Guild Meeting September 2021

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DQ Guild Meeting 12 Sep 2021

On Discord - invite link.

12:30 GMs Meeting

Adventures Going Out

Current GMs may book themselves on adventures at this time.

Rules Issues

After a careful review of the spells in the rulebook I would like to change all the spells within the rulebook storage aspect as follows;

  • Storage None to Storage None
  • Storage Investment to Storage Investment & Potions
  • Storage Potions to Storage Investment & Potions
  • Storage Ward to Magical Trap & Ward
  • Storage Magical Trap to Magical Trap & Ward

This would result in three storage types;

  • Storage None
  • Storage Investment & Potions
  • Storage Magical Trap & Ward

- Jono

Proposal withdrawn - alternate proposal rewriting the rules for storage mechanisms to be worked on aiming for voting next meeting.

Campaign Report

What's going on and what's coming up from the campaign committee (that we need to know). And what other people could help with or contribute to.

  • Mayor of Seagate - The Honourable Roderigo has been voted in as Lord Mayor of Seagate for a 4 year term
  • High Seas - Events of the past few years have reduced the reach and effectiveness of previously dominant ocean going nations. Most nations will protect the seas near their coasts but the deep blue is a bit more 'wild-west' than it used to be.
  • Economic impact of invasions - Many nations in the Western Kingdom and surrounds are trying to rebuild and clear war debts, taxation is generally higher which nobody likes.
  • Increased supply of Hardwoods and Jade from Tycho are arriving in Seagate

General Business

1:00 Guild Meeting

Venue: Discord Ref links at the top.

Adventure Summaries

Adventure Announcements and Sign-up

  • Dealing with undead on another plane - Wed - High - Anne (online) Full
  • Cthuloids in Pacifica - Tue - Low/Med - Keith (online)


  • Smartest
    • No Vote
  • Bravest
    • No Vote
  • Stupidest
    • No Vote
  • Best Death
    • Nomination for Rhoswin, fight in a large hall against a horde of orcs, when suddenly 4 ogres fire arc in off a balcony to surround Rhoswin.... and Rhoswin accepts friendly fire to make sure the Ogres died - 10 Winner
    • No Vote - 3
  • Star of Alusia - No nominations
    • No Vote
  • Jammiest B'stard
    • No Vote

General Business