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A place to organize the contents of the next version of the DQ GM's Guide.

Players' Guide

Do we need this Guide to be repackaged and included in the GM Guide? A separate doc that can be handed out to players seems more useful?

GM Reference

Parts of the Guide that were either moved from the main rulebook, or were passed through GM meetings in the past.

  • Introduction
    • What to do on your first night of play
      • Adventuring Agreement Form
      • Other GM forms
    • House Rules
    • Round in players favour "rule"
    • The Ten Commandments
    • Experience Point Award
  • Monster and NPC Section
    • Aspect Table
    • Monster Classification Table
    • Reaction Table
    • Reaction roll Tables
    • Encounter Tables <<please no - the old random encounter tables were silly (Andrew)>>
    • Bestiary
  • Mythos
    • The Powers
    • Agents
    • Invocations
    • Named Demons and Elohim
  • Tables and Charts
    • ?Combat Charts <<Players Guide or Rule Book>>
    • ?what other charts required?
    • ?A Guide to Ranking <<Players Guide or Rule Book>>
      • ? Ranking Quicksheet <<Players Guide or Rule Book>>

Campaign Resources

  • Other Details
    • ?A Character Sheet <<Players Guide>>
    • ?The Price List <<Players Guide>>
    • Living in a Household
    • Real Estate


Other worthwhile resources for DQ GMs to use as they see fit.

Resource Kit

  • Mission Generator Tables

To Be Removed

Sections from the previous version of the Guide that will not be in the next version. They may be more suited to other documents, or other forms -- such as this Wiki.

  • Character Catch-Up system

To Be Added

Sections that were missed from the previous version, and for which there are requests.

  • Optional backfire tables.
  • Guidelines for Greater Curse.