Highpoint Downs

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Highpoint Downs is located in Artzdorf, occupying an area of 1800 acres mainly consisting of farms and a manor house. Currently the manor house is occupied by Lady Dawn.

The manor itself consists of sturdy stone and wood construction that is cool in the summer and warm in the depths of the cold winters that A&F is known for. Inside are 4 large comfortable bedrooms (in the upper floor) for the Lord/Lady of Manor, any family and guests, a large kitchen, dining room, study and drawing room area downstairs and an attached servants quarters for 4 servants (in 3 ‘reasonable’ bedrooms and a communal ‘lounge’) and an attached stables area (30ftwide, 80ft long and 20ft high) for up to 10 mounts with a large loft upstairs. The manor house, servants quarters and stables make a U shaped set of buildings surrounded by a low stone wall some 5ft in height that has a sturdy gate in it and is set no closer than 50ft from the nearest building so as to provide an enclosed yard for livestock in need etc. The roofs are high peaked to cope with the heavy winter snowfalls that are common for the area and there are numerous chimneys inside the buildings to facilitate placement of fireplaces.

Plans are afoot for the front gardens to consist of several varieties of flowers in such a way that, no matter the season, there is always something blooming. Also it is planned to attract several species of butterflies to add even more colour.

Around the back is a wooded copse. It is said that somewhere located inside is a mushroom fae circle.

Highpoint Downs is part of the Highpoint area.