Household of Dramus and Teeanna

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The combined D'Asheth household has a number of residences on Alusia for those occasions when they are spending time away from Asheth. These properties are maintained by a number of servants also detailed below.


New Seagate

T&D Townhouse.jpg

One room of a plain town-house in the rich quarter of New Seagate (9a Potters Lane) a few blocks from Alphonses. The room has it's own front door and no internal connecting doors to the rest of the property, owned by a consortium of Guild members. The single room is outfitted with a small wardrobe, bed and other furniture.

Sweet Riding

Teeanna Dramus Manor.jpg

In the southern Sweet Riding (8 Miles northwest of where the Wolf River joins the River Running) near the fae woods there is a large villa in the spanish style with cultivated woodlands, a swimming pool, formal gardens and orchards. The surrounding 200 acres are farmed and cultivated.

Frontiers of Alusia map reference: 32N28W


Soulport Manor.JPG

Teeanna and Dramus have purchased a Townhouse in Soulport with extensive gardens.


Household Staff

Magical Staff

A watermage of middling ability Splosh is in charge of the swimming pool and water supply to the manor house. He is a Goblin but appears as whatever race he is surrounded by. He is quite solitary having learned that he cannot threaten or intimidate most of the staff. He however is happy with his duties that are far from onerous and distinctly lacking in beatings.

Mundane Staff

Personal Servants

Tobias Pendleton
Scribe and secretary to Dramus. An elf of good looks, charming wit and fine handwriting. The most trusted of Dramus's retainers he usually resides in the Magical Tower to be on hand if required but also spends time at each of the other properties managing affairs and finances as required.
Lois Battle
A young elf Lois acts as Valet to Dramus. With little work to do and Dramus having no idea what a Valet is for, he normally works as an assistant to Tobias, often managing the Properties and Staff scattered around Alusia.
Kaylessa Amalith
Secretary and Lady-in-waiting to Teeanna. A young Elf who is the youngest daughter from a family of lesser nobility in Eidolon. Resides within the Magical Tower in order to be available if required.
Tamara Faerondarl
A genteel elf who acts as a lady's maid to Teeanna.
Louise Albrecht
A human lady's maid to Firenya and sister to the Cook. Recently transferred to Soulport as it is closer to the Southhaven Academy for Girls where Firenya is schooled.

Sweet Riding

John and Mary Alderson
A middle aged human couple who look after the Manor. John is the butler while his wife attends to the housekeeping. John is a gentle and unassuming chap with a quiet demeanour. This is in direct comparison with his large cheerful wife who overseas the household with enthusiastic gusto keeping the maids Mary Alexander and Brittania Beatey in line.
Elizabeth Aimers
An exceptional seamstress she also takes commissions from the gentry via a small shop in Seagate run by her Sister.
Annie Ovenden
A cook.
Frank Baker
Stable Master and Coachman. He often assists with the other stock on the farm and is a modestly ranked beastmaster.
William Beckley
Farmer. William oversees the crop and stock lands. Ably assisted by his farmhands Clyde Howdy,Kendrick Huxham,Devon Crowley and Colin Kenny


Morlock and Lissa Dupre
Two former Guards looking to settle down (after the birth of their son Winston) have been assigned to the Soulport Residence to manage the property and finances.
Helen Albrecht
A good-looking human in her thirties, Helen is a highly skilled cook and sister to Firenya's ladies maid Louise Albrecht. Recently transferred to Soulport.
John Holland
An elderly human charged with tutoring Firenya when she is not resident at the Southhaven Academy for Girls.



These knights were originally sworn to the Dewinter family of Mordeaux. However the life of purity was not to their liking and when an opportunity arose they took service with Dramus. Now free to drink, wench and gamble they are much more content and while they no longer follow the path of Michael they do still attend church services wherever they are based and are encouraged to do so by Dramus. Currently they rotate between the residences with a corporal and two privates assigned to each of Newcourt, Soulport and The Sweet Riding. Henry and Justin remain at the Manor in the Sweet Riding and act as Dramus's personal guard when required. `

  • Henry Braacnhard - Captain of Dramus's Guard
  • Justin Konderiche - Sergeant
  • Labarn Dupre - Corporal
  • Sephan Lolong - Corporal
  • Michael Justice - Corporal
  • Gerrard Hanveri - Private
  • Paulo Cannard - Private
  • Calvin Numpenda - Private
  • Dami Konderiche - Private
  • Salle Stoatar - Private
  • L'Gourde Cannard - Private

Teeanna's Personal Guard

Two female mercenaries from the plane of Aleria. They were originally hired to kidnap a young man and transport him to another city. Due to the crime coming to the attention of the local queen they were banished from the land and Dramus took them on as bodyguards. They currently reside at the Manor to be available if required as a personal Guard.

  • Yana
  • Arlynn

Former Guards

  • Morlock Dupre
  • Lissa

Now managing the Soulport properties with their son (Winston b.Frost 806).