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Welcome to the pub! Sit down, have a drink, start or join a conversation as you see fit.

In Character

The front half of the pub is for in-character/in-game conversations, these are sorted by the quarter in which they happenend. Unless the character involved has time travel capabilities, please refrain from joining conversations from last season.

Sign your posts with a link to the Character's page (or NPCs/GMs page for npc contributions).


The back half of the pub is for out of character/game conversations. This is sorted by topic/sub-topic.

Sign your posts with a link to your page. ~~~ Gets converetd into a link to your page. ~~~~ Is as above plus a date/time stamp.


The bouncers are uptight POLs. They will not tolerate abusive language. Abusive posts may be edited or deleted. What's abusive? If you wouldn't want your mother or kids to read your post then you should probably rewrite it.

Warning: The bouncers are intolerant of soft drinkers who are willing to punch others opinions but cry abuse when they take a blow to their own. Park your egos at the door.

Got a complaint about Bouncer behaviour - post it! In nice language of course.

Cleaning Staff

In case you hadn't guessed already, this ain't no Orc pub! The cleaners will come through occasionally and summarise or delete old conversations.

If you believe an old conversation is important enough to keep then clean it up and move it to its own page somewhere.

Other Pubs

Similar conversations also take place on dq and dqpub @ dq sf org nz. And in homes, cafes, and pubs in a place called Orcland.

In Character

summer/Autumn 819


Looking to Purchase
Exotic materials acquired during adventures that are suitable for crafting a spear (or Spear head) and/or a round shield (small or large) Expecting to pay twice guild evaluation, (negotiable) up to 35000 SP, please see Lady Rhiain DeValiant in the Administration Department before afternoon training begins. please bring details of approximate exotic effects such materials would have if made into the mentioned items.
Looking to Buy
I am looking to buy a gypsy wagon, where the wagon part can completely detach from the chassis. Must have good indoor/outdoor flow.
Contact Dr. Jericho at Potions & Poultices", Tannery Row, city of Ranke or at the Seagate Guild of Adventurers.
Offer of Service
Sabastian I'm a master weaponsmith, specialist categories includes experimental weapons, and master mechanican. If you need help making something, let me know.

Autumn 808


For Sale One set of drow half-plate. Suitable for use by a low/medium level non-mage. (AP7, AG-1, Weight 20lbs) See Basalic at Bolton Manor


Thanks Stephen for opening the pub. First round of drinks are on me... what I'm on the other side of the world. Have to take a rain check then. --Dan 02:56, 26 Sep 2006 (NZST)


Slow Portal

Does anyone know who or what created the slow portal?


Guild Meetings