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Kingdom of Kuzjera

Harhakeim is one of the three large Dwarven underground cities along with Kondasgel and Hoar Dwarves.

Harhakeim is the younger and smaller of the two Dwarven settlements in Nordon (Ivinia), connected to Kondasgel by a major tunnel.

It was founded as a colony of Kondasgel in 400AP to mine iron and silver deposits. Although there are still some valuable deposits of iron in the deeper galleries, the silver has largely been exhousted. This has resulted in a steady decline in population to about 1300 dwarves. Harhakeim is ruled by an appointee of the king of Kondasgel. Since 792, the governor has been Prince Ralin, the third son of King Inkanar. Harhakeim has a semi-transient population of less than 200 humans who provide food for the dwarves by herding, hunting, and fishing.