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These lists are to assist GM's in coming up with appropriate plants, animals, rocks, woods etc on their games.


Trees (GM List)


Herbs (GM List)


English Feudal Terms
Coins and Measures

Man Made

English Pub Names (GM List)

Story Options

Campaign Events


Logicus Names Synthesizer

A fully free Shareware licensed Names generator, from now defunct Logicrucible Inc. The Logicus Names Synthesizer consists of a self extracting archive and runs as a DOS program.

It uses text files with the extension rul to contain the generation data and rules, and comes with several functional names generation rules sets and some additional sample / example rules. To install new rules just put the rule files in the same directory as the main executable.

To output a generated list select Print, then Output to File, and New (the first time). Enter a name and the list will be sent to the file. Additional runs can be sent to the same or other files.

To get an idea of how rules work edit files Example1.rul to Example4.rul in any text editor. Two extra rule sets are also linked here, one for generating Angel names and one for Elven Clan Names.