Friday Night Firefights

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Wednesday - starting on the 28th of Dec.

Wednesday night at Michelle's place

  • Rosemary Mansfield - Imri Elven Star Celestial
  • Michelle Ellis - Tari
  • Sean English - Cher - Lizard trouble
  • Jono Bean - Merco the Mind Mage, Hobbit
  • Big Mac - Brunhilda the Solar Mage, Giant
  • Greg Hornell - Richter the Bard
  • Yan Kolezhitskiy - An unnamed new character - Dark Celestial

Treasure Resevation We purchased a lump of meteor metal from the Guild and commissioned it to be make into a Giant Sword for a total cost of 30,000 sp (funded by Merco). This is Brunhilda's 1st treasure pick. If we don't end up earning enough money for her to purchase it then it becomes part of party treasure as normal.


It involves a really hot babe. Spiteful Sisters (reformed). Demons. Elementals. A bizare bazzar. Greater Summoners. Did we mention the really hot babe?

The Guild is approached by three groups whose goals are intertwined so they suggest we deal with all three:

Baron Norfield His daughter is 'missing' on the elemental plane of Fire and he wishes her returned to him (and to a mortal, humanoid form).
Pay - 75,000 sp for Lady Catherine's return, up to double that if she is human. Plus 10,000 for the return to human of 'Old Jack'
Assistance - Protective amulets for travelling on the Fire plane

Abbess of The Spiteful Sisters of Perpetual Dissonance (Reformed) To help return Lady Catherine to human. NB this Order runs the Southhaven Academy for Girls.
Pay - magical training
Assistance - Transdimensional travel, blessings

Empty Mind Breeds Heresy (Knight of the Order of Michael) To deliver the "Mace of Torments" to the elemental that used to be Lady Catherine (to assist in a prophesied war between demons and elementals)
Pay - 20,000 sp, weapons training


Baron Norfield & family a landholder 20 miles from Seagate. The Baron is a healthy hearty human of not quite middle age. He is running an endeavour to mine special metal from the Fire plane and sell it to Duke Leto of Cazala (something about blood of elemental god & its good making into magical stuff). His two eldest sons died in the Dark Circle War, his youngest, Arthur, is overseeing the Fire plane mines.

Lady Catherine of Norfield born human about 23 years ago. Was bookish and educated as a fire mage at the Southhaven Academy for Girls. Has researched ways of not depending on personal resources for casting magic. Spent too much time on the Fire plane and has become mostly fire elemental. Last seen in Spring 811 on the Air plane acting as a diplomat between the Elemental Lords of the various elemental planes.

She was heralded at birth by a comet as the "Maiden of the Flames" and destined to defeat the Great Devourer.

She has a generous library, including several books on Fire magics, stories of Sabrina & other heroic females, and an Alfheim treatise against decadant rulers/nobility.

Old Jack is one of Baron Norfield's people working on the Fire plane. About 6 years ago he was trapped in a crevasse and they couldn't rescue him. Over time he has mostly transformed into a fire elemental.

Telsier GTN Elemaleri. Humanoid shape but rather than solid is opaque & yellowy gold (bones can be seen as faint shadows). Talked in riddles: "we won't find Lady Catherine but instead should seek victory of the great enemies" "kill the blue man" was the only specific advise she gave us.

Old Nan was nanny for the Baron's children. Gave us annecdotes that may help Lady C reconnect with her humanity.

the Great Devourer mythic great evil, associated with Fire plane (?) Will rise out of the darkness and devour us all ....

Destinies & Fates

Lady Catherine of Norfield "Maiden of the Flames" and destined to defeat the Great Devourer.

Cher destinied to have a significant event pass her by (fate inflicted by Telsier).

Meteor (Lady C's birth sign) to become a giant sword which will banish darkness.

Demons vs Elementals from the Michaeline & backed up by Guild research (Black Book of Prophesy); the next demon war will be demons trying to invade the elemental planes. Not due to happen in current millenia.

From Telsier: "we won't find Lady Catherine but instead should seek victory of the great enemies"; "kill the blue man"
From the Dwarven Swordsmith: "Watch out for the Masked Slayers, who are the guardians of the Great Devourer"
Astrology Reading: Q = Where should we look for Lady Catherine.
A = "Seek what you need at the stall of many things but beware what was destined is no more. What shall come to pass is false."

Fire Plane

Open sandy place with low vegitation (mostly small bushes). In addition to elementals there are various natural creatures for whom any foreign solid matter is food. Large ambush predators who lurk under the sand until you walk over them (then they eat you). Small devil like things who are thieves. Dogs or wolves. Demon's raid for these last two which they transform into imps and hellhounds.

Entities who spend a long time on the plane will over time transform into elemental. This takes years and can be reversed by Namer Trueform.

The Fire plane can be reached by i)Baron Norfield has a portal for his mining; ii) there is a weak spot on the Seagate Common which can be opened using a specific ritual; iii) the Dissonant Sisters can make a portal.


Guild Day: meet employers or representatives, research Lady Catherine in Library (relevant scribe notes never submitted!)

1 & 2 Meadow: Ride to Norfield

3 Meadow: at Norfield, talking to the Baron, sundry servants & Old Nan. Meet Telsier.

4 & 5 Meadow: return to the Guild

6 Meadow: more library research, tracked down the meteor from Lady C's birth, commissioned it to be made into a Giant Sword which will glow brightly; banish darkness (magical, elemental, aspect, or whatever); and be poisonous to creatures of darkness.

20 Meadow: giant sword will be ready

3 Heat: Royal Wedding in Konigburg (32 days after guild meeting)