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Status Freetown
Location Southern Coast of Aladar
Population 5,500
Magic and knowledge.

Freetaun once a small city on the remote edge of Aladar is now completely surrounded by the Viscounty of Westmarch a populated area. The wild areas close to Freetaun that the area was known for have now been lost to the West, along the foothills of the Pagan mountains where the disputed reach of Aladar seeks a foothold.

Freetaun began as a free town that held a charter from the Duke of Aladar until the end of the war in around 793wk. It was granted full independence from Aladar about half way through the war, for services rendered.

Freetaun started as a small port on the southern coast of Aladar but grew in size and wealth with the trade from the south of Aladar to the northern parts of Aladar. This is because the two areas are divided by 'wilds' and 'monsters' that come out of the Pagan Mountains. Freetown is now the largest port of the immediate area.

The city is also home to the School of Mages, which is a respected guild of mages, supported by the local lords and the city elders alike. The school is careful to stay on good terms with these locals. The Church and other Powers of Light are not welcome in Freetaun, but the town is considered "moral" and is generally very safe.



Thaumaturgical University of Freetown

This is a famous school for capable mages who seek advancement in the various courts of Western Alusia. A number of court mages were trained here and have gone on to illustrious careers serving their lords well.

  • Entrance is by invitation only or, in 'Special cases', by application to the Chancellor Xavier de Morte

The head theoretical philosopher of magic here is Yanes de Gomera

The Mages of Freetown are able to supply Arcane Items to members of the Seagate Adventurers Guild.

Alchemist Quarter

As well as it's general market, Freetaun has a thriving Alchemist market and collection of workshops/labs. Most supplies, raw or processed, can be acquired, and there is often work for brave souls to acquire unusual ingredients.

Recently Guild members have been hired by Fessor Pro (aka Mad Stan), who is an off-planar Binder/Alchemist/Mechanician/Shaper, and proprietor of BAMS! (Binding, Alchemy and Mechanical Supplies) He is very eccentric, rumoured to have funding links to the Drow Empire, and has many weird and dangerous experimental devices; these should be held in awe and fear of equal measure...

People of Freetaun

  • Kevyn Royd, the Harbour-master - whom some say is involved with the walrus, eels and crab people who live in the bottom of the bay.

Irina - Head of a large Witches Coven of Freetaun. The are actively involved in Arcane Items.

Adventures involving Freetaun

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812wk Western Coils of Sand and Jumping Tigers GM: Jono Bean
811wk Elemental Robes GM:Jono Bean
807wk Gathering of the Fumes GM: Craig Harper
805wk Small Mistakes GM: Craig Harper
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