Hill Giant

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Natural Habitat 
1-10 (5)
Hill giants are coarse featured humanoids about nine feet tall with uncommonly gnarled features. A hill giant has no patience for laborious learning.
Note that a hill giant is not affiliated with any element in particular, and thus has a choice of College. Their mastery of a College, if any, can politely be described as minimal (about Rank 3).
Movement Rates 
PS: 12-30 MD: 4-22 AG: 3-21 MA: 4-22 EN: 13-31 FT: 18-24
WP: 4-22 PC: 5-23 PB: 5-23 TMR: 7-8 NA: Thick hide absorbs 1 DP
Hill giants will use all weapons, although they generally prefer simple crushing weapons like the club or mace. They will have rank 1-5 with these weapons. Hill giants rarely wear armour, although they will occasionally wear chain mail or leather.
Giant Club: BC 50%, [D + 8], Melee, Rank 1-5.
Giant Mace: BC 50%, [D + 7], Melee, Rank 1-5.