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Trail to Carzala from Bolton Manor

Population: 720 people.
A village that was settled in 792wk, after years of locals leading a nomadic lifestyle following herds. Hope is about two days travel to the west of Amber, and two days ride from Bolton Manor across the plains to the west. Hope is to the west of Carzala.

The population of the town has grown to around 720 humans as of Winter 813. This does not include the ~400 cowhands working the range. They have a very large herd of around ~9,000 head of cattle ranging on the plains, which is watched and guarded by 340 mounted cowhands, and their dogs. The size of the herd is so large because they have not had a 'cattle drive' to market in Carzala for over five years, because of the failure of the last two attempts.


The size of the herd is now a problem and they are no longer able to manage it fully. The herd represents almost all of the community's wealth so the village, out of desperation, has declared itself part of Bolton Manor.

The town and the herd's cowhands are lead by Miss Fenglar the Wise, who is a beautiful young woman, and an Air Mage of some skill. She is a healer and knows many secrets about the area. It is rumoured that she is a good Air Spirit that has came out from the wilds to help the locals.

Local History

809 wk

Stonework cattle pens near Hope settlement finished. Six outlying homestead are built on the plains (made from river stones) are completed. They are well received by the drivers and cattle-hands.

808 wk

A group of adventurers working for the Lady of Bolton Bay, work with the cowhands to clear the area of wolves and lions. Dwarven reinforced town wall and wooden palisade completed. Large fortified stone meeting house & settlements look-out towers completed.

807 wk

A large group of Dwarves led by Dwillion Rockflint from Superstition Mountains start work on a stone wall which was is rumoured to be a gift from Duke Leto DeWinter.

806 wk

The increase of the size of the herd has also lead to an increase in wolves, and mountain lions. In Summer 806, 34 lions and 94 wolves were killed and skinned. This is now a major issue for the cowhands and herd.

803 wk

Bandit problem results in some deaths.

799 wk

First attempt at the locals joining Carzala for protection. The Duke did not decide either way.

795 wk

First drive of cattle makes it to Gugnir's Hope. A doppleganger kills everyone on the cattle drive.

792 wk

Village started based around a dwarven deep fresh water well.

787 wk

Wicca coven start blessing the herd, and livestock.

782 wk

Shipwreck survivors join local cow farmers and boost the population to 120 people.

781 wk

First cattle farmers move into the area.