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Natural Habitat 
Crypts, Ruins, Rural
3-30 (6)
Ghouls are a form of undead who specialise in devouring the flesh of the living or of recently dead characters. They are physically humanoid in all respects except that they may be ravaged by sickness or maimed by the wounds that killed them. Their undead status has robbed them of most of their intelligence and agility, but has also made them fearless.
Ghouls, like trolls, hate fire and will immediately attack any character holding a torch in preference to all other targets.
Ghouls possess no skills or magic. They possess two special characteristics: Any character bitten by a ghoul will automatically die if the wound becomes infected and will rise at dawn on the day after their death as a ghoul. Ghouls can only be killed by destroying their motor centre. Thus, they are unaffected by specific Grievous Injuries.
Movement Rates 
Running: 150
PS: 14-18 MD: 8-12 AG: 6-12 MA: None EN: 18-24 FT: 25-30
WP: 18-25 PC: 10-14 PB: 1-2 TMR: 3 NA: None
Ghouls may strike with their hands (as per unarmed) and teeth.
Hands: BC: 12-27%, [D – 4], Melee & Close, Rank 0.
Teeth: BC 40%, [D – 4], Close, Rank 0. + 20 to Infection Checks.