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Gaia is a living plane inhabited by were creatures. The plane itself is huge, the horizon being a good two to three times more distant than Alusia, (The guild cartographer asserts this is indicative of size). The guild has encountered two main factions on Gaia in the form of the current reportedly worldwide empire (our employers) and an undead host bent on invasion and destruction.

The empire is ruled by a dynasty of were-dragons while the undead are commanded by a draco-lich. Most of the plane is highly magical in nature and this is reflected by many aspects of the plian being represented by draconic avatars, (or at least avatars that take draconic form).

The guild is not aware of any other races inhabiting the plane.

Wild magic zone dot the plane some aligned with the different aspects (solar, luna, etc) and an off world mages resemblance appears more representative of their colleges (eg. Namers will have names etched all over their skin).

The last guild party to adventure onto the plane reported that five thousand years had passed since the last parties visit though the war with the undead was still raging.