I Must Go Down To The Sea Again

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... to wash my dirty socks ... and all I ask is for a bar of soap (Eccles - The Goon Show)


Adventure: I Must Go Down To The Sea Again
GM: Keith
Session: Spring 821
Night: Tuesdays
Location: Smiths online
Level: Low/Medium+


  • Emrys - Fire mage, Male human. (Spring/Fire) - played by Paul
  • Vargr - Elf male - Earth Mage (Death)
  • Arcadia - Female Elf - Star Celestial (Summer Air) - played by Kita. - "Military Scientist"
  • Argus Ramhammer - Male Dwarf - Binder (Winter Earth) - Played by Sam
  • Kaitva - Female Dwarf - Namer (Autumn Air) - Played By Anne - Party Leader
  • Phos - Male Orc - Binder - Played by Chris - Scribe
  • Remel - Water Mage - Played by Terry

Employer: House Sulis
Mission: Protect a merchant ship, Tranquil Waters of the Sun, bound for Pasifika
Plane: Alusia and maybe a few others.
Pay: 20sp per day per person and Loot (there's bound to be some. Right?)
Days on Adventure: We'll know when we get back

Scribe Notes

~ chapter one

With the unavailability of meeting room one due to a "decontamination" due to an "Alchemical Mishap" I made my way into meeting room 2 where our employer awaited. It seem he had been late for the main job orientation at the larger guild meeting. It turns out that the House Sulis Merchant family of the Lunar Empire have succeeded in building an ocean-going carrack,(a ship not typically used by the lunar empire) and was planning a maiden voyage to a merfolk colony near Pacifica. However with recent reports of increased deep ocean pirate activity he thought it best to "hire" some help in aiding the protection of the vessel and had come to the guild based off past good experiences. Their were 7 of us + a Ram named muffin (apparently we cant use muffin to batter down doors, nor is he emergency food, Purpose Unknown) In the meeting, with most of us been solid front line fighters. notable things that happened during the meeting were

  • Kaitva managed to talk our employer to pay us nearly 7 times the original amount a day, as a result we nominated her party leader.
  • We collectively managed to bargain our employer to provide us with greater enchantments in all four areas for the season.
  • House Sulis, on a reduction of two days worth of pay, sourced us all a silvered lunar styled javelin incase of underwater combat needs. (I'm not good with spear like weapons)
  • I volunteered as Scribe, The elf Arcadia decided to become our military strategist, tho without any Real knowledge. (none of us have military scientist)

We were informed that the vessel, Sulis Aquae Tranquillitas, would be departing in two days time at 10am.
By the end of the next day we had all gotten our greater enchantments and our silvered spears ready for the journey starting the next day. On the day of departure we are cooked a nice breakfast by Remel, and head to the docks. the ship is a slightly slimmer merchant carrack with 2 ballista's, one at each end of the ship. We are introduced to the ships officer's as we await our Chef whos running a little late. The ships cook is working for their passage to Pacifica and is none other than our fellow adventurer Snowdrop. As we Head out to sea, several over ships indicate through flags that there are no pirates nearby, however there is one ship flying colours indicating sickness/quarantined onboard as we sail through Confederation Bay.

Over the next few days of sailing we were all taught by Kaitva how to use are new javelins to a basic degree. we also had opportunities to learn about been a sailor and we participated in some climbing races up some of the rigging to the crows nest, which Arcadia narrowly won. the rough sea's made me and Kaitva feel a little bit out of our element but nothing serious resulted.... outside a bit of a loss of apatite. It took three days to get through Confederation Bay out to deep sea in the Distinian Gap

On our forth day after reaching the Distinian Gap, we encountered a strange singing that while oblivious for the most part had a charming effect, kaitva tried to use a counter-spell on the party however something went wrong and she has a bit of a memory issue now. We eventually came across a slightly smaller vessel flying palestrinian colours. As they approached the charming effect intensified, charming me and about half of the crew. as the ship approached us they changed their flag to pirate flags and prepared shoot their ballista headed with Greek fire of some manner, burning one of our masts. Once some distance had been closed Emrys opened fire with his fire magic and set all three of the enemies masts ablaze. Remel tried to disrupt the pirate vessel choppy with water currents and foggy mist, however both were foiled by enemy mages. The vessel pulled up beside each other and I prepared an adhesive spell on the middle of the boarding ramp to bottleneck and disrupt those trying to come across and possibly causing them to twist ankles or fall into the water as they bump into each other from their rush of momentum.

~ chapter two

AH good old fashioned Battle, there nothing quite like putting a mace to someone's face. seven pirates came across and boarded are ship, however several enemy mages, their captain, and three prepared crossbowmen remained on their ship, shooting and preparing spells. Vargr immediately closed with on of them and began are very slow process of hacking them to pieces with his hand axes. Emyrs and Remel launched powerful spells at the mages inflicting very high damage. Muffin did a surprisingly good job, been the closest to inflicting punishingly serious injuring (good job muffin, perhaps you are worth been more than emergency food). We soundly beat the enemy pirates that boarded us with us knocking the captain out with spells, the enemy air mage backfiring his sleeping spell before eventually surrendering and the red-headed fire-mage giving us a tall-tail about how she was "forced to fight by the captain"... after saying the pirates should never surrender... (turns out she was the second mate). ini catching up to the redhead I had the unfortunate mishap of getting stuck in my own adhesion for a brief moment. (I'm blaming the ship sway preventing me from leveraging my full leg strength in moving).

we promptly captured all the remaining surrendering Pirates, tho I was annoyed that one our sailors threw a man overboard during the fight before looting him. The mages had several interesting magical items with the air mage (who was corporative) inform us that he had a pair of googles improving perception during storms, a magic belt, and two earrings that each increased the control capacity of elementals (I don't know much about elemental but they sound like they would be worth ALOT). along with other equipment from the other mages onboard that we don't know the effects of. we were able to "liberate" the enemy plunder and they also had several vials of rank 10 waters of healing in their medical stocks. The captain decides to take the pirates ship with us and throws the captured fire mage in chains. We rest up following the attack and, after a discussion with the captain, he decide to sail to the island marked that’s marked on the pirate maps but not on the captains.

~ chapter three

Skull Island

Some days later we find ourselves anchored by what we decide to call Skull Island. There are vicious reefs that stop us sailing close to the island, with the disturbing sight of poles driven into the reefs with sea elf skulls atop. There are sharks in the reefs. We plan to rest for the night and investigate the next day, however our sleep is broken by an attack on the ship sea goblins. The sea goblins capture and escape with Urbanus Sulis. We are able to determine their lair is in the reefs on the other side of the island, so we set off to rescue Snowdrop.

We row to the island, we walking part abandoned field and through the forest with the aim of getting to the other side of the island and sneak into the seagoblin underwater cave. While the island cross a swamp we are attacked by man sized frogs, they provide us ingredients for a later meal. Some hours later we encounter some ‘ladies’ trying to entice us to join their camp, we are instantly on alert and ready for an ambush. Half a dozen ghouls attack us, as do the ghoul ladies ‘ladies’. After a long fight the ghouls are destroyed with only a few party members taking any damage. The party pile the ghoul bodies on the fire, looting their campsite and find several valuable items.

Water Goblins

Some hours later the patty have made it across the island and stepped out onto a beach, to find we are expected. The sea goblins are sitting atop a shallow reef and they have a dozen giant crabs hidden on the beach that ambush us. Much valiant fighting occurs, and Vargr shows his bravery by wresting with a giant crab. During the fight with we surprise the mocking sea goblins with some fire bolts and manage to kill their leader – engaged they charge us, but we have the advantage with ranged magics and weapons and defeat them. We race out of the reef, the water is only waste high, and find Urbanus Sulis has not drowned and we rescued by Harmony.

Water Ghouls

We make our way to the ship, that has sailed around the island, relieved to have rescuing out lost companion. As we slowly sail away from the reef sea ghouls that live in a wreck fire harpoons at the ship, penetrating the hull and holding it in place. The party leap overboard and swim down to attack the sea ghouls, the ghouls are extremely fast in the water but the party’s skill with violence wins the day and the should are slain before the ship can be significantly damaged.
The captain is a talented water mage and once the harpoons are removed he is able to repair the damage to the ship. The party are exhausted and look forward to a quiet for week of sailing.


We arrive at Pacifica and are greeted by Aquilina and excited islanders. We meet many friendly locals and are promised a celebration the following evening. The cargo on the ship is unloaded and the merchants and ship captain conduct their business.

The following day starts with relaxing on the beach and a lunch feast prepared by the locals. There are many Meer folk arriving during the day, they will be joining the evening feast. After lunch we join Karna to hunt some pigs, we bring back to large hogs for the evenings meal, and leave the two giant spiders behind that interrupted the hunt.

We discuss the map we confiscated from the pirates and the locals warn of a cult that have been seen in the area, they worship some horror in the deep trench and seek to free it. They are known to be extremely dangerous and we are advised to flee it we encounter them.

Party and caverns

the Pacificans threw us a massive festive party in which much drinking and food were amassed and subsequently depleted. I had an epic close fight in a wrestling-like match, I sadly lost but it was exceedingly close and was considered a very good match. the next day was mostly spent on R&R&R (relaxation, recreation and recovery from a hangover). the dwarves stayed in town resting, Remel went out "fishing" and I went to see some archeological dig site, which Arcadia decided to join me to see "pretty buildings and statues."

after resting we get some locals to ferry us to the treasure map location in which we discovered several cavern networks. Arcadia gave a couple of us witchsight and in an attempt to buff us Vargr "managed to curse himself" with amnesia. within the caverns, there were strange statues with several different colored gems that acted as some sort of magic key. there were also several "monstrous puke-inducing puffball mushroom thingies"

we finally killed off all the spore mushrooms in the area and collected a total of 7 gems. we headed to the main tentacle statue and inserted the gems as close to a rainbow as possible, and the mouth of the statue opened revealing stairs going down deeper into whatever this place really is. upon exiting the stairs we see a different kind of mushroom make a somewhat painful scream and we were then ambushed by some other weird fungi with lots of tenticles which after some time we managed to successfully dispatch without any major incident.

People Of Relevance

  • Lucius Sulis - Employer
  • Urbanus Sulis - Merchant Representative
  • Andronicus Sulis - Capitan - Water Mage
  • Priscilla Sulis - First Mate
  • Hermas - Bosun
  • Snowdrop - fellow adventurer and Galley Cook
  • Harmony - Rescued Siren (Bardic Mermaid)

Memorable Quotes

Kaitva: Mentioning something about Milking Nuts.
Phos: I Didn't realise you were into that sort of thing.

Kaitva: (In relation to Murr alternative) It's not vomit or snott, it's Whale Sperm!
Argus: ..... Its from a Sperm-Whale's intestines... not the same thing..

Kaitva: I mean she does swing towards the girls more..
Snowdrop: Maybe it's because I've been put off by all the guys waving their sausages around.

Phos: Yes Master dwarf.
Kaitva: call me "Master dwarf" one more time and ill put my axe in your knee cap.


From the pirate fight

  • Map to a Pirate Island
  • Belt of Armour (adds +1 to non metallic armours)
  • Goggles of Storm Sight. Counter the effect of adverse weather conditions (including fog, but not darkness) by up to +10 perception
  • Valuables worth approximately 10,000sp worth total when sold
  • Three 10pt healing potions
  • One potion of Rank 6 Invisibility

From the ghouls on the skull island

  • Wedding dress worth 400sp
  • 20 points healing potion
  • weaponsmithed daggers R10
  • weaponsmithed daggers R6
  • Greek fire grenade
  • methane grenado
  • barrel of cheap perfume (10 pints)
  • Whale bone corset set
  • Silver hatpins x12
  • Gems and coin

From the crabs

  • Crab meat
  • crab carapaces

From the Grindylow

  • 1600sp worth of silver ingots
  • Six pearls worth 100sp each
  • Twenty bone tipped javelins

From the crevasse spiders on pacifica

  • poison

Gifts and Rewards


  • standard craft, silver lunar javelins, 1 each - 40Sp (to be deducted from pay)
  • Aquilegius Amulet - Phos - Personal purchase - 2400Sp


Long Duration Buffs (assumed always on)
Magic (caster) Rk Effects Duration Em Vr Ac Ag Kv Ph Rm
Greater Enchant (N/A). 10 +11% to Com, Mag, Res, and S&S. Season Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Lesser Enchant (?). ? -1 to Dice rolls. ? Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

Short Duration/situational Buffs
Magic (caster) Rk Effects Duration Em Vr Ac Ag Kv Ph Rm
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Other Spells Of Note
Magic Rk Effects Duration Caster Resistance
Adhesion 7 Sticky Zone up to 70% of hex/15 Cubic Ft
Objects/Entities In contact stick Requires PS+D10>=25 to remove
70 Min Phos Passive
Create Fog 16 All entities within the fog have their Strike Chances reduced by 21% due to limited visibility. Visibility is reduced to 1 hex.
The spell of Water Breathing completely negates the effect of this spell.
102 Min Remel None

Mil Sci

Watch Order

7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6
Kaitva Vargr Argus
Emrys Arcadia Remel Phos

Marching Order:

Skirmish Formations (Front)

? ?
? ?
? ?

Double File

Kaitva Vargr
Arcadia Emrys
Remel Phos

Single File




Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon3.jpg Candlemansa
Thaw (10)
  1 Guild Meeting 2   3 Ship Depart 4 Climbing Challenge
Winner: Arcadia
5 The Carzalan Generals Ball 6 Leaving:Confederation Bay
Entering:Destinian GAP
Moon0.jpg 7   8   9 Javelin Learned
Pirate Attack
10 Sail to Skull island 11 Sail to Skull island 12 Sail to Skull island 13 Sail to Skull island
Moon1.jpg 14 Sail to Skull island 15 Explore skull Island. Fight. 16 Sail to Pacifica 17 Sail to Pacifica 18 Sail to Pacifica 19 Sail to Pacifica 20 Sail to Pacifica
Moon2.jpg 21 Sail to Pacifica 22 Sail to Pacifica 23 Arrive at Pacifica 24 Hunt pigs. Feast. 25   26   27  
Moon3.jpg 28   29   30    
Seedtime (11)
  1   2   3   4  
Moon0.jpg 5   6   7   8 Rites of Thunor 9   10   11  
Moon1.jpg 12   13   14   15 Equinox 16   17 Eostre 18 The Seagate Spring Ball
Moon2.jpg 19   20   21   22   23   24   25  
Moon3.jpg 26   27   28   29   30    
Blossom (12)
  1   2  
Moon0.jpg 3   4   5   6   7   8   9  
Moon1.jpg 10   11   12   13   14   15   16  
Moon2.jpg 17   18   19   20   21 Floralia 22   23  
Moon3.jpg 24   25   26   27   28   29   30 Walpurgisnacht