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Administration Department

Open: 24 hours for debriefing; 9 am to 4 pm for other activities.

The administration department works in close conjunction with Guild Security, for post-adventure activities and with the Library for the Guild records.


On returning from adventure the guild will calculate and collect from members any guild taxes due.

Valuations and Divinations and Sale of Unwanted Treasure

When members return from adventure the guild assists with the treasure split by providing divinations and valuations of items and sale of items not wanted by members. The charge is for this service is 2% of the value of each item and is in addition to any tax.


Guild members may obtain assistance with the drawing up of legal documents or with conducting of law suits, both civil and criminal. The Guild will especially make a concerted effort to help where a member appears to being unjustly accused of a criminal matter. The cost for legal services will depend on the exact assistance provided.

Guild Records

Open: 9 am to 4 pm

This includes financial records, membership and adventure records, scribe notes, and documents associated with a particular adventure. There are no records kept of members training. Financial and membership records may only be read by authorised Guild staff or the member to whom they refer. Any member may read adventure records, scribe notes and associated documents.

Financial Assistance

The nature of their employment makes any member’s income extremely variable. The guild will provide members with financial assistance in the following manner:

  1. Purchase of Treasure: when the income from an adventure is insufficient for a member to purchase their 1st choice of treasure, then the guild will loan the member the money to do so. They will only make this loan for one item and not if the member has any other loan outstanding with the guild. The member must repay the value of the loan plus 20% within one year. The guild will hold the item until it is paid for.
  2. Guild Employment, part time: guild members with insufficient funds for their upkeep can work for the guild and live in guild lodgings for free. The member is expected to work every day from dawn until midday, for no financial reward; but the afternoon is available for training.
  3. Guild Employment, full time: guild members with insufficient funds for their upkeep can work for the guild and live in guild lodgings for free. The member is expected to work every day from dawn until dusk, except Sunday where the afternoon is free. They will be paid a minimum of 30sp per week. If a member has a skill at Rank 5 or higher that the guild provides services in (eg healing), then the member may be employed to use that skill and will be paid 10 + (rank x5) sp per week.
  4. Curse Removal: guild members sometimes require curse removal as a result of training and have insufficient funds to pay for it. The guild will loan the member funds for up to three curse removal rituals. The member must repay the value of the loan plus 20% within one year.

Guild Security

Guild Security has responsibility for the safety of the Guild enclave and people within it. They guard the gates and walls, debrief incoming members, investigate potential employers, guard the guild valuables, and are answerable only to the Council.

  1. Recent developments in 811 and 812WK have led to a change in how Guild Security 'receives' guild parties back and the process is substantially more time consuming and involves needles, drinking, sharp objects, holy relics and other such 'tests' to test the veracity of the guild members claims to their persona regardless of their position. (See Lambs with Teeth and xxx - Summer 812WK)

Known GS Personnel

  1. Xool of Guild Security. He's just graduated (as of Summer 807) and is trying hard. Nephew of Xool the Magnificent, the Man Who Comes Back Alone.


This service is free and unavoidable.

The Vault

The guild vaults are a secure area that the guild uses for the storage of unsafe magical items, its own valuables and members’ valuables.

A member may arrange to store valuables in the vaults at a cost of 2 sp per month per small chest (30 lbs or 500 oz approximately). These valuables are readily available to the member.

A member may arrange to store unsafe magical items in the vault for free; however they will have to justify any later removal of the item.

Residential Department


A Guild member can live at the Guild at a cost of 5sp per day. This covers a single room and board of a good standard. Use of the bathhouse, laundry and dining hall is included in the cost.

Bathhouse & Laundry

The bathhouse is available to members day and night at the cost of 2 cf. The laundry will wash and dry clothes for 1 sp per sack.

Dining Hall and Pub

The dining hall provides food from one hour before dawn until one hour after sunset. There are two meals available, a light meal for 2 cf. or a large meal for 1 sp.

The Guild pub is open from around mid morning until midnight, depending on business. The prices are standard pub prices.


The stables are open from one hour before dawn to one hour after dusk. Guild members can hire horses at a cost of 50 sp per week. This price includes riding gear, (saddle, saddle blanket, saddlebags etc) and insurance for the animal. Please note that Guild members who habitually fail to return a horse may be refused future service.

The stables will also look after members’ riding animals, at a cost of 5 sp per week. However they decline to look after carnivorous riding animals, as they have proved too much trouble in the past.



Rank Cost (on success)Base Chance
0 - 4 Free to Members95%
5 550 sp 95%
6 550 sp 99%
7 1,100 sp 99%
8 4,500 sp 99% *
9 4,700 sp 99%
10 Not Available (by the guild, see members)


Mistress Jessica’s BC is normally 98% (Rank + Greater Enchantment + Life Aspect bonus)

+ EN patient’s normal full endurance.
+5 if patient is life aspected.
- 5 if the patient is death aspected.
- 1 for each year of prolonged life.
- 1 for each day of regeneration required.
- 10 for damage equal or greater than 2 x EN.
- 10 per resurrection attempt.

The minimum for a Rank 9 healer is 9% and the maximum is 99%.

This list is an approximation, please see the Healer skill for more details.

Healing Potions

Guild Healing Potion

This draught will heal 10 points of damage, EN first then wrapping to FT.
It is provided in one of two container types:
Fragile: this allows the Dose to be prepared and drunk in 5 seconds but is prone to breakage.
Sturdy: this is unlikely to break accidentally, but takes 10 seconds to prepare and drink.
Price: 500 SP
Weight (incl. Container): 4 oz (1/4 lb)

Waters of Healing

Weight (incl. Container): 12 oz (3/4 lb)
Price: 1000 SP
These are Rank 8 Waters of Healing which cure (D-5)+ 8 EN, or FT, or cure poison (but only one of these 3 effects).


The library is available to guild members free of charge and there is normally someone available to help members locate specific subjects or records between 9 am and 4pm (longer hours in summer). Documents and books may NOT be removed from the Library.

Copying and Translations

Cost: 10sp/rank/page
Time: 11-(Rank of translator / 2) hours per page.
Written languages that can be translated into Common include: Elvish, Dwarvish, Hobbit, Orcish, Lalange, Folksprach, Reichspeil, Destinian, Lunar, Drow, Drakonic, Hill Giant.


The guild holds a wide range of maps of Alusia and will make copies for members. This normally costs 200 sp per map, and takes ½ a day. More detailed maps, or maps in a foreign style may take longer (and cost more).

The library will buy new maps from adventurers. The maximum they will pay is 1,000 sp for new, detailed maps of large areas, where the adventurer can confirm the accuracy of the map. They pay lesser amounts for maps with sparse detail, lack of accuracy, or for obscure regions or of other planes.


There are between 300 – 400 books and scrolls in the Guild Library. It is especially strong in the realms of magic and the social world pertaining to the baronies and nearby areas. It is rather poor on the realm of plants except for local stuff.

For philosophic research the library can be rated as follows:

  • Research Rating 10 - 15: The Magical World, most fields and sub-fields, especially where it relates to Alusia, or practical applications of college magics, or Demons.
  • Research Rating 8 - 10: The Social Word, fields and sub-fields of geography, history, politics, customs, heraldry etc. relating to the Baronies and nearby cultures
  • Research Rating 5 - 8: The Social World, field of history, politics, customs, heraldry etc. relating to other parts of Alusia, and the races of Elves, Dwarves, Giants, Orcs and Halflings
  • Research Rating 2 - 4: Experimental Alchemy, other planes, military history and strategy, cartography
  • Research Rating 1 - 2: The Animal World, local herbs and plants, magical plants, ancient history.

Astrology Readings

Open: dawn to midnight
Price: (Fatigue x rank x 20) + 50 sp per attempt
Up to Rank 10 available. See the Astrology skill for more details.


Open: dawn to Six P.M.
Price: TBA

The guild weaponsmith/armourer is a rank 8 dwarf (Hegsteinn Smith) who currently has five lesser ranked apprentices and two journey men.

The apprentices produce the hoi polloy of weapons/armour that are effectively 'normal' armour or maybe rank one or two.

One of the two journey men can produce up to rank 6 weapons and the other rank 5 weapons. They can both produce armour at rank 5. (Once they reach rank 7 they will leave the guild to go and perform some master work and probably set up their own shop)

The charge for work by the apprentices is as per the book plus 5 percent, the cost for work done by the journey men is as per the book plus 30 percent and the cost of work done by the master is as per the book plus 50 percent unless the guild specifically waives fees.