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Status Kingdom
Location Bordered by the Kingdom of Eltrandor and the Duchy of Brandenburg

The Kingdom of Glissom is at the very northern end of the Bay of Felice and bordered by the Kingdom of Eltrandor and the Duchy of Brandenburg.

Glissom is a small, rich and sometimes important Kingdom that often acts as a buffer state between Eltrandor and Brandenburg. From time to time the King plays one side off against the other in a skilful way, but this is not common knowledge. The Kingdom of Glissom also enjoys the support of a large group of Elves who live the Siren Woods to the north.

It is also important because of the River Shadowspin. Glissom is located at the river delta, and the river is the only navigable waterway from the sea, up into the highlands of the Duchy of Drakenburg, and Cauldersfield.

People of Note

King Doron of Glissom is married to Aleksandra de la Verain, a former adventurer. He is a fire mage, tending the Sacred Hearth Fire (a piece of Aim's fire) which defends Glissom.

Glissom Castle

The heir to Glissom is Princess Allegra, born in 803, one of triplets, the others being Alexander and Adalwolf. Their siblings are Verina born 805 and Yvon born 807.

The Council of Elders in Glissom

Glissom Court
  • Doron (King) - Human - b.776
  • Blores (Sir) - Human - b.728
  • Brenn Korbin (Lord) - Human - b.751 - Military Commander
  • Garetha Hillbourne (Lady) - Human - b.746 - Magistrate
  • Graydar (Lord) - Human
  • Hadron (Sir) Human - b.645 - technically still on the council
  • Kellyn (Lord) - Shapeshifter Tiger - 773 - race not common knowledge
  • Nurrien (Lady) - ?elf
  • Petr (Father) - Human - b.768 - Raphaelite Priest
  • Rockwall (Lord) - Dwarf - b.660 - bought his way in about 787
  • Saegmor (Reeve) human

Guild Members involved in this area

Queen Aleksandra, and Erzsabet who was her lady in waiting.
Baron Turf of Erewhon of Brandenburg.


  • Egmott Wittgenstein, the Harbour-master

Guild parties

A Guild party was active in the area a few years ago. For more information on maps and details see The Prince of Darkness

A map from the scribe notes