renown for is skills and Magic.



Ignis was awarded the Star of Alusia for his bravery. He was able to defend the party from an Orcs ambush during The Pevensey Heist mission.