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Hiin is a collective term for the races of Beastmen who were created by the Elves around 32,000 years ago, in what is now Dakhini. Hiin is elvish for child, and refers to the nascent status of these races, who were created by a goup of Elves who gave sentience and proper shape to a range of animals. A common categorising of sentients is that the Dragons are the Ancients; the Fae and Elves the Elder Races; the humans, earth dwellers, giants, and any other pre-War of Tears races are the Younger Races, and the Hiin are the Children.


Hiin is a group of languages spoken primarily by the inhabitants of Hindia, and the various beast-men of Dakhini to its south. A number of the chimeric and shape-shifting enchanted and fae races also speak one or more languages that fall into this group.

Hiin Races

The following races were once thought to be unique to Dakhini, although some small communities migrated from their homeland.

Possible Hiin Races

The following races may have been created elsewhere, and spread to Dakhini, or v.v. They are now widely spread across Alusia.