Guild Meeting December 2010

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DQ Guild Meeting 12th December 2010

Venue: Bolliwood Restaurant, 110 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby 1011.
Bolliwood on Google Maps

Adventure Wanted December 2010

12:30 GMs Meeting

Adventures Going Out

Current GMs may book themselves on adventures at this time.

Voting Issues


  • Change the Background Experience in Character Generation from 250 experience to 2,500. Passed unanomously

Campaign Report

What's going on and what's coming up from the campaign committee (that we need to know). And what other people could help with or contribute to.

General Business

Feedback & voting on:

  • Encourage people to get new players along to the guild meeting by offering people 20k ep.
  • Change the Seagate Times. Give Jacque and Keith a well deserved rest for two issues, getting Kelsie to publish the next two issues.
  • Give Kelsie 150% support as she sees fit, including give away, in any format for writers and readers as she sees fit.
  • Appoint a new player to assist Stephen in changing the guild meeting format to a new format as he sees fit.
  • William to report on creating pre-gen Characters in different types.
  • Get some: Rulebooks, Players Guide, etc printed in advance.
  • Vagabond Takapuna has agree to give us some box sets of 3 character figures (AD&D type) for sale or return at the Guild Meeting.
  • Normal price $20 per box $15 for us, return cash and unsold boxes. Karen will be bringing dice.
  • Pick a date for the Christmas / New Years dinner (held late Jan 2011) at Bolliwood.

1:00 Guild Meeting

Adventure Summaries

NB Dependent on noise levels and acoustics - will be skipped if we can't hear the speakers

Adventure Announcements and Sign-up


NB Dependent on noise levels and acoustics - will be skipped if we can't hear the speakers

  • Smartest
    • Sooty - used his 'commanding' voice to resolve the situation
    • Erzabet - because she knew what was going on regardless
    • No Vote - WINNER
  • Bravest
    • Mario - committed suicide by grabbing grenados and running at the enemy - WINNER
    • Dalran - He had been smached by an ice demon and got smashed. He then feigned unconsciousness , and when swallowed by the demon, leapt down it's throat and started hacking from the inside - WINNER
      • Boulder - going into hell where he is known as a hero
    • No Vote
  • Stupidest
    • Lizette - for lots of things - WINNER
    • Father Rowan - for sucking the meglomania out of Engalton
    • No Vote
  • Best Death
    • Zanth - Was body swapped and the body got the head cut off
    • Mario - ran out, immolated, with grenados, the other grenados then finished him off - WINNER
    • No Vote
  • Star of Alusia - Theodonna

General Business

  • Most Loved Guild Member Vote - Winner was Isil'Eth
  • Haven Non-Interference Vote, Were offered 20 million to not interfere on the plane of Haven - Declined
  • Any other business.

2:30 Meeting Closes

Bolliwood's Lunch Session normally closes at 2:30, we may need to leave at this point.