Haann Uberreich

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A happy-go-lucky pacted Death Aspected Mind/Necro/Star Celestial Satyr played by Ben Taberner.

Haann Uberreich is a 5'8" Satyr, of not unattractive appearance ( if tending to the well-fed ), in the prime of his life. When blending into cilivised society, favours loose garments with only a modicum of frill and venting.

Haann's Roll-call page

Player's Notes

By way of explanation, Haann was my first DQ experiment and has been inflicted with a number of perilous alterations during his time. Sometime about ten yers ago he was killed by Don Carlos and the party managed to get him resurrected with Life Aspect, which was reversed after a subsequent resurrection. About that time, he was also given a "opportunity" to pact to Seir and received a trade up on his current college (Binder) for the ability to learn and switch between three others. He also had his history largely rewritten at this point, leaving him thinking that he was screwed on the deal and consequently resents the whole arrangement.

Most recently he was transformed permanently into a Satyr, or at least something closely resembling one, by an Imp backfiring a Molecular Rearrangement spell. He's my least played character in recent times, possibly because the trepidation I have regarding explaining all of this and trying not to come off as a hideous munchkin.