How to Win Friends

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Scribe Notes


Adventure: How to Win Friends
GM: William
Session: Autumn 807 wk
Night: Tuesday
Level: Low
I mean it. Less than 5 adventures, guys.

  1. Henric - 1 Adventure Mind Mage played by Chris

Bodric Henrickson (GM Info), A Dwarven Rune Mage played by Mandos

  1. Lyric - 1 Adventure Enchanter played by Michelle Ellis
  2. Mavric - 3 Adventure Bard played by Lisa Rose
  3. Kirgoth - Orc meat shield played by Noel

Jonas (GM Info) is a Male Shapechanger Earth Mage played by Struan

6 Player Maximum.

Sir Giles du Hartford, Master of Horse in Novadom
To sort a few matters out. In Novadom. Minor matters.
  1. Get rid of some goblins in the pass - COMPLETED
  2. Protect some horses coming through said pass. - COMPLETED
  3. Hold the fort until some reinforcements arrive. - COMPLETED
  4. Kill the monster in the bay. - COMPLETED
  5. Negotiate with some smelly barbarian and make him go away. - COMPLETED
  6. Clear out the Tower of the Star of Naggaroth - COMPLETED
1500 sp per job done.
Side Mission
Investigation into Destruction of Siege Engines
Free the enslaved Shapeshifter

Scribe Notes

Chapter 1 - Friends we haven't met yet

Gathering Together

We gather together in Seagate the day of the Guild meeting. Food can be provided for us. We are given an advance of 1264SP and 3cf. We are given monies for the pub and go to an orc pub, but don't find Sam the Orc.

Travelling to Novadom

It's a boat. It takes 6 days. We will say no more on this subject.

Novadom 7th Fruit

We track down Squire Gareth, who is in charge of the horses. He isn't very old! We put up in an inn overnight, and a piece of paper (vellum) is left on our door - a letter to Prince Rainier. JonaS takes the letter and seems to know something about it.

Chapter 2 - Our new Barbarian Friends and Magical Maps

We meet with the Barbarians outside Novadom. Fortunately, we can communicate with them. The Barbarians want to bury their chief on the Sacred Hill in Novadom, which is an old and revered site in their culture. Unfortunately, it's where the fort is currently located, so there is no chance of this happening. We negotiate an alternate resting place - our current suggestion is the Fiery Mountain in the Filgisso. We let them know we need to clear the pass and the fort of goblins and other nasties, and once this is done, we will send a Whispering World message "PASS CLEAR BRING CHIEF NOW" to them.

We search for a map of the area and encounter Lady Tarish de Zonbage. She is unusual in her dress and demeanour, but gives us a map. It takes us a while to figure out that it is a map showing magival things - mana flows and zones and so on. I give her my purple scarf in exchange, and we continue the search for a proper map. We return to the in for the night.

Chapter 3 - Our new Church, Animal and Dwarven Friends

8th Fruit

We visit the Unified Church - the Order of the Scorching Fist - followers of the Archangel Michael - to see if they have any horses to spare. They will lend us horses, but would like us to undertake a side mission for them. They would like us to locate and return 5 heretics who are following the old gods such as Wotan, and are bringing about the end of the world. They can be located north of the river waiting on further instructions from their patron, Sabrina. In return, we can have horses - slightly psychotic and very large warhorses! If we can't return the heretics, we need to at least let the Abbott know. We must at least try to persuade them to return. The Church gives us a map - this is a bit more useful! They understand that we have to clear the pass and fort before we can undertake their mission.

At midday, we depart, checking the best routes with merchants. My horse is called Grinder of Undead, which could turn out to be useful. Heinie's horse is Basher! On watch that nigh, we see a dwarf. He tries to hide. He is completely mad, absolutely nutty, bats in his belfry, etc, etc, etc. Jonas the tiger sites on him. He is completely rabid, foaming at the mouth. Eventually, he tells us that his name is Garek (his friend Zirah is dead). He is hiding from the red dragon in the mountains, last seen two days ago to the north. We let him go, with some food, and he heads south to Novadom.

We travel for a day.

Chapter 4 - Things that Go Bump in the Night and are not very friendly and our new friends the Heretics

10th Fruit

At the end of the day, we notice we're near a High Mana Zone. We priceed North. Kirgoth and Boddy are on early watch and see 3 cold figures approaching. They are undead! We form a line. Kirgoth is hit! We continue to form a line. Jonas shapeshifts and Kirgoth deserts and is under the enemy's control! We charge, and charge, and charge and charge. Eventually, we get there. Kirgoth turns on us and attacks me so badly that my insides are on the outside - not where they should be! Lyric kills a bad guy. Kirgoth gets unenchanted. Jonas grapples and scrablles, then gets eviscerated and HIS insides are also on the outside. We do vanquish them eventually. The rest of hte night passes uneventfully, but painfully for some.

11th Fruit

We travel for the day. At the end of the day, we come near to Stony Ford where the Heretics are. We push on into the foothills. A small group fo us go scouting and encounter a scouting or raiding party of goblins. Jonas wreaks havoc. We return to the campsite and are then assaulted htere by many deadly and divers forces. We have some new names at the end of the combat - Heiny is "Heiny Two Torch" "Flame Boy" or "Pointy Stick Heiny" owing to his choice of weaponry. Lyric is now to be known as "Bloody Lyric" or "The Scourge of Novadom" owing to her success at killing. Boddy has no new name, only an open sucking chest wound. Kirgoth and Heiny heal him a little. We collect undead ears for bounty.

12th Fruit

We decide, seeing as we're in the area, to visit the Heretics camp. Cadric (formerly known as Brother Mercy is for the Weak) is the leader. We deliver the abbott's message and he sends a return message "I challenge the Abbott to single combat". They heal Jonas and Boddy, repair Boddy's armour, loan us a Fire Mace (given to Heiny) and agree to come with us. They are able to give us some idea of hte fort layout - it's an old Dwarven Trading Post. We leave their camp at midday on the 13th of Fruit.

Chapter 5 - Pertaining to Heroes, Prophesies, Dark Evils, Hard Work and Burials

15th Fruit

We sight the fort, do a reccy mission and plan that we will climb down the cliff and into the guard towers and drive the occupiers out of the fort through the front doors into the arms of the Heretics.

16th Fruit

We attack at Dawn. Well, 8 o'clock, but it's NEARLY dawn! We climb down the cliffs and take out the watch tower goblins. We find a church knight - Brother A Devout Word Burns the Wicked - in a cell praying. We take him with us. With bloodcurdling dwarven battle yells, we drive the remaining goblins into the arms of the Heretics as planned. The Brother tells us that there is a prophecy about Bodric and he has been here 30 years keeping vigil and waiting for Boddy! He is a Urielite and came here as a young man. There have been 12 like him, and Urielites live a long time, so the prophecy is really, really old. The prophecy says:

Bodric the Dwarf shall come and tame the Mad Ones but first he shall defeat the evil and bring much wood.

There is apparently a pit of evil underneath the fort. We head down into a cavern and find a rude village (at first we think it is not their bums showing kind of rude) of wild dwarves. We discover that they think Boddy's mattock is a dwarven word for wood (actually any tools). We light fires, make food and talk. They eat weird mushroom things that grow down here. They tell us of a Shape of Darkness - Blackness that moves and strikes down random villagers. It lives deep down and is susceptible to wood - or mattocks, not sure which!

17th to the 25th Fruit

The prophesied hero Boddy and his loyal companions head down to find the dark thing. It is very cold. There are abandoned dwarven buildings. We see a dwarf sized figure, robed in black, with glowing eyes. We take it down. It leaves a black, cold blade which is good for slaying, is left behind. We take it. We find many drained husks of bodies stored in buildings in the ruins. This was clearly once a dwarven city. We bring a lot of wood down to burn the bodies. We clear out the air shafts to let a little light and air into the underground spaces. We show our cousins how to make fire, and leave them with wood, a tinder and candles. We reseal the top entrance so that no casual intruders will find the city.

26th Fruit

We have a day of rest. We earned it!

27th to 29th Fruit

We travel part way back through the pass. It seems to be clear of all nasties. We have a cunning idea about the area on the top of the cliff above the fort and send our message to the Barbarians.

30th Fruit to 8th Harvest

We return to the Fort and do MORE WORK! I wish Mum could see what a good job we're doing. Boddy and Heiny decide they'd like to reopen the Dwarven Trading Post and write a letter to get Mum and Dad to come and live here too!

The Barbarians arrive. They decide that our fort (now known as Henric's Hold) is a holy place because of it being the resting place of dwarves. They bury their chieftain on the top of the cliff and make a stone cairn. I sing dwarven songs at the burial. The Barbarians depart on the 8th, travelling back to the Eastern Nomads on the Sea of Grass. We head North to collect horses.

Chapter 6 - New Friends who Say "Growl" and "Neigh"

11th Harvest

We arrive in Brastor and go to New Westgate/ Brastor Landing. This area is being repaired and decorated after the nasty undead war, but there are no bridges yet. There are people doing spear drills, and entertainers. There is a dancing bear who is a shapechanger. We are temporarily sworn into the Town Guard so we can rescue the bear. He is stuck in bear form. Jonas talks to him to find out his story. The trader caught and drugged hiu! Boddy and Lyric find out about a barge to send horses back. Heiny sends a letter to Mum and Dad. We got to arrest the trader but he's run off! Kirgoth tracks him down and he resists arrest, but not for long once he's introduced to Kirgoth's glaive. Mum always says that manners will get you far in life. We put up for the night in an hostelry (the Counts Arms). Partway through the night, the bear disappears. There's a ruckus which we ignore. The bear doesn't come back.

12th Harvest

There is lots of commotion in the morning. A MONSTER attacked the jail in the night! Jonas finds horses and horse pens but no people nearby. A customer seems angry, or perhaps insane. It's hard to tell with humans because a lot of their expressions really look the same. He has trapped the horsetraders inside a building. Jonas sorts him out and buys a magical Wyte bone! We get horses (25 warehorses) and a watgon. Jonas talks the horses into pulling the wagon. I hook them up. It's lucky ONE of the four of us has actually been on adventure learning skills and not just hanging round the Guild doing cleaning work. We buy basic food and supplies for the Fort dwarves and horses. We leave on the 13th.

13th-17th Harvest

We travel. We're getting a bit sick of travelling. We find a deadfall and a group of bandits attack us. Foolish, foolish bandits. Heiny gets a bit trashed during the fight. Lyric shows again why we cal her "The Slayer" and want to put her in the front line.

18th Harvest

We unload food and supplies at the Fort.



  Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon1.jpg Lugnasad  

Fruit (7)

Moon1.jpg   1 Guild Meeting 2 Set Sail to Novadom 3   4   5   6  
Moon2.jpg 7 Arrive in Novadom 8 Visit Barbarian Camp 9 Novadom, mad dwarf 10 Fossegrim attack 11 Scout, bandit combat, undead attack 12 Heretics camp 13  
Moon3.jpg 14   15 Arrive at fort 16 Attack fort 17 Defeat underground evil 18 Underground city 19   20  
Moon0.jpg 21   22   23   24   25 Reseal underground city 26 Day of rest 27 Traverse pass
Moon1.jpg 28   29 Message to barbarians 30    

Harvest (8)

Moon1.jpg   1   2   3   4 Return to fort
Moon2.jpg 5 Barbarians arrive 6   7   8 Barbarians depart 9   10   11 Arrive Braster Landing
Moon3.jpg 12 Horse trading 13 Depart south 14   15 Equinox 16   17 Deadfall ambush 18 Seagate Autumn Fair
Moon0.jpg 19   20   21   22   23   24   25  
Moon1.jpg 26   27   28   29 Michaelmas 30    

Vintage (9)

Moon1.jpg   1   2  
Moon2.jpg 3   4   5   6   7   8   9  
Moon3.jpg 10   11   12   13   14   15   16  
Moon0.jpg 17   18   19   20   21   22   23  
Moon1.jpg 24   25   26   27   28   29   30 Beerfest

Assorted Information



Squire Gareth - Master of the Horse in Novadom (14 years old)

Quotable Quotes

Notable Actions

Persons Encountered

Lady Tarish de Zonbage - maker of magical maps

Brother An Empty Mind Breeds Heresy (Michaeline brother in Novadom)

Abbot Forge thy blade in the blood of thine enemy (Head of the Michaeline Order of the Scorching Fist in Novadom)

Garek - rabid dwarf encountered in Mountains

Cadric (the heretic formerly known as Brother Mercy is for the Weak)

Brother A Devout Word Burns the Wicked - Urielite who has stood vigil waiting for Bodric of the prophecy

Watch Order