Guild Meeting September 2008

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DQ Guild Meeting 14th September 2008

Venue: Mt Albert War Memorial Hall

12:30 GMs Meeting

Adventures Going Out

Current GMs may book themselves on adventures at this time.

Voting Issues

  1. Moving Elementals Proposal into playtest. - Bernard.
    • Approved 12 For; 0 Against; 1 Abstention

Campaign Report

What's going on and what's coming up from the campaign committee (that we need to know). And what other people could help with or contribute to.

  • The curse on the Elven lands has been lifted, civil war is postponed.
  • Kirkul is now a ruin tainted with chaos. Some blood mages and chaos cultists of various levels escaped.

General Business

  • Query on how to initiate a rules proposal document on the wiki - suggested that if in doubt, start with links from your user page, others will probably pick up on your contribution and link it in appropriately.
  • Setting up a wiki page and officially endorsing trading items between characters was discussed. An indicative vote was inconclusive, requires further discussion.

1:00 Guild Meeting

Adventure Summaries

  • She is Made of Truth - GM Jon Mc
    • Successful - Kirkul has been cleansed (and a few other things).
  • Blood and Sand - GM: Callum - Tues
    • Successful - Sons of the last Priest of Sig (serpent god) were trying to bring him back, both were stopped, one killed.
  • I met her in a dream - GM Jill Mitchinson
    • Successful - Perpetrators identified, POL minions cleared them up.
  • In Her Majesty's Somewhat Secret Service - GM William
    • Successful - Curse lifted, taxes will be paid in return for some concessions.
  • Revolving Doors - GM: Dean Ellis
    • Partially Successful - The inner workings of Dramus' Tower (and hence mind) were exhumed, some were dealt to.
  • The Sun, The Moon, and the Piper's Song - GM: Jacqui
    • Successful - Phaeton is mostly restored to his deity's good books (still a bit to do), lycanthropy curses lifted.
  • Lessons in Enlightenment and Respect- GM: Miles Jackson
    • Successful - Though party accidentally created a new greater evil in the off planar forest.
  • Alusian Innocents Abroad, The Evil Within - GM: Mark Simpson
    • Successful -

Adventure Announcements and Sign-up


  • Lath's Plan to mind control a mind controlling bug to control a mining golem to tunnel into the bound earth - Not enacted
  • ...
  • No Vote
  • Eltan - Climbed leg of an ?? stabbing with his dagger - 8 Votes WON
  • Dramus - Deaf, dumb, blind, went into arachnids lair against his phobia. - 6 votes
  • Sooty - Leaping into close with a super strong ettin to save another party members life. - 4 Votes
  • No Vote - 4
  • Sam - Throwing demonic icon through summoning circle - 10 Votes WON
  • Eleanor - Invisible, bound to floor, hit Ettin standing over her - 8 Votes
  • No Vote - 1
Best Death
  • Pierre - WWV into 97 pieces - 20 Votes WON
  • No Vote - 0
Star of Alusia (Rarely)

General Business

  • Amelia offers her services making daffodil potions.

2:30 Hall Closes