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The real world and financial aspects of the guild.

DQ Inc

We are now an officially incorporated society.

Number: 2559050

Current Committee

Stephen Martin
Keith Smith
Errol Cavit
Jacqui Smith
Campaign Coordinator
Julia Johnson


Banking is through Kiwi Bank.

  • Fees are waived for Non-Profit organisations.
  • All transactions are to be electronic - no cheque book, no ATM cards.
  • All out-goings require double-approval. E.g. I create a payment to the Super City for the Hall Hire, the Treasurer approves it, then the payment goes through.
Account Number

We expect to maintain 3 to 5 people with current logins and approval access to the account, they will usually be current members of the committee.

Following the principal of complete financial transparency, Electronic Statements will be sent to the DQ email list so that anyone who wants to can see what's going on with the guild finances.

NB Still waiting on the Kiwibank Business banking team that needs to authorise the NPO Account :-( So I have set up an individual account with Kiwibank and we'll transfer it over once they have the NPO account setup. Please put your subs into the account with your name as reference.


As of March 2012, we introduced Membership Fees for the guild. This is to cover the expenses of the guild, the membership fee may be adjusted by the committee as the costs and paid membership level varies but always with the aim of balancing out with our costs.

Current Membership Fee
$30 per year (March 2020 - Feb 2021) + $20 for family membership (but only 1 printed copy of SGT)

Full paying membership is voluntary but it is expected that if you are playing in a game in a year (March - Feb) that you will contribute your share towards the costs by paying your membership.

  • New players are not expected to pay in their first year - Free trial - woohoo!
  • Students are also not expected to pay but are most welcome to if they can and want to.
  • Financial hardship - if paying your membership is honestly a financial hardship for you then pay what or when you can.
  • GMs may choose to exclude players that haven't paid (at their discretion) or give preferential placement on games to those who have paid.
How To Pay your Membership
1. Internet Banking!! The preferred method is by Internet banking to the account as specified above (38-9014-0022834-00). Make sure you put your name in the reference fields so we know who you are paying for. btw Just putting 'Mike' is a bad idea - one of the other 5 Mikes is bound to take credit.
2. Manual payment at a PostShop/Kiwibank. Take the club bank account number with you, make a deposit over the counter.
3. Cash - No Thanks! We don't want to be dealing with cash. But if you must, how about you give it to a friend that owes you favours and who will then make an electronic payment on your behalf.
Current Paid Members
Current paid members will be listed on the wiki Club Members


Hall Hire, Wiki-Server Hosting, Printing the SGT Newsletter.

Hall Bookings

Hall bookings for the guild meetings have been through Auckland City Community Venues but their costs have gone up so we've been shopping around and trying alternates.

Current Hall Hire (per meeting)
Varies with venue $25 - 50 per meeting, most recently $30 at YMCA.

Details of the bookings are on the Guild Meetings page and the next meeting should be listed on the Current Events page and usually on the Main Page.

Primary contact with ACC is Stephen. NB The Adventurers Guild was a regular hirer with the council until they changed their systems again.

Primary contact with YMCA Mt Albert is Julia.


The bond is $200. The bond is held by Auckland City and carried over from year to year. This was refunded in 2016 after we stopped using ACC halls.

Seagate Times

A printed copy of the SGT is part of paid membership - it does have it's privileges.

The current budget is $5 per member. $1.25 per issue.

DQ Websites and Servers

Hosted at (Lite plan)

Web Hosting US$131.40/year US$10.95/month *
Domain Name Registration US$13.95/year US$1.16/month
Total US$145.35/year US$11.12/month
  • Discounted by 75% for first 3 years

Hosted at to Feb 2021

Web Hosting US$113.88/year US$9.49/month
Dedicated IP US$47.88/year US$3.99/month
Domain Name Registration US$14.99/year US$1.25/month
Site Backup Pro US$11.96/year US$2.99/month
Total US$188.71/year US$17.72/month

Web host up until the end of 2012

The Wiki and Character Database.

This service costs $1200/yr to maintain. Due to financial considerations this service may be terminated in the near future. Work is underway to find ways to defray up to 50% of the expense but should this not eventuate the web server may need to be rehoused.

Due to lack of funding the server will be removed from tele-housing shortly. Server will be removed from service in the next 2-3 weeks (from 16/08/12). Request was placed to remove the server. It has not been removed but is no longer being paid for. Server may go offline at any time.


The Library and Mailing Lists