Get Your Rocks Off!

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Adventure: Gets Your Rocks Off

GM: William
Season: Summer 814 wk
Night: Monday
Level: Safe easy and fun adventure for about six on Mondays for medium characters.
  • Alandis pointed ears are tingling
  • Vapour to the rescue! "There's probably a Damsel or two in the castle in need of rescue that we'll be st... I mean buying?".
  • Sabastian Flying! Castle! Squeeeeal.
  • Life Coach
  • Viola Easy and fun two of my favourite things:)
  • Mebh Air Mage
The Magistar Viccini Glorthos
Viccini Glorthos wants a flying castle. He knows were you can go get him one. Cheap.
5000gp advance payment + 8000gp on delivery + guild taxes

Scribe Notes

Session 1

Day 1

I must be out of my mind signing up for this adventure, or they are all out of it. Either way this adventurer’s party is more like a wandering circus. Let us have a head count. So…, we have Vapour and Mebh the two Air mages, which spend most of their time comparing muscle mass, Vapour’s agent Sebastian the artist hobbit and its sasquatch spiritual leader Scab, the reformed illusionist Viola and me Alandis, probably one of the freshest asparagus grower at the guild.

After spending some time hearing about Vapour awesomeness and seen him comparing notes with Mebh, I have to convince Sebastian that I do not need a portrait of Vapour or me. Scabs is happy to give advice to his client Sebastian while trying to calm him down; Mebh is not standing still while the hobbit depict her, sending him into fits. Vapour assist Scab in the process while Viola and I watch in bemusement.

After few hours of this comedy, we finally come together and decide it may be best to figure out which kind of task we have signed up for! Scabs and Sebastian have dance-off to decide who will be the party leader, while I volunteer to be the scribe. Mebh is voted for the Mil-Sci, while Sebastian comes out victorious for the leadership role.

We are introduced to the new employer. Although he tries to hide his origins, we manage to get out of him his Destinian roots.

Viccini Glorthos (apparently a wealthy merchant), wants us to retrieve a Castle he has found just north of Ranke at 300 miles from here. The seemingly uninhabited Rock is located in a green glowing misty area the merchant has spotted on is way from Destiny, and wants us to investigate the area, clear it out of unwanted pests and bring it to him!

Did I mention the stronghold is located on a floating promontory? Apparently the misty area is just above a crater and all the land atop is broken up in big chunks which floats in mid-air.

We are all very intrigue…; Not really…! Sebastian successfully convince the merchant that he required a fertility spell that stops him impregnating the girls, while Scabs is getting paid for a virility spell. Vapour is doing is best to look good in the mirror. Viola and I observe in total amusement.

The Merchant is happy to pay in 5000gp for our initial troubles, follow by another payment of 8000gp when the mission is accomplished. After a little convincing, he also agrees to cover guild taxes and to pay for general expenses.

We part as the merchant is in a hurry to experiment with his newly found fortitude and virility. A guards approaches Scab; there is a messenger for him. A young pubescent boy is escorted in; he has the following message; “Meg is looking to talk to you at the witches retreat at Slippery Rock”. Later I am informed that “Meg” is a name given to the powerful witches.

We will head that way before departing for our mission since Vapour has order stacks loads of water of strength, and the mages will require few days of hard work to oblige.

We depart on clouds, thanks to the spells of the two Air mages, and with their guidance, we practice gliding. I am starting to get the hang of this flying and I must say I am enjoying it.

Slippery rock is busy, but upon landing it look as if everyone is disappeared. We realised later, when Scabs is greeted an welcomed by a scary troll, that everyone his hiding from Mebh. Scabs takes off with “Meg” and for the remaining weekend, we entertain our self. Mebh smites a repenting Imp while we shop for all sorts of different amulets, weird gadgets and knickknacks,...and curses…, yes curses. That was a closed call; as I try to steal from a witch, I got cursed at, and managed to tarp it into a spell catcher; save this for later!

Day 3

We return to the guild to collect the flagons. The Air mages summons some clouds and a menacing looking storm, which blows us at some phenomenal speed, and within the hour, we have reached our destination.

I am speechless at quickness of our journey and the sight. A column of mist is raising from the crater; a green light is emanating from the centre and flying rocks are floating in the air as far as the eyes can see. As we come to land, we notice that the helpful storm has been sucked in the green glowing mist…Farewell helpful storm.

Viola projected image approaches the edge of the crater and is captured by some frightening looking tentacles. Scabs re-floats in the air and indicates that may be best to enter the crater somewhere else.

As we descend, I turn on my infravision and realise of the strong magic emanating far and wide. Scabs casts a spell on one of the floating rocks and makes it tremble. Few rocks and corpses drop down. As the crash into the ground, they get on their feet, headed toward us. I can see that they are cold bodies, damned undead!

Session 2

Day 3 Continued

Mebh and Vapour take front row when everyone else is behind. Zombies are nice and slow so we prepare and cast; Scabs his Hell Fire and I a bolt of fire. All the zombies hit by the spells quickly regain their footing and continue their slow attack. The floating rock intercept and stops the meteorite shower called by Sebastian’s spell. Scream of pain come down from the island along with more zombies. Viola take flights and discovers a couple of drow with a manticore atop of the landmass. They are readying themselves for battle.

The zombies slowly overwhelm Mebh and Vapour, and are forced to heroically withdrawn. Scabs Sebastian and I take flight again. Viola casts a flash of light and blinds the drow and the Manticore.

Mebh’s solar flare manage to crack the floating rock as well as hitting many of the zombies. One of the drow splatters to the ground and his eaten alive by his minions. A zombie successfully manage to injure Vapour while he is “Heroically Retreating” (he will later recount). Viola and I attack the remaining drow. I get hit by the necromancer wand and I am immediately stunned. As I regain consciousness Mebh's spell allows her to swap places with me. She and Viola will finish of the Drow, while Sebastian and Scab are enclosing the Zombies in walls of thorns and Star walls.

As we mend and loot, Sebastian successfully eliminates all the Zombies with a dark sphere. Since we starting to keep counts; Power of Light = 0 zombie killed vs power of darkness = 101 zombie killed.

Vapour is in pain. I believe his ego hurts more than his arm as he constantly whine about his armour.

We decide to fly to Novalar a Town 100 mile north from here, so we can employ the help of a healer to restore Vapours Arm (and Ego). Once in Novala we enter the Powers of Light temple. Mebh is welcomed with open arms and subsequently is informed that no healers are left in town. The Michaeline Priest has sent 20 of his warriors to inspect the area we just left and the healers were part of the group.

Nevertheless, he points us to a stall of statues where an old man is selling statues of new gods. He may be able to help. Mebh approaches the man happy to have a chat with him; the sentiment is not reciprocal. The Old Guy is a healer and is please to help as long as Mebh keeps her weapons to herself. 3 full day will pass before Vapours arm is healed. Scabs takes advantage of this time and starts selling his potions to the people in town. Mebh is busy making sure that Scabs is not lynched by the Michaelaine warriors, while Viola and I look for a Spy circle in town with no avail.

Day 6

We return to the green glowing, zombie infested, floaty island crater, and proceed to explore the centre depression where the glow is emanating.

Once there we are greeted by what someone may say…a lugubrious sight. A Michaeline warrior is hanging inside a pentacle, drawn on a rotating mechanical mill. He is writhing in pay. So I pen the outline of this machine for future torture device.

Sebastian mechanical mind is intrigued by the functioning of this device. It appears that the green glow is pulsing and is in rhythm with the wheel rotation. He manages to stop it and detach the soldier of Michael.

After restoring his energy, we try to debrief him, but he is still to agitate to talk.

We spot another of these devices at a mile away and move to rescue a second knight. Once is safely down and his fatigue restored we probe him for Intel. It was a group of 20 knight sent by the priest of Novala. Once they reached the centre they were attacked by invisible, demon like dragons; they blew some form of gas, which froze the soldiers. It appears that those machines drain the life force of the unfortunate adventurers, and is then funnelled to the centre area were a ritual for the creation of a demon of some sort is taking place.

After plotting some crazy plans, we realise we have no weapons for the warriors. Mebh summons her celestial steed, and pass a message to retrieve 26 weapons for the party. Within 10 minutes the steed returns loaded with 24 sword, which upon DA, appears to be forged from souls.

We head towards the 3rd mechanical wheel of pain. Unfortunately a huge invisible creature is standing between us and the next machine.

Fists of Dragon Fury

While pondering what to do the invisible creature lifts off and languidly flying toward the party. Some frantic spell casting begins and the creature breathes a large could of gas that drains EN, sufficient to topple the average person. The demonic-dragon, ignores the spells and arrows it is peppered with, lands on Mebh with the intention of rending her. Mebh had used some artifact magic to give her the strength of a dragon and punches her fists through its body and pulls out its organs - the dragons wounds fountain acid over Mebh, dissolving her gloves and face, before explodes.

We arrive in Novalar, again, and seek out healing assistance from the Michalines, again. They send us to see a Gabralite whom uses some miracle magic to restore Mebhs face and eyes. We learn of a white necromancer who lives an hour out of town that may be able to provide protections against the necromantic magics, and pay him a visit the next day. He is a misunderstood chap that has excellent tastes and commissions Sabastian to perform some work for him and provides some assistance.

Heading back into the zone we examine the rock that is sucking in elementals and discover a sentient dark sphere hiding inside the rock. We also meet an Oracle, cursed to be an immortal Harpy, who would like to be killed – she hugs the dark sphere on a regular basis with no result.

Session 4

We decide to head to the mysterious castle; however, we stop on the way to assist a meditating woman on one of the floating rocks. She is devoted to the Devourer and she is trying to get to the sphere and free it, whatever that may means. I reckon she is few sandwiches short of her basket. However, she may be useful to us so we provide help. We fly back to the rock, and assist her to talk to the sphere without having her killed. After a drawn out conversation we take off headed finally to the castle.

On our way to the castle we pass a rock full of undead dwarfs, I can smell the stench from up here. Alive or dead dwarfs always smell.

As we approach the rock, we spot 6 mages. Can anything go without a problem out here? Turn out the 6 mages are from the Artzdorf and Flugelheim magic School and they are here to study the weird phenomena around here.

They are quite chatty after a few pints of ale and they tell us everything we need to know and more. The stronghold apparently holds a little secret. A vault apparently dedicated to the “Tower Dude”, the demon.

Mebh all of a sudden feels extremely well and is curious, so after some buffs we head to the substructure. It is splendidly and admirably built and Sebastian is in awe of it, however the stones appear to be fabricated out of souls. Despite Sebastian effort to keep the place intact, Mebh ascend to a frenzy with her sword and proceed to destroy the entire place. After some time she discovers a huge metal sarcophagus

While this happen Viola and I go for a wonder in the fortress. In a room me discover a secret hideaway. Inside we discover a little statuette, and later find out is of Foras, and will allow you to understand all languages.

We head back to assist to the opening of the coffin. The metal appear to be indestructible with no openings, so we use few drops of dragon blood. As the acid dissolve the metal, the Air mages feel a sudden change in pressure. A rather irate Djinn appear behind us. He has decide to kill whomever open his sarcophagus since is been centuries that is been imprisoned in there and whirlwind vortexes Sabastian. After few convincing words, he drops the attitude toward us and ask to assist him on a job, and we grudgingly agree to it, except for Vapour and Mebh who are all excited.

The job is to go to the plane of elemental air and kill Diometes the Djinn who has usurped him, so he can take back his rightful place in his palace.

We head to the plane and once we reach the palace we notice a huge amount of elemental from each plane, which apparently are enrolling in the war against hell.

We manage to get a tour of the palace gardens in hope to come across Diometes. Once in the garden we are taken in an area were a live head of a demon is on display, spiked on a pole.Sebastian gives it a love potion and manage to get some Intel on the war, and with this information, we successfully manage to schedule a meeting with Diometes.

Once at the meeting we find out that Diometes is supporting the war on hell so we decide not to kill him but to assist in exchange for some Wishes. Our job is to build a Siege weapon who allow the invasion of the different demon lord castles.

Session 5

We spend two week in designing and construction our siege weapons; an elemental earth made, and steam powered balista. The Machine will launch magical traps filled with earth tremor spells.

During this time a huge Water elemental in the shape of a dragon arrives at Diometes castle; he is worried that going to war in hell will upset the course of event in Alusia. After ample discussions we decide to go ahead anyway.

Once at the gates of hell Mebh gets busy organizing the elemental armies as well as some humans which appear to have been sent to hell, even after a life of good deeds and prayer. We manage to arm them to get them fighting. We will have to advise the Powers of Light of this glitch.

As we move closer to hell see a figures spinning a huge hammer and launching it to hell. After few explosion the hammer returns with mighty thunders and lightning. We introduce our selves to this mighty warrior, His name Thor! He is happy to see us going to battle in hell however he cannot follow.

We march into hell headed to Amis Forge and armory. After what appears to be a long time we get to the destination. Behind the fortification we spot a huge dam which appear to be place so to flood any army that approaches. Viola with her spells manages to shape the land so we have our own moat to protect us from whatever will come out of the dam.

We start attaching the fortress and in no time we notice our siege weapon is working marvelously. We direct some elementals to demolish the dam after viola crate a ramp for whatever will spill out of the barrage; Molten Lava, just as well we have a moat to protect us. Mebh obliterates the fortress with a downpour of 26 lightning.

Now the hardest part, Getting out of hell. Thanks to Scab ranger skills and Thor minions we are successful in exiting.

Thor is waiting for us, pleased with our fruitful battle and offers to take us to Valhalla for a mighty feast. Viola has an interesting conversation with Loki, Sebastian gets busy with some giants, Scabs has a nice meeting with some forests gods, and I jump in a pile of well-oiled bodies. Mebh and Vapour head to the land of Michael with Thor. I have no idea what has happened there however Mebh returns and announces that she has now married Thor. Did not even invite us. Good no presents for her.

Session 6

After ample discussions regarding our plan for the next part of our journey, we finally return to Alusia.

Straight away we head to the Floating Castle, which is now populated by a company of not so well armed dwarfs.

As we approach, the dwarfs decide to fire some warning shots, or so they think as Mebh quick reaction obliterate some of the dwarf. We attack the invaders and after eliminating their leader they finally decide to parley with us.

How come they are here and what do they want with this castle? Well turn out that they have bought it and they have proofs in forms of a document from the western Kingdom. So how long have they been here and more precisely, how long have we been away? Well what we thought to be a couple of weeks on the Elemental plane of Air turns out to be a whole month.

We warn them of the dangers in the area and then depart on the search for a new Castle. There must be another one in the area.

On the way we waste more time in rescuing the Michelins but all we find is a hand on the torturing wheel.

While we inspect, Vapours notice that a wind has find us and now a huge storm is approaching. It must be a friendly storm! As it approaches though we notice the storm is carrying a huge fiery demon and other devils.

As we fly away with the beasts in pursuit, we find a mage tower hanging upside down under one of the floating rocks; we barricade ourselves inside it. The demon turn some of the rock into lava, the tower is getting hot; at this pace we will turn it roast dinner for the devils in less than no time.

So we had out and bravely face the enemy. The devils are working with the air Djinn; the one who asked us to assassinate his usurper. He is very upset as we have not kept our end of the bargain; he has not paid us yet so he should just back of! However the battle is fierce and Mebh goes down and is bargaining with death. We all fight at the best of our ability and kill all foul beasts, while Sebastian manages to through a love potion down the Djinn’s gob, who stop fighting us and takes his beloved Hobbit back to the plane of air. As the portal is closing we manage to follow them.

Session 7

The Djinn has taken Sebastian to the Bazaar, so we sneak close to them. Somehow Sebastian has manage to convince him to purchase more hobbits for Sebastian companionship. As he bargain with some orcs, who are keeping some hobbits captive, we close in.

A bunch of drow approaches and somehow we successfully involve them in the bargaining. I unsuccessfully try to still something from one of the orc which insults me and passing my self for a drow I successfully start a brawl. We free the captive Hobbits from the orcs and Sabastian away from the Djinn.

We enter one of the Bazaar alleyway and we are met by a creature with a body of a spider and a human head. He has some interesting objects on offer however we have no way of payment so he suggests for us to do a job for him; defeat Fog the Unbeatable at the Brass arena in the plane of fire.

While plotting we enter a pub and we ask some information about the Arena and we discover that few days before Fogs fight there is a group of Aladrian Night are schedule to fight Slug, a gigantic insectoid creature with huge claws and necrogeny poison.

We head off to the plain of fire, and on the boat between the 2 plains, we meet an Incubi who has a interesting proposition; he wants us to help him freeing the Aladarian Knits and he will teach us illusionists spells. We turn down his offer however we plot to free the Knight any way.

We find the Brass arena and craftily manage to get access to the prisons where the knits are kept. Amongst the prisoners there is an Urielites. Mebh hand to them some magical bows she created, while Sebastian picks the cell lock. We run out as a commotion starts. Once out we are engulfed by magical light. Since Mebh can see through it, we borrows a ring from Sebastian which allows us to see what she sees. Uriel is descending in the Arena so we advance on a group of Fire elemental Guards who are heading into the Arena.

We are victorious in our fight

Session 8

We are victorious in our fight and, after assessing the situation we head inside as we see the gigantic frame of Uriel been bogged down by drows nets. From behind us a light sphere approaches. Sabastian and Scab head up the minaret where a dwarf is controlling the sphere, when the rest of us start fighting the drows.

After defeating the evil elves, and assisting with the dwarf on the minaret we are assisted by Uriel in our return to Alusia.

We are back in Carzala, just outside the common, few hundred yards from the guild. He return to head quarter to debrief of all we have done so far and to have all the injuries checked over by the guild healers. Sebastian spent 6 hours, by the healers, crying his eyes back.

While at the guild we look into maps of the area south of Novalar, and discover that approximately 16 castles where in the area, and 4 of them may be big enough for our employer.

After a very long debates we agree to head to Konigburg to pay a visit to the Western King and discuss prices for the legal acquisition of one of the castles. Viola successfully arranges an audience with the king while we formulate a plan. We will suggest to the king to enrol Vapour as Admiral of the territory of the floating rocks as the king could do with a fleet of floating castles.

Once audience is been granted we head to the pub where Viola is approached by a beautiful elven lady, who encourage us to alt our pursuit of the control of the floating rocks area. She also advise us that she will be present at the audience with the king.

Viola and I follow the Elves and after purchasing some Kerf, we successfully sneak inside their dorms and light it up. The will not bother us in the morning audience.

In the morning we are bright and early for our meeting despite the fact that Mebh and Vapour are making us wait. However the audience does take place in the afternoon. We brief the king of the developments on his territories and explain that he needs an Admiral to command the fleet of flying castles. Despite Lord Blizkrieg complaints against our requests, the Western King accept our offers and demand that we track down some Lava cannon for his Castles.

We head back to the green fog crater and start inspecting the castles. In one we find a black dragon, which take off after Viola recount tales of a huge library on the old elven road.

We continue our inspection and spot an elven flying ship baring Alfheim Flag. After briefing them of our finding they dispatch a message to Alfheim.

Session 9

Than we spend some time in trying to make a floating castle and calculate how much it will cost for the manufacturing of multiple castles. Subsequently we return to Carzala to negotiate more money from our employer as making the flying castle is not cheap; the one we were employed to collect was already taken.

We cash in the money he pays us, get the equipment and return to the green foggy crater and start the construction of our employer castle.

After delivering it we spot some of the Western Kingdom Men arriving in flight. We hand them a list of equipment required for the floating castles for the King. We start working on the first fortress but a problem remain, how to move them around. One of the Soldier hears our discussion and recommends us to approach a mage that flies with fire.

I am all on fire expectation. Really!...I am on fire ever since ingesting the fire elemental.

We visit Spandex the Fire mage which offers to train me, so I spend the following few weeks with him, while the rest of the party return to supervise the construction of castle 2 and 3.

Once my training is finished, I return. Spandex is curious of our castles and since the king’s advisors arrive, we create a magic trap and attach it to a flying rock for a demonstration. (Magic traps with Fire flying spell will be the powering mechanism for the flying fortresses).

The fire Mage is all too keen to try this contraption and after digging a hole in the rock for safety he jumps inside. He trigger the trap and the rock takes off with a trail of smoke and debris. We quickly calculate the distance he may be travelling and the speed. 260 mph for approximately 200miles approximately. We may need to rescue the old man.

So we are off following the trail of debris left by the flying rock. We spot the landing place. The rock is now a pile of shards and the old man is no were to be seen. At closer inspection we discover elven footprint. Mebh shots one of her arrow which points us north toward Alfheim. We venture on the tail of the captors and just before dawn we catch up with an elven flying ship. Just 6 elves on the top deck. We manage to get on board unseen; Viola descend to the lower deck where she fins Spandex and successfully manage to escape unnoticed.

Just before departing Sebastian successfully steals one of the large floating crystal that keeps the ship in the air.

We decide that for his safety, Spandex needs to be relocated so we deliver him and his family to Brastor.

We then return to our flying castle program. Once there we discover that 3 workers are elf in disguise, so we give them all the wrong information of our plans and assignee them the worst jobs.

Once Castle number 3 is built we deliver them and place them in the required position; to defend the gorge that heads north to Alfheim.

We are summoned by the King, as he wants to congratulate us for the successful work. He wants to take those castles inside Alfheim, to show his newly acquired airship, but after some arduous discussion we convince him to parade them around his kingdom, and maybe Bowcort where he can entertain the crowd with a spectacular firework display.

A group of elves require a meeting with the king as they are worried about the misuses of the flying fortresses. We negotiate and try to push for a mutual agreement of payment to enter each other airspace as well restrictive sanctions for entering with weapons. The elf would like to spend some time thinking about our proposition and depart unhappy of our requests, and the result of the conversation.

Now that our work here is completed, we depart headed to the plane of elemental Air for some more shopping in the Bazar. Another adventure come to the conclusion. In the end we have manage to complete the task we were employed to do and then some. We have visited more places that I could ever imagine and learned a lot about what the guild man are capable off. Just stay away from the Michaeline, wherever they go a fight brakes out.


Scabs: I have a Toad, you can even lick it!
Alandis: Why do you want to lick a toad?
Sebastian: Why wouldn't you?
Sebastian to Mebh : You are a Michaeline; Don't you just bent over and light shines out?
Viola: Are you sure that a Michaeline Celestial steed would not eat Scabs? They are pretty single minded and one eyed about witches!
Scabs: One Eyed horse? What are they doing to their horses?
Alandis to Sebastian who is trying to free him self from the amorous grip of the djinn: "Do not Fear, reproduction will be a breeze"
We are on a mission: Saving Angel's Privates
Scab: Sebastian I have a plan on how not to hit you, I will close my eyes.

Marching Order

What is Hot

What is not


  • Demonic Dragon - we are told of five that live in the region. They breath a 80ft wide cloud that drains EN sufficient to make an average person unconscious. Acid for blood and explodes when killed.
  • The Truth Shall Sear the Unholy - Gabralite - living in Novolar. Can perform some miracle healing magic
  • Skagos - Reformed necromancer - living in a small town an hour out of Novolar. Still keeps his foot in just in case the bad guys win.
  • Harpy (Iasha) - an Oracle that was cursed by Freya to become an immortal harpy. Cannot be killed, has being trying for a long time.
  • Sentient dark sphere - living in the zone, absorbs things and gains their abilities
  • Reformed Spiteful Sister devoted to the Devourer
  • 6 Mages from Artzdorf and Flugelheim Magic School
  •  ??? - Djinn - trapped in an antimagic coffin
  • Diometes - Djinn - trapped ??? and took him kingdom. Supporting the Elemental war against Hell.


From Drow

  • 1x Amulet +2 MA +5% to Necro Spells
  • 1x small chest of gold and gems
  • 1x Necromantic Drow Wand
  • 1x Satchel with Crossbow bolts
  • 1x vial of idrovenom
  • 1x Manticore pelt
  • 1x Manticore Venom

From windmill

  • 2x magical cogs

From necromancer

  • wand with 6x necromantic counterspells
  • amulet with invested spells that rip out a skeleton

From Harpy

  • various predictions

From the Floating Castle

  • A statuette of Foras
  • Some Daggers and weapons Made of Elemental Earth

From Fire Elementals

  • 10x Fiery Fruits

From Aims Forge

  • 1x Hammer of Aims forge (Used to make rank 15 weapons, can be used to punch a soul into a weapon. Not very efficient as a weapon)

For Mebh

  • 1x Lightning Spear, wedding present from Thor

From Diometes

  • 6x elemental servants (Slaves?) of our choice
  • 3x Wishes (2 spells and Genie's bottle)

From the Bazaar

  • 3x Stolen objects ( 1 from drow, 1 from Orcs, 1 from a random bystander)
  • 6x Small vials (3x Fire Essence, 1 Air essence and 2 Magical Essence)
  • Few pieces of papers
  • Few Coins
  • 6x Essence Vials (traded for Sebastian Sculptures)
  • 2x scimitars (for Mebh)
  • 1x Plant Armour (for Scabs)
  • 3x Water Elemental that replaces organs (Alandis, Mebh, Vapour)
  • 1x Battle Axe (for Mebh)
  • 1x Roc feather hand and 1/2 sword (Vapour)

From Plain of Fire

  • 9x vials of Fire essence

Wickham Castle

  • 4000sp

Elven Flying SHip

  • few shards and some big chunks of flying cristal.

Standard Buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur Al Se Sc Va Vi Me
Greater 20 4 areas Y - - - - -
Witchsight 17 9 hours Y - - - - -
Blending 10 11 hours Y - - - - -
Walk Unseen 7 8 hours Y - - - - -
Strength of Darkens 5 +4 strength 60 min Y - - - - -
Shadowform 9 +20% difference 5 hours Y - - - - -
Fire Armour 3 +16 fir protection 4 hours Y - - - - -
Fireproofing 2 2 less damage 3 hours Y - - - - -



  Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon0.jpg Beltane
Meadow (1)
  1 Guild Meeting 2 3 4   5 White Lotus 6 Seagate Light Festival
Moon1.jpg 7   8   9   10   11 12 13  
Moon2.jpg 14 New Moon 15   16   17 18 19 20
Moon3.jpg 21 22 23 24 25   26 27
Moon0.jpg 28 Full Moon 29   30  
Heat (2)
  1   2   3   4 Seagate Guildmasters Ball
Moon1.jpg 5   6   7   8   9   10 Seagate Races 11 The Duke of Carzala's Summer Ball
Moon2.jpg 12 New Moon 13   14 Midsummers
 (Faerie Day)
15 Solstice 16   17 Seagate Summer Fair Day 18 Seagate Summer Fair Day
Moon3.jpg 19   20   21   22   23   24 The Castellan of Brastor's Summer Ball 25  
Moon0.jpg 26 Full Moon 27   28   29   30    
Breeze (3)
  1   2  
Moon1.jpg 3 Day of Death 4   5   6   7   8   9  
Moon2.jpg 10 New Moon 11   12   13   14   15   16  
Moon3.jpg 17   18   19   20   21   22   23  
Moon0.jpg 24 Full Moon 25   26   27   28   29   30