Guild Membership Agreement

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THIS AGREEMENT made this day of A.P.

BETWEEN the Adventures Guild of Seagate, hereinafter called ”The Guild”

AND (name) (sex) (status) (college) hereinafter called ”The Member”.



(a) ”Treasure” means any monies or goods gained while actively pursuing ”the Mission”.
(b) ”The Mission” means the activities performed under Guild auspices.
(c) ”The Party” means a group with whom the Member is on a Mission.

The Guild Rules

(a) The Guild does not condone activities such as killing, theft, extortion, etc. These activities (and others) are illegal in most cultures we interact with. Any crimes committed against a society will be answerable to that society. The Guild will not stand in the way of the normal course of justice.
(b) The Guild cannot supplant or override the laws of the land.
(c) All members are subject to the laws of the Duchy of Carzala.

Guild Justice

The Member is subject to Guild justice if they:

(a) attack another member without reasonable provocation,
(b) kill another member,
(c) steal from another member, including the withholding of treasure,
(d) otherwise harm another member, including the use of magical coercion or control,
(e) fail to comply with an ”Adventuring Agreement” provided that such is currently in effect and binding on the Member,
(f) fail to make all reasonable attempts to regain, if necessary, and return another Party Member who is dead, incapacitated and/or captured, to the Guild Headquarters in Seagate,
(g) desert the Party voluntarily; if accidentally separated from the Party the Member is obliged to make all reasonable attempts to rejoin the Party,
(h) fail to follow instructions given by a duly appointed Leader of the Party of which the Member is part.

Guild justice may include: fines, forfeiture of part or whole of shares of Treasure, suspension, expulsion, offering of a reward for capture, turning over to Civil Authorities and/or the bringing of a civil case.

Guild Dues

10% of all Treasure gained by the Member or 500sp per annum, whichever is greater, is due to the Guild.


I agree to abide by the rules of the Guild as above, and as may be, from time to time, laid down by the council, and to accept their rulings in matters of arbitration and justice.


(by the Member)

(for and on behalf of the Guild)