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Glow lines at night
More Glow lines

The red sometimes blue glow of the glow line can often be seen in the night sky.

Within the area of the 'Glow Line':

  • Magic’s that call master or summon of creatures from other worlds to this one do not work. Releasing a creature from some form of imprisonment would work however.
  • They help protect the area inside the 'glow lines' from the effects of extra-planner creatures and controls, such as Imps, Devils, Demons, Powers of Light, Pacts, Elementals and other extra-plannar creatures.

The Glow Lines are maintained and protected by the Inquisition.

Most people do not care that the Glow Lines emanates from old but repurposed Moon Temples that used to be dedicated to the republican cult of the Moon Goddess. The temples are protected by the Inquisition's stronger members, mages and legionnaires. Some people have speculated that the Inquisition has forewarning of any attack on the glow line temples. This may or may not be true. Others say that a unseen hero called Orlanth looks after the Inquisition and the Moon Temples.