Guild Meeting March 2008

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DQ Guild Meeting 9th March 2008

Venue: Leys Institute Hall.

Adventure Wanted March 2008

12:30 GMs Meeting

Adventures Going Out

Current GMs may book themselves on adventures at this time.

Voting Issues

Carzala Guide

  • Carzala Guide This booklet (18MB PDF file) is intended for both GMs and Players in DQ. The talk page for Q/A can be found here - Carzala source book. See email list for date and times of meetings regarding this booklet.
    • It is intended as a printed resource, so that it can be used quickly and easily at run time in game. It is intended to offer details and depth to the ‘geo-political areas of Carzala’ such as more powerful individuals, figures or families or clans. This is so that GMs can be more comfortable running games which may involve political elements designed to create tension for characters. It is also intended that the information in this booklet is, for the most part, common knowledge within the greater Carzala area. It should be accessible for characters (with the appropriate skills or knowledge), so that the player can gain some insight into the ‘depth of the Carzala geo-political arena’. This will support the player’s ability to play the character.
  • It is unclear above what the vote is for. I propose that the vote is a vote of thanks for the hard work put in by the writers and the editors, particularly Jono (and perhaps other names to be added?), along with encouragement to put the information into the campaign's primary data source (this Wiki) as soon as they find it convenient.
a) Vote taken to accept the new Cazala Guidebook as definitive of Carzala - Passed (8/2/0)


Mage Current (Water G-4)
  • Harmonizing GM interpretation of the effects of Mage Current, agreeing to wording to that effect, decision on reducing spell speed efffects. Proposal is to:
    • a) Agree on the interpretation that Mage Current alters / adds to a normal ship movement rather than replacing normal movement.
    • b) add a note to this effect to the spell description at the next book printing. Proposed addition is: Carried objects/entities are free to move within this volume normally, as in a non magical current. This movement may effectively increase (or decrease) their overall speed or allow them to exit the effect.
    • c) Vote for or against reducing the speed increase granted by the spell to: 5 miles per hour (+1 / 2 full Ranks).
b) Mage Current. Change to wording and effective speed - Passed (9/0/1)

Campaign Report

What's going on and what's coming up from the campaign committee (that we need to know). And what other people could help with or contribute to.

General Business

c) Procedures. It was noted that our procedures for rulechanges need to be formalised and updated. Subsequent rule changes should follow the procedure. The old procedures are to reprinted for revision and a list of changes that have fallen by the wayside is to be produced to see if anyone wishes to pick them up.
  • Star of Alusia Candidates
d) Erzsabet was nominated for Star of Alusia by Jono. For convincing the rest of the party to let her handle the very delicate negotiations with Beast Rabban.

1:00 Guild Meeting

Adventure Summaries

  • Blood of Girwyllan - High GM: Jono Bean Al
  • Swamp Exploration - Mediumish GM: Keith Al
  • Search and Rescue - GM: Helen Saggers OP
  • The Laughing Hills - GM:William Dymock-Johsnon Al
  • S.P.E. - High Full - GM:Gordon Lewis Al
  • A Minor Investigation - Very High GM: Jon McSpadden Al
  • Living on the Edge - Medium GM:Miles Jackson OP

Adventure Announcements and Sign-up

  • Trials of the Tridents - Med/High - Tuesday night - @ Guild Meeting - 2 spots free GM: Jono Bean, Al
  • Skin Trade - Medium - Monday nights - Full GM: Mandos, Al
  • Balrogs & Mithral - High - Wednesday nights - Full GM: Hamish, Al
  • Chasing White Elephants - medium - Fri/Thu - @ Guild Meeting - GM: Bernard, OP
  • The Legacy of Kael - Medium - Tues - Ye saga continueth! - William, Al
  • Please may we have our Prince back - High - Thursday - @ Guild Meeting - GM: Phil, OP
  • The Family Jewels - Med/High - Wednesday - Full - GM: Chris C, Al
  • Melody (Jeff) - need a party for White Raven, A guild party helped him ascend to Godhood and he has decided on a way to solve the Icefall problem. Wants a party to remove the universe creators. Two or three more people required. Wednesday, low/medium.
  • Travelling ghost (Jim) - Wants some lads to help the boos out to deal with 'nazis' offplane, Halfway decent folks required and the job shouldn't take so long. Jim, Immortals game.
I'm looking for some middle to high level characters for a short game. It will be off-plane and dangerous. If you are interested, email me at: ph 520 3101, cl 021 076 9376.


  • Smartest
    1. Lath - Undead dust was settling over Brastor so Lath had the idea of creating a rainstorm and washing it all away.
    2. Albion the Mad - The orcs had discovered that the party were at the top of one of their towers so Albion had the idea of throwing Lizette off the tower to distract them. In reality they used an orc with an illusion.
    3. Albion the Mad - Controlled the captured mage and sent him back to the orc encampment with a chaos item.
    4. Mortimer Graves - The banerock the party were fighting disappeared into the earth to hide. A Tunnel was punched down to it and Mortimer cursed the creature in such a way that the earth could no longer hide it or shelter it?s evil.
    5. Sooty - used salamanders in a box to provide a time delay distraction while the party got the slaves out.
    6. Brundar - made a special golem for Hamish when he was rendered ?armless?
    • Winner - Albion
  • Bravest
    1. Dalran - Had snuck into Hell to tag Furfur's lieutenants as well as standing at ground zero to trigger an item to trap the demons that were teleporting in.
    2. No vote
    • Winner - Dalran
  • Stupidest
    1. Lucius - While interrogating, managed to kill the captive and discovered he was pacted to Foras. Lucius bounced off Foras' chest as he attempted to exit the room.
    2. Vychan - To help protect the townsfolk from the undead hordes, elementals were set up on guard. Vychan wandered next to one, forgetting he is currently twelve percent undead.
    3. Kern. At the second encounter with the banerock, he thought the Tunnelling idea was so good, he did it again. Unfortunately the banerock was levitating and the entire party fell down the hole.
    4. Dwork - Even after being told not to use fire magic in a swamp, he cast a fireball and blew the entire party up.
    • Winner - Kern
  • Best Death
    1. Dalran - In the fight with Furfur, Dalran picked up a staff that he knew would kill him. He was able to teleport to Vahalla with it and died there.
    2. No vote
    • Winner - Dalran
  • Star of Alusia (Rarely)
    1. Erzsabet - Certain artifacts were required to complete the mission. Beast Rabban and his minions had set up an ambush for the party and were waiting. Erzsabet also suspected the party had been cursed to be rude and, any mistake here was certain to be fatal. She decided their best chance was to negotiate and and convinced the rest of the party to stay quiet and let her do it. With the odds stacked against her she was able to convince the bad guys that there was something in it for them if the party survived.
    • Vote to award Star of Alusia to Erzsabet - Passed (17/2/5)

General Business

  • Any other business.
    1. Engalton reminded new members that Adventurer starter kits from Newhaven were available.

2:30 Hall Closes