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Prince Graaven of Brightrock


  • College: Wicca
  • Race: Dwarf


Young Graaven was trained in the ways of Wicca for the purposes of keeping his people fed and plentiful. Sometimes the magic of Wicca would elude him with some interesting results. His mentors (mother included) blamed this on his adolescent wanderlust (first Graaven ever heard of it – he just didn’t understand the fertility rites).

His wandering spirit & lack of focus began to exasperate the royal parents and so his mother decreed that he would go out into the world – not to come back until he had made his mark. She wants tales of her brave, heroic sons’ quests to reach their way to the Kingdom of Brightrock on ‘the wings of their own merit’.

Graaven – would like to get through this uncomfortable ordeal alive and in the same one piece that he started with. He would like to be back in the comfort of the palace … servants, edible food, opera, the calming rhythm of the mines.
"So, bring on the adventure, lets get this done and get me back to my mountains."

Adventures so far...

Rescues of Disembodied Mummies, Lost Nobility, Misplaced Fae Magics (Bound Gold), Lost Librarians

Comercial Interests


  • Ranger (Highlands)
  • Hunter
  • Furrier
  • Gem Cutter


  • Falchion
  • Rock


  • Instill Flight
  • Create Restorative