Guild Meeting September 2015

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DQ Guild Meeting 13th September 2015

Venue: Leys Institute Hall, Ponsonby

12:30 GMs Meeting

Adventures Going Out

Current GMs may book themselves on adventures at this time.

Rules Issues

Campaign Report

What's going on and what's coming up from the campaign committee (that we need to know). And what other people could help with or contribute to.

General Business

1:00 Guild Meeting

Adventure Summaries

Adventure Announcements and Sign-up

  • Hot Fusion - Medium - Mon - GM William full - Survival of elven species in doubt but there is a prophecy that this could be averted if the elves and drow unite. A party is required to go to Terra Nova to offer an olive branch.
  • A Warm Spring - Low - Thu - GM Jono Bean - Four more people required to follow a quid up north to relieve Guild Reps.
  • Enchanted Jewels - Tough/Medium - Mon - GM Bernard - Letter delivered from High Lord of Avalon. Requires relatively tough party to go to somewhere near Palistrina. 40.000 silvers not counting expenses.
  • Into the Valley of Roses - GM Jacqui - Overflow
  • _


  • Smartest
    • Aryan and Mehb - Mehb castled with Nikola then Aryan fed her a a potion before Mebh caught her with an elemental - WINNERS
    • Grendel - Aryan took out a dragon so Grendel went to the heart and devoured it
    • Mehb - Did a whole bunch of clever things
    • No Vote
  • Bravest
    • Marseille - Walking into the dragon's lair while orating etc, resulting in the dragon waking up
    • Eric - After forsaking Foras was now in his lair - WINNER
    • No Vote
  • Stupidest
    • Grendel - for consuming the heart
    • Marseille - various social gaffes while conversing with the dragon
    • Ragnfríðr - jumped out the window - after the featherfall had expired
    • No Vote
  • Best Death - No nominations
    • No Vote
  • Star of Alusia - No Nominations
  • Jammiest B'stard
    • Mehb's green dragon armour was resurrected and she got the one spec grev to one-shot kill the dragon.

General Business

2:30 Hall Closes