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Nastiness Rating 1/10

President and Lord of Seekers


Known Agents and Followers


  • Eric - Dwarven Fighter/Namer, Member of the Seagate Guild.

Activities and Known Interests


A Chronology of Events and Encounters

Summer 808wk

A party tortures to death a Binder Pacted to Foras. When he appears to collect, the party question him and then listen in as he ressurects the Binder and questions him. Foras or his agents seem to be behind the orc invasion of the elven lands. Human the Fool is taken by Foras into the space between worlds to be killed but manages to impress him enough to simply be abandoned. The party later encounter and slay a campion fathered by Foras, whose death seems to entrap part of Foras and prevent him from manifesting. GM William Dymock

Summer 805wk

Meets with the party that opened the tomb in D'arbres on their return from before the war of tears. He has been chatting with the hero and inquisitors that he helped entomb.

Pre War of Tears

Foras was an elven lord. He led a major magical project to send an elven hero and army forward in time to help with a great darkness.