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A character race in DQ.

Natural Habitat
1-10,000 (50)
Humans have a great diversity of cultures, languages and sub-racial traits, such as hair and eye colour or skin tone.
Humans are by far the most common race on Alusia, frequenting most areas and climes. Human behaviour is an odd mix. They can be superstitious and distrustful of the unknown, but they are also insatiably curious and look for new knowledge. Many also seek personal fame and fortune as most human social structures are less rigid than those of non-humans and a person’s birth need not permanently define their place in society. This odd combination of attributes has led them to become great explorers and sailors, and they will venture boldly into unexplored areas in search of knowledge and wealth. Humans build great cities and are far more welcoming of other races than most. Outside of their own culture they are social chameleons; adept at adapting their behaviour to match local customs.
Humans are the most versatile of all races, and can possess any skill or college. They have no affinity for particular skills, and make better generalists than specialists.
Movement Rates
Running: 250
PS: 5-25 MD: 5-25 AG: 5-25 MA: 5-25 EN: 5-25 FT: 18-23
WP: 5-25 PC: 5-25 PB: 7-23 TMR: 4-6 NA: None
Humans use a wide variety of weapons depending on their cultures. They are one of the few good horse-riding races, and many warrior cultures value the lance or spear. City cultures value spear and large shield in close formation, while frontier cultures relish bow, axe and sword. They often adopt the fighting style and weapons of neighbouring races.
Human Dominated Areas of Alusia
Human Guild Members