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Welcome to Grymeron

Note: Initial observations of Grymron were made by a group of Seagate guild adventurers during the mission The Rainbow Gates in the season Winter (Thaw) 810wk.

General Info


Most of Grymeron is High Mana, but it's slow to draw, like manipulating taffy. Pulse casting is impossible, minute casting is hard, it gets easier the longer it takes to cast a spell. The goblins do have magic use but based around pre-storing effects in items, potions and investeds. Obviously this means investeds and the like work as normal. Magic use is also noted in other races on Grymeron but it is not currently known how they get around the mana issues. Mana also has a tendency to "pool", with the Haunted Wood being a prime example. There the mana is still high, but more malleable/normal, and spells can be cast in normal time frames, though with unexpectedly efficacious results.

  • notes from Autumn 814wk. If you take longer to cast magic and instead of pulse casting you minute cast or longer then you gain bonuses to cast or apparent extra ranks depending on how long you take to cast the magic. This only affect spells as Talents are unaffected and Rituals are unchanged as these take a long to to achieve a focus for the magic anyway. Some possible affects would be as if there was an enhance enchant in effect and you'd be assumed to theoretically have additional ranks and such like. Details are to be empirically tested by the party.

Goblin Magic

The Goblins have learnt to cope with the mana issues here and cope well. They bottle or conatin magic, pre-cast for later release.

Known Goblin Tribes

  • Imboo - The tribe of Albrecht, capital is Gribbit. The tribe is known for their mushroom leather manufacture.
  • Vladoraggani/Vladadarim - they use dark magic. Live near Lake Rhenius
  • Etolan - have a reputation as Giant & Troll killers. They are known for their manufacture of weapons and armour. These are deemed the most militant by the other Goblins. This tribe is located NW of Gribbit
  • Merbithol - these are reclusive goblins who live in the Haunted Wood. These have a great affinity for the woods and appear to have a racial type talent enabling them to merge with and co-exit within a tree by opening 'space' within it and then travelling through the tree up to a point

Troll Magic

Blood magic of the nasty sort is involved here

Known Locations

Grymeron Map 1.JPG

The Shibah Mountains

The local inhabitants are all dangerous, including Sarth Dragons, Blood Trolls, Sarska, Grools and a Lake Denizen in Lake Rhinus. some 8-900 miles from Imboo. About 300 miles to get out of the mountains, another three hundred miles through territory claimed by other goblins, then the last 2-300 miles in Imboo Goblin tribal territory.

Lake Imboo

This is the large lake that both Gribbit and Newhome are on. Its approx 300 miles across W <-> E and 200 miles N <-> S. Its home to many denizens and unexplored depths.

Lake Rhinus

Lake Rhinus is circular and about 100 miles across. The lair of a Lake Denizen of hideous proportions.

The Sea of Dark Storms

This is a large and very stormy sea - possibly inland sea or a great bay(sea) part of a greater body of water.

Shadoot Island

This is a (dormant) volcanic island which looks to be about 10 miles across.

  • Observations in Winter (Thaw) 810wk. Looking around the party saw a cultivated land and a small village a few miles away. Using her spy glass, Imri can see there are goblins there and 'wasp-men' (Vindikar), 4' tall bipedal flying insects with 4 arms.

This island was surrounded by storms almost constantly as a result of the Vindikar being cursed by the trolls at the end of the war.

  • Note from Autumn 814wk. It took 2 years (810 to 812wk) for the goblins with alusian assistance to rid the vindikar of the curses that followed them through their queen. Each vindiakr had to be individually subjected to 'remove curse'

The Haunted Wood

This is a massive forest and according to locals the Haunted Wood covers the entire east coast of the main land and some of the south.
The uppermost layer is almost normal in appearance and lighting, it gets darker and more strange the lower you go. Thousands of feet below the top canopy there is no sunlight, fungus and lichen glow to provide some illumination, fish swim through the air and across the ground, a stream wends through the air like a warm ocean current, mana saturates everything, is easy to draw and sometimes affects more than expected, the trees are well spaced giants with trunks of 30 to 50 feet. There are multiple canopy layers separated by interlaced root and branch layers with each layer being between 200 and 500 feet tall. The center of the HW gets up to around 5000ft above sea-level. While gravity is mostly present in The Haunted Wood there is the option to "swim" in any direction while within it in a similar way to normal water. The presence of "land" based fish adds to this oddity

Layers within the Haunted Wood

There are up to 5 known layers of the wood and maybe more but we have yet to find the rest.
The layers from the bottom (ground) going upwards are roughly as follows and each layer has a distinct ecosystem as well as aspects of the layers either side to a lessor degree;

  1. The Detritus Layer. Stygian Darkness. This is the known ground level of the HW. Known to be teeming with insect life, mushrooms, various plants etc
  2. The Pelagic Layer. Slightly less darkness. This layer has much fish life of many varieties.
  3. The Understory Layer. This is a dark, nasty and dim place. This layer has spiders, reptiles, seeds, various lurkers, sentient trees, Dracoslurze and more.
  4. The Midstory Layer. This has filtered light akin to normal woods. This would be termed 'normal' - mostly and is the preserve of the range of expected jungle predators including Dracoslurze etc.
  5. The Canopy Layer. Much more light. TBA

The effect of the woods extends some feet past the top to the tallest trees and so the ability to 'swim' through the area extends as well which makes of interesting passage into or onto the top layer.

The Narrabri Mountains

The Narrabri Mountains (Circa 800-900 miles SW of Moonpok) are shaped like a 7 and we have come down from the north to the flat top of the 7 area, around the centre. They are some 600miles W-E along the top in a 150m wide set of mountains and then they turn downwards over a 900m length but the bottom width is around 300miles. The treeline stops around 10,000ft and the highest peaks have snow year round. The treeline gives way to rocky crags and general mountains in which we are told live trolls of various types

Narrabri Mtns.png

Places within the Haunted Wood

The Lake of Ignorance

This is located within the Haunted Wood area and in/near the Narrabri Mountains which is inside the boundary of the HW. The Keeper of the Lake named Keifer, abides beside the lake and is able to distill potions of ignorance versus certain concepts such as time and distance in return for some knowledge such as magic, skills, abilities etc which he seems to covet. Drinking un-distilled ignorance is likely to have a highly deleterious effect.

  • When last visited in 810wk it was some 800m south-ish of Moonpok but we know that the lake 'moves' either naturally or through mystical means, so finding the area requires some cunning, knowledge and a whole lot of luck.

The Tower of Knowledge

Albrecht illuminated us as to this place of knowledge and learning in Autumn 814wk. Its around 2500m south of Gribbit. The tower is known by a special name - Vardoose.

Population Centres

  • Moonpok - Trading outpost, sits in between a bunch of goblin tribal areas. Based in tress and has floating ships for transport which are made out of some sort of tree seed. Very near to the northern portion of the Haunted Wood
  • Gribbit - the capital of Imboo (The goblin tribal region) is beside a large lake (Lake xxx). The city is a couple of miles across, with 50' high walls and a decent moat. Inside the buildings are scattered without apparent order, most are large buildings, some taller than the walls, with lots of goblin sized floors. It looks like a place made by and for giants, though now used by 2 foot tall goblins.

Great powers, groups, entities or simply notable NPC's

Known Denizens

  • Goblins - 2 foot tall, reasonably intelligent and civilised, multiple tribes
  • Giants - 50ft tall
  • Sarth Dragons - about 100' long, fast agile fliers.
  • Blood Trolls - 20-45ft tall, very stupid. Empirical testing by goblins say it takes 120 goblins to take down a Blood Troll.
  • Sarska - Sentient, they sound like flying Naga, humanoid top half, snake bodies, with wings. These are legendary creatures found in the north.
  • Grools - small orcs, still bigger than goblins
  • The Denizen In The Lake. Its suspected that there are many denizens in the lakes and each one will have its own 'denizen' which is at the 'bottom' (water humour) of its food chain
  • Vindikar - Human sized Insectoids. legendary enemies of the Trolls during the Troll Wars. Live underground in burrows, have a Queen and a hive mind. These are diurnal not nocturnal. A young queen is of the dimensions 5*10*10. These are normally around 5ft tall.
  • Fungus Warriors - Not only are there sentient mushrooms on Grymeron, but apparently they are trainable
  • TBA - Large fish that lives in the lower levels of the Haunted Wood. 50-60 feet long, up to 30 feet wide, teeth that are too big for its enormous mouth, and a lightning fast 20 foot long tongue
  • Cat Wolves - can be found in the Haunted Wood. Can be domesticated. GTN Lkyroi.
  • Trolls - Alusian Trolls are big, tough, and stupid. Grymeron Trolls are 5 times bigger, and the tough and stupid elements are similarly multiplied. Just when you think they would be at the top of the food chain, consider that the Sarth Dragon likes them as a decent snack. Mortal enemies of the goblin tribes.
  • Giants - Bigger than Trolls and not stupid. Allied/neutral to Goblins. Live in the mountains.
  • Zigwurms - A small mount suitable for the goblins (of Grymeron) to fly on. These can fly at up to 25mph and are the size of a large raven/eagle. These are mainly flown by the Goblin Air Corps
  • Grumps - These are large 30ft across, slow moving siege animals akin to giant turtle (8 legged) with mounted trebechet, ballistae etc.
  • THE Giant Whale Shark - this is a unique creature, some 60ft across at the maw and a mile in length. It navigates the rivers in the Haunted wood and holds a substantial portion of liquid
  • Symbiotic Parasites - these are found in the wild. Some can be caught and domesticated so that they live inside compatible hosts for a period of time
  • Giant Riding Spiders - can be trained. size some 2 1/2 ft tall at the shoulder.
  • Huge Spiders - these live within the haunted wood and some are huge with size significant enough for a giant size creature to ride it. Yet to be seen by SAG groups.
  • Giant Electric Eels - these can be found in groups of 2 or more. They have a powerful electric attack but it takes time to 'recharge'
  • Fungasaur - these are mushroom trolls of great cunning and strength. They can absorb much damage and regenerate (supposition) as well as split into multiple smaller forms whilst retaining knowledge of the whole and then reform - possibly dispersed brain areas throughout the body. The mushroom parts can be used to create spore clouds for nasty effects.
  • Mossiegong - a 10 legged slug, human sized and travels of 6 legs.


These can be found in the Haunted Wood in the 2nd and 3rd layers but more likely in the 3rd layer.
- Think of a Kimodo Dragon combined with a crocodile, double the size, add more armour and make the teeth and claws look ridiculously dangerous
These operate in packs of between 2 and 12 unless you are particularly unlucky. They weight around 300lb and are predominantly around 4-5ft tall although the females are on the larger side at up to 8ft and some males are up to 7ft tall as well. These are quick predators with lots of armour (effectively FT and EN Armour) and nasty.

  • Anecdotal evidence suggests that if you use 'a lunch mage' (Earth) to summon these animals to you, then a fortified position with significant cover is recommended as these can come at you from all directions. If they come in packs then magic is most effective overall as well as large amounts of pure damage.

Known Gates

The goblins refer to planar portals as Mulls, the old Portals to Alusia were known as the Rainbow Gates. The Rainbow Gates all shut down about 40,000 years ago, they don't know why.

Ruby Waters
Rainbow Gate, waterfall into pool about 3 miles into high-mana area along trail from Regar's Keep.
Mull gate about 1,000' deep beneath largest lake, partially open to a place of water and healing.
Vale of Tears
Rainbow Gate, access at discretion of Lorto.
Opens to Shadoot Island in the Sea of Storms. Vindikar and Goblin settlement.
Head of Thunder River, Superstition Mountains
muted/suppressed, part of the Dwarves private portal nexus. No further info for outsiders.
Falls of Valusha
Rainbow Gate guarded by Neptune the free Water Elemental and his Fossegrim followers.
Opens to a large lake (Rhinus) high in the mountains. Dragons, Blood Trolls, monster in lake, high-mana lake water. High to extreme danger. About 900 miles from Gribbit.
Head of Wandle Rithe
Not investigated.
Head of River Mirimar - Rainbow Gate, small cave complex occupied by Saurime. Trade and portal access agreement. Opens to former Grool complex in Imboo territory 300 miles SW of Gribbit.
Rainbow Gate, issues with safe access - Kraken, Dark Circle Undead, Fae, ...
Opens to Gribbit, Albrecht's home city.

Tiana Gate

This Rainbow Gate connects Tiana Falls (Fastness of Girwyllan on Alusia) to a moving gate within the Haunted Wood.

It was noted as being near the Narrabri Mountains in one instance and in Autumn 814wk it was summoned to Vardoose (the Tower of Knowledge) so that it may be used to pass between the planes.

Noble Gate

This is a Rainbow Gate which connects 2 locations on Alusia and Grymeron, these are Darkwell (see the Head of River Miramar, Northern Insel Garsi near Gryphon Pass) on Alusia and Newhome on Grymeron.

This is the location of The Grymeron Trading Post. This trading post was established in Thaw 810wk when Albrecht of Grymeron appeared in the Suarime settlement of Darkwell and who then forged a mutually beneficial trading relationship with the tribe.

Guild interactions

  1. The Rainbow Gates in Winter (Thaw) 810WK. The explorers here were Athos Ironfist, Lyric, Rahne, Scissors, Tsayoi, Arandor and Imri
  2. Shopping on Grymeron in Autumn 814WK. The explorers here were Cher, Tari, Tsayoi, Arandor, Roderigo and Anooke
  3. Blood-Feud? in Winter 817wk. The party was Erzabet, Tari, Father Broc, Mordrin, Cher, Sheana and Caprice

To date Cher has been on each Grymeron mission (3x), Tari has been twice