Gryphon Pass

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This pass threads through the hills to the southeast of Brastor. The road runs between Westgate and Novadom and is mostly a rutted and rocky track wide enough for large wagons.

The pass is often plagued with bands of goblins and other raiders emanating from the Filgiso Forest and traders tend to be accompanied with bands of caravan guards. The was a run down fort here named Fort Gryphon which has since (807) been restored somewhat.

Points of Interest

At the southern edge of the hills where the road enters a gorge, Fort Gryphon is set into the hills with a good view north through the gorge as well as south into the fertile lowlands of Gryphon Valley. The architecture is Dwarven but it was in a state of disrepair prior to 807.

Since 807 Fort Gryphon has been repaired and now a portion of it is given over to an inn providing cheap food, lodgings and protection to caravans travelling through the pass.


Spring 808

Winter 808

Autumn 808

Summer 808

Spring 807

Winter 807

Autumn 807

The pass and Fort Gryphon are cleared of Goblin bandits and trade is able to resume between Brastor and Novadom

Bodric Henrikson and Henric Henrikson have started to rebuild the fort in the pass with the blessing of the Lord of Novadom. They have taken a load of supplies and started making the fort more solid and will be expanding the facilities once they have enough supplies and clement weather.

Autumn 806

Sir Gerald of Gryphon Pass's 'son' Gerald Jr, assists in the the preparations for the actual Wedding at Newcourt ( See White Wedding )

Winter 804

Sir Gerald of Gryphon Pass assists in The Mystery of Missing Suitors