Guild Meeting December 2016

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DQ Guild Meeting 11th Sept 2016

12:30 GMs Meeting

Venue: Parkside Cafe, New North Rd, Mt Albert.

Adventures Going Out

Current GMs may book themselves on adventures at this time.

Rules Issues

Campaign Report

What's going on and what's coming up from the campaign committee (that we need to know). And what other people could help with or contribute to.

General Business

1:00 Guild Meeting

Venue: Taylor Room, Mt Albert community and Leisure centre, Mt Albert, Auckland

Adventure Summaries

Adventure Announcements and Sign-up


  • Smartest
    • Ragnar - tricked Mungo into hitting Morden over the head - WINNER
    • No Vote
  • Bravest
    • Mario - found a medusa and bravely went forward even though he risked being stoned
    • Mungo - volunteered to be charmed by a succubis and had to impale him and her at the moment of climax to destroy her - WINNER
    • Aaron - going in to beat up a powerful earth mage
    • Rahn - got within range of giant weapons to take out a contraption risking certain death (got 15 spec grevs)
    • No Vote
  • Stupidest
    • Was told the magic words to apologize to Hel - and forgot them
    • Angus - poked the evil necromatic tower - WINNER
    • Mordren - Everyone except Silverfoam was charmed. Finally remembering he was protected by the haoir braiding ritual after the third time.
    • No Vote
  • Best Death
    • Mungo - Self-sacrificing heimself to take out a succubis - WINNER
    • Cher - taking all the damage being dealt to the bad guys
    • No Vote
  • Star of Alusia
    • Silverfoam. - narrowly avoiding being charmed hence saving the entire party - AWARDED
  • Jammiest B'stard
    • Mayhem - managed to get his leather enchanted so it vibrates
    • No vote - WINNER

General Business

  • The new Beastmaster (v3.0) was voted into the rules