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Natural Habitat
Very Rare
6-12 (8)
Fossegrim look much like gnomes and are about the same size. However, they are water dwellers and have a water-breathing capacity in addition to their air-breathing capacity. They will always be found in or near their lairs, which will be located at the foot of waterfalls or rapids wherever possible.
Fossegrim are carnivores and especially delight in feasting on "the bigs" as they call humans, elves, and their kindred. Except for their special magical abilities which they use to lure the unwary into their halls, they possess little magic and few skills or talents. What other magic they possess will be Water Magic.
Fossegrim have the ability to cast very weak and limited illusions over water so as to make shoals and rapids appear to be safe channels. They also have the ability to cast a charm over an individual, causing them to swim into their lair (which will be in an underwater cave) and be drowned. This works like a talent. Victims must roll 2 × Willpower or less or succumb to the charm.
Movement Rates
Running: 150; Swimming: 100
PS: 8-12 MD: 18-20 AG: 15-17 MA: 12-14 EN: 8-10 FT: 16-20
WP: 16-18 PC: 15-17 PB: 8-10 TMR: 3-2 NA: None
Fossegrim often bite. They may also use small simple non-missile weapons (knives, short swords, and the like).
Bite: BC 40%, [D – 2], Close, Rank 0.