Girwyllan's Recipies

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These recipes are from the Recipe book of the Fastness

Girwyllan's Winter Recipies
Ingredient Locations Notes
Green Waters From a lake, under the mat grass north of the green water goblin village Look out for the monster
Green Waters of the Caves of Old Caves of Old don't get with 15' of Time Nuts
Copper Waters ... ...
Tine Nuts ... don't get with 15' of Green Waters,

used to extend life of potions

Tine Reeds ... winter season only
Red Swamp Sand next to Time Moss ...
Red Swamp Sand next to Time Moss to make glass jars to contain magic
Time Moss from the Standing Stones ...
Purple Grass from the Cliffs of Change ...
Jinn Wicks ... some kind of reed
??Flowers of Life Death, Luck & ?? ... infusion for controlling the relevant element
Black Tower Root base of the Black Tower ...
Black Wood ... ...
Bracken Weeds ... ...
Bracken Wood ... ...
Black Wood ... ...
Amber Amber Mine we can buy it from the village

Other Useful Forage
Ingredient Locations Notes
Blue Grass from the Blue grasslands, or from Blue Grass village AG 35sp /3 bushells
Bamboo from the grasslands(shapechanger area) AG 1sp /foot
Red Swamp Clay swamp by the Standing Stones AG 500sp /lb

to make ceramic pots to contain magic

"Diamond" dust Tianna Falls not actually diamond
Protective Charms ... 1 sp each
7th Floor Black Moss the Black Tower for Roxanne (also ground jade)

AG = Alchemist's Guild of Seagate

Other Alchemical stuff we can find a buyer for

What We Get

For the Party
  • A handful of dried blue & yellow flowers, Catherine's spare Luck
  • We each get a gourd of contraceptive ointment from Catherine. This is to be rubbed on the navel and will last a couple of days.
  • 4 each of Waters of Strength and Healing from Clementine (Waters of Strength are used)
  • Leaves which rubbed on will cure a grievous wound, from Crystal Protector
  • Diamond Dust from Tianna Falls. We sent some to Slippery Rock and gave some to each of the non halflings in the Black Tower. I doubt there is much, if anything left.
  • White powdery minerals from Earth Place of Power (calcium carbonate)
  • Bamboo from the bamboo forest next to the grasslands
  • Green Waters (half a doz flasks)
  • 5th floor moss from the Black Tower
  • Black Tower Roots
  • Time Moss from the Standing Stones
  • 2 gallons of very fine brandy. Purchased by Erzabet for 16000, and she wants a refund.

Individual Gifts/Purchases
  • Kayseri, Viola: magic backpack purchased from Roxanne (spent 800 sp on magic tacks)
  • Boulder: extra large magic backpack purchased from Roxanne (spent 3000 sp on magic tacks)
  • Viola: secret place inside her thigh to sheath a dagger, and a dagger to go in the sheath.
  • Liessa: cloak which will disguise the tentacles et al when wearing her Calamar mask, purchased in Sanctuary (unknown cost).
  • Erzabet, Kayseri & Liessa: covered in oil which allows regeneration of 3 FT /pulse for the next season from Suzanna
  • Kayseri & Liessa: Bath Stone and Box of Joy from Suzanna
  • Kayseri: perfume from Kitty & Purr
  • A wish in the Black Tower? Not Kayseri.