Golden Ingot

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The Golden Ingot (aka The Lucky Nugget) is a Dwarven Tavern in New Seagate run by the guildmembers Graaven Brightrock , WordSmith, and Dirk.

The centrepiece of the establishment is a normal-sized ingot of magical 'bound gold', acquired on the Plane of Fantasia.

Downstairs is the bar, upstairs a few rooms usually used by Dwarves travelling through Seagate.

Dwarven Ale is served by the handle (pint) or jug (quart). Whiskey is available for those that ask (and can pay) and some other drinks are available for those that insist.

  • As a business - The Golden Ingot uses gold coloured stationary. It is rumoured that it has actually got gold woven into the fabric of the paper.
  • Another rumour is that the paper is used as script against Ale etc, if this one takes off - the boys will soon be running a bank.