Guild Vaults

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The guild vaults are used for storage of:

  • Unwanted items and goods bought back by adventurers until they can be sold.
  • Items and artifacts that are too useful to be sold and are kept for when they are needed.
  • Items and artifacts that are too dangerous to be used by adventurers or sold.
  • Items and goods belonging to adventurers but not currently in use.

Access to the vaults is highly restricted. Partly to maintain the security of the vaults and keep the contents from being tampered with or stolen. Mostly because the combined collection of powerful items and artifacts can make areas of the vaults extremely dangerous.


Partial inventory of the contents of the guild vaults.

Useful Items

Throne of Stone 
Increases MA of the occupier by 5. Repeat use is highly addictive and hazardous to physical health. Usually only available to assist in removing high MA curses.
Small Ziggurat 
10' wide at the base, occupying the peak for 5 seconds will cause an entity to be transported to the top of a Ziggurat at approximately 20 degrees North by 80 degrees East (precise location not verified). Standing at the top of that Ziggurat will cause the entity to be transported back to this one. It may be that only those who have travelled out from the guild may return to it as no-one has ever come through that did not first depart.
Flying Armchair
A large ornate wooden armchair on two smooth, solid rails similar to those of an ice sled. Activated by a sentient entity sitting in the seat and wanting to fly.
Weight 200lbs (and very bulky to carry), supports up to 2,000lbs, may be activated twice per season, speed 20-60 MPH depending on the current season, phase of moon, prevailing winds, Mechanician rank, angle of inclination, ...
Non-mechanicians halve their effective flying rank, Mechanicians add their rank to their flying rank.
The rails are unbreakable and frictionless, take-off and landing involves sliding on the rails to build up or lose speed. The rest of the chair is reasonably tough wood but it is breakable. If the chair breaks it is believed that it will explode for devastating effect out to several hundred feet, or maybe more. Please contact me if this happens.
Guild Members require the permission of Guild Security, vault librarians, and the Lord of the Bats to use the chair. Take-off or landing, or flying within half a mile of the guild is prohibited - just in case.

Dangerous Items

Ring of Flight
0 to 100 MPH in less than a second. We've no idea how well it flies as nobody has managed to stay attached to the limb wearing the ring long enough to find out.
Volunteers required for further experimentation, must supply own healing as the Guild Healers have black listed us.

Members Items

The Eye of Baelor
Sign of Evil 
Acquired by Braegon to stop it falling into the wrong hands and sent straight into storage.
Jeannies Bottle 
Acquired by a past party who left the bottle in the guild vault. "With a nod of her head and a blink of her eyes, Jeannie will whisk you into her magical world! This mischievous genie feels only unabashed exuberance for using her magical powers, granting her master's every wish - even when he doesn't wish it." Jeannie is sometimes to be found in the guild bar, near the parrot cage or serving drinks. Why? because she likes people. Guild security prefer her to stay in her bottle in the vaults but somehow it keeps getting opened...
Viola's sword 
Broadsword of Illusion:wgt:3 BC:55 DM 7 Class AB Use:M

This broadsword has been crafted by a rank 15 (demonic) weaponsmith. It has a thrusting point and will cause both A and B class specific grievious injuries. The sword can be ranked to rank 8 (1800, 2000ep);these ranks will not count using any other broadsword. When weilded this sword creates multiple illusionary images of itself making several possible strikes from its current position. This has the effect of reducing the target's defence by 5 per rank (greater than zero) the weilder has in broadsword. The bearer of this sword has their Magic Resistance increased by 10 vs magic from the powers of light or their agents. Furthermore agents of the powers of light may not willingly approach within 50 feet of the bearer. Young poeple (about 8-12 for humans) will find the bearer attractive ad will strive to impress them and be with them. This sword is very finely crafted with a silver and gold finish and a large ruby on the pommel. It is obviously expensive. It is extremely hard and always holds a razor sharp edge.