For I Have Immortal Longings in Me

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This adventure will start on Alusia but will involve travel to Tanuel and the Risk Factor is 2.
Treaure will be distributed using the Loot Auction convention.
Some of the information here may be of use.
Here is an example of Ranger's Paths.
Players should submit a .pdf file of their character sheet and item list to me at jim.arona - at - You can be as thorough as you like, although I prefer brief and to the point. It is important that the information is readable and organised logically. Trying to use itemry and special abilities which haven't been sent to me is an exercise in futility.


Adventure: For I Have Immortal Longings in Me
GM: Jim Arona
Session: Spring 810
Night: Wednesday
Location Chez Ellis
Level: Low-Medium

le Comte de Versillac - an hierophobe and alchemist who has not succumbed to Nature's debt.
We are to find materials of an Elixir of Youth, which le Comte will then make from himself. He has done this before, but the ingredients are different each time, and he relies on the Witch Anathel of Karthri to determine and locate his ingredients. We are to travel to her, and she will give us a list of ingredients and directions to where they may be found. We should also speak to {illegible}. We then return the ingredients we can lay our hands on to le Comte (where? at guild?).
200 coins. It appears that we have settled on true silver guineas as the type of coin, but le Comte was happy to assume copper unless we said otherwise. Also, any salvage apart from items on his Elixir list.

Scribe Notes


Day 1 met with employer. Got details of lands that probably lie ahead, many horrible warnings. Day 3, entered the Astral. Day 4, left employer, entered the Abyss. Flew for seven days in 13 hour shifts. Attacked by some minor demons on fifth day, unharmed. Day 11, arrive at Kerberoth at boundary between Abyss and Chaos. First day in the market, we meet up with Dgulyis and Faust who join us. Day 15 join caravan entering The Lands of Chaos. Day 23 arrive above Jiroth, leave caravan. Night 23 and days 24-25 we fly over Lameth to foot of switchback pass to Karthyria. Attacked by knights on the way. Stay at fancy Inn. Meet Florian.

Day 1

We meet with le Comte, and get briefed (see below). He wants to buy all the restoratives in slippery rock. When I ask him to save some for us, he challenges me to a race. I'm at Slippery Rock and back before his giant White Hawk form gets to Slippery Rock, and then it takes two days for carts to deliver his potions. If he had cooperated, we could have been done in 2 hours.

Day 3

Le Comte's cart of restoratives arrives. We head into the countryside, and he opens a portal into the Astral. We travel for a day through the Astral, and camp.

Day 4

We arrive at the edge of the Abyss, where le Comte leaves us. Descending on our carpets, we soon set a killer pace of flying for just over 8 hours, having a meal, sleeping for 4 hours, eating again, then flying again. Repeating this 13 hour cycle 13 times will take a full week and get us to the edge of the Lands of Chaos.

Day 9

While camping we are attacked by a dozen 3' daemons and two larger ones. We defeat the greater daemons through Mental Sorceries (control and mental attack), while firebolt causes mass fear amongst the littlies. Some loot is gained.

Day 11

We arrive at the edge of the Lands of Chaos. After a very casual question or two by the guard, we ascend to House Kerberoth. We wander around the markets, noting the different races, and talking to various vendors. Some of us get our futures foretold by Madam Arcati. Ibrihim foolishly winds up Henry the toymaker (what did I say??). We fall in with Dgulyis, a local human warlock, and Faust, a Tintagelite, and they join us.

Day 15

The caravan travelling through the Lands of Chaos arrives. We arrange passage at 5sp/day per head, and are lent camels. Much amusement is had by the scribe as the others learn that camels spit, rock backwards and forwards, and collapse to their bellies if they disagree with the direction you've chosen. Party avoids being kicked :(.

Day 23

We arrive on the heights (17,000') above Jiroth. It is going to be a two-day journey down the switchback, and another day to Jiroth, which is around 25 miles to the north of us. There is a large marshy delta as the river that Jiroth lies on approaches the ocean, which is around 8-10 miles to our south. We spend much of the day resting and watching near two-thousand camels wheeze and complain past us as they start down the switchback road. Pretty Flower finishes his notes on the paths through Chaos. I enjoy the clear thinking that comes with the thin air. Lathron does an astrology reading, and says we will be attacked by 7 gryffons while flying during the day. We point out we are flying at night. He is unmoved.

Night 23

As dusk falls, we unroll our carpets, and take to the air under cover of mother night. We start to fly up the huge river valley, bypassing Jiroth, which we survey from the air. North of Jiroth a raised road runs parallel to the river, and we follow that. Around 150 miles further north we pass near Anthari. We fly another 150 miles or so, and then land outside a peaceful just after the witching hour. Two minor concussions from night landings, but one to our party leader, which may explain the events of the next morning. We crawl into a barn and sleep.

Day 24

We are awoken by screams as a local villager finds our Tintagelite (read: horned demon) and elves (read: dehorned demons). With Mario befuddled, only Lathron (who scared the first villager), Pretty Flower (who scared the priest she sent for), and Faust (who scared the tavern keeper, who had remained after everyone else fled) could talk to local lingo, due to Pentecost (universal translation) potions. The rest of us had picked up a smattering of Thari, but these guys didn't speak it. We settle down again to sleep some more.

Around noon, we are rudely awakened by the sound of cavalry. We see several dozen horsemen with lances, swords and bows, so we shut the barn door. By the time everyone is awake and has a carpet spell on them, they have started to set fire to the barn. We open the door, and fly out. Their archers were set and aiming, but the speed and mode of our departure means that we all survive. We fly on wearily until it begins to get dark (around 550 miles north of Jiroth), then cautiously walk into a village , with our various demonics heavily cowled. The village is pleasant, with almond trees and a slight hint of camphor. We have a pleasant and restful night.

Day 25

As we ready ourselves for another day 'on the road', a flash carriage goes by, and everyone (locals and us) stops to peer at them. The coachman is odd with a coach-and-six whip for a pair of horses, funny boots, and a huge coat wrapped around such a tiny man. The occupant is difficult to see. As we fly, we realise that the staple crop, which shifted from rice south of Anthari to wheat and barley, is now almost solely barley, due to the poor soil, dryness, and altitude. From several thousand feet, Mario informs us that the soil needs more lime for grapes. We estimate there are around 300 more miles to Sura, and we fly high, straight, and direct, keeping an eye out for Lathron's gryffons. Around 4 o'clock we near the end of the road, which becomes a sheer switchback wending up a mountainside to a pass. We decide not to land either on top of the pass (discretion), on most of the way up the switchback (fear/common sense), so land a mile short of the roadblock, and walk to its foot.

There we find a large an elegant wooden building that has seen better times. It now serves as an Inn. We negotiate fees of 1sp/person/night for bed and bath. Two dozen odd soldiers enter, drink and gamble. They apparantly guard the West Wing, which is a series of rooms / planes / ideas of a God full of very bad things. The door to the West Wing is part of a living multi-planar God-level aura. We do not approach. A couple of hours after dusk, Lord Florian arrives, with a bevy of floozies hanging off him and swooning in turns. We chat and drink with him. He shows us his latest device for flying. The device fails to kill Ibrihim, and we tell him it is powered by Djinn. These apparantly belong to his sister, so he is concerned. Pretty Flower cheerfully helps by banishing the Djinn. Yes, Florian has some some of charm that even works on Pretty Flower. We almost arrange to keep his non-useless, but interesting and dangerous device, but Mario has recovered from his concussion sufficiently to veto this :(.

Day 26

We proceed up the switchback mountain trail on foot. By lunchtime we are very tired. There is a small rockfall, and Ibrihim flies out into the alpine downdrafts to look up the mountainside. There are a dozen wolves and two giant wolves / lupine centaur shape-shifters paralleling hte party a few yards above them .Ibrihim casts a windstorm at a range to affect the wolves and not the party, while the party hurries off. As Ibrihim comes in to land, the air spirits almost pound him agains thte rock face. An hour or two later, Mario and Robert feel there is an ambiush up ahead, and Mario spots some minds on telepathy. We move to within a good spell range (90'), but it appears their ambush triggers at 100'. Half a dozen wolves charge along the narrow path. Four engage Mario, who holds them off by self-immolating and evading. Robert turns and hacks into Mario's foes. The other two try to sweep Ibrihim off the path and down the cliff-face. The rest of the party engages with fireballs, harm entity, and multiple sleeps. The enemy are down to one or two badly injured wolves, when suddenly the two giant blood wolves charge in. Ibrihim slips off the cliff, breaking the frontline, so one blood wolf leaps into the midst of the tired and injured party, whlie the other faces the flaming and skilled Mario. With six harened killers surrounding it, one of the blood wolves goes down. Ibrihim climbs back up and dispatches the last little wolf. The last blood wolf runs off, and is not taken down by the last few mental attacks, sleeps, and firebolts we cast. It outruns us. We loot and tend to the wounded. No one is badly hurt, which is fortunate, as we (like everyone else) have no healing magic.

We limp wearily up the mountainside until just before dusk, where we reach the evening waypoint, a mining village two-thirds of the way up the sheer cliff-face. Everyone has been slaughtered a few days ago by the wolves. We resolve to hunt down both the surviving blood wolf, and his dead companion, as Mario and Lathron have been injured, and thus marked, by the blood wolves. This means that if a blood wolf dies, they can possesss the body of any victim they injured the day before or longer ago. Mario and Lathron are thus possessable tomorrow, by the wolf, which could not be anywhere connected to the astral. We also have the innocent victims, and the reward for freeing up a major commercial pass, to consider. We bicker and sleep.

Day 27

Lathron's locate on the surviving blood wolf leads off the path and into a deep cut in the cliff-face, leading towards, we learnt later, the Land of Nod. Flying is a bit tricky in this pass due to the howling winds and sudden down-drafts, so we follow the wolf up the steep valley on foot, hoping to wear-down or out-run the giant wolf after giving it 14 hours head-start. I agree with your thoughts completely, but I was over-ruled (again). We trudge for 7 hours until 2pm, losing more time with every step. At 2pm, we come across the corpse of the Blood wolf, which has been evicerated with a single stroke. There are signs of a giant humanoid footprint. As the party crowds around to loot, Ibrihim takes to the sky to see if the enemy is still around. He sees 3 troll-like figures behind a steep ridge, and leads them off for several miles at high speed. Eventually he returns to the party, not wanting to leave them alone and clueless in the wilderness. Warning the party and convincing them that there is danger takes far too much time, and it concluded only when the huge humanoids crest a hill only a hundred feet away and descend on the hopelessly bickering fools.

Ibrihim took to the skies again, flanking the trolls. The rest of the party opened up with a rain of mental attacks, controls, sleeps, harm entities, and fire -- to almost no effect. The Nephilim (for so they proved to be) concentrated on Tage, who had cast fire at them. Tage bravely led them off, across and away from the party, as the huge beasts closed on him, swinging mallets far bigger than him. Ibrihim swatted futilely at them, but finally first one, then another of the Nephilim where taken down, and then Robert swapped bodies with the third, after allowing himself to be restrained. Fires were set, and the Nephilim burned in a luminous flame, with green serpents writhing towards the north-east. Robert had been knocked to the ground and trampled, but again we were fortunitous given our complete lack of healing, as he was only badly bruised. We decided to divine the bodies rather than try to return to the mining hamlet by nightfall.

Divining the Blood Wolf we learnt that he had been killed by silver, and was completely dead. Divining the Nephilim we learnt that they served no master but themselves. We also spotted their nearby lair, and explored it. It was grim, full of rotting bodies in various states of decay. We found a noble prince of Araby (or a local equivalent), along with his songbird Hopesinger, which was still alive. We carefully packed up his remains, and those goods that might be of sentimental value, along with weapons and armour to prevent bandits from taking and using them.

Day 28

We returned back down the valley, somber from the weighty moral and physical burdens we carried, straightened the mining village as best we could, and headed up the hill to Sura. We reached Sura perhaps an hour before sunset, and entered.

Days 29-35

We decide that it is too dangerous for Lathron to continue to walk the streets with the bloodwolf curse. The High Priest of Sura tells us that it is safe for Lathron to stay within temple grounds, or with a powerful priest. We also believe the Anathel can remove or ameliarate the curse. There is a powerful priest that will be arriving in a week, and then travelling westwards; hopefully he will divert to Karthri. The High Priest is happy for all of us to stay in the temple grounds, so we rest up, along with a little training. We meet a number of delightful and accommodating temple hand-maidens. Also, Lady Aquillon, for whom we repeatedly made fools of ourselves.

Day 36

We set off with the wandering priest and around 6 families of 25-50 people each. We journey for X days westwards across the mountains, a day down the steep trails on the face of a sheer mountain, and ...

Day 3x

The next day we set off along a trail through the forest. Ahead of us, we see a vast set of bones start to climb a tree, and the party and caravan back off very quietly. Soon two Medeanite Dancers turn up, along with what is probably a Medeanite Sorceress or Matron. We keep heading backwards until they fly off. We press on for the rest of the day but are still a few miles short of the river and underground tunnel when night falls - a trip of 2 hours by day, at least 4 by night. We decide to press on after dusk, with the elves and other night-sighted helping the caravan at the worst spots. Eventually, exhausted and sleepy, we reach the point where the river dips under the mountain.

The party leads the way through the 60' wide tunnel, which has a 3-7' wide stream running down its centre. Perhaps a couple of hundred yards in, we are suddenly attacked by perhaps a dozen giant spiders. The party face four, including a witch. By the time we have defeated them, the other 6-8 spiders have paralysed a couple of dozen of the caravan, and the rest have panicked, shrieking and fleeing towards the faint starlight. By the time we are organised and starting to follow, there is a flash of light and fire, then the spiders are fleeing towards us, while we hear the screams of the rest of the caravan dying. Mario, having cast Telepathy, can see through the eyes of the Kenites the Medeanite Sorceress at the entrance, along with 6 bound spirits - a hawk, a toad, a walking orchid the size of a large dog, something that looked like an urn about a yard high, a robed man in chains who wept (Shireth?) and another man in chains who wore scaled plate armour (Kamuel?). We turn and run after the retreating spiders. The spiders slip into a crack in the side of the tunnel, and earth-tremor the crack closed, bringing down the rest of the tunnel roof and cracking the floor. We slip into the open floor, and hide in the pool of water we find there, while the spider paralysis starts to combine with the magical effects of the water (we had no time or thought of DAing, just of getting out of line-of-sight of HER).

At Karthri

Location: Karthri - a town.

We meet Anathel - there is food prepared for us. We eat checking the food as we go.
The nameless wizard is coming to the house as expected - still yet to turn up.
Attempted curse removal from Lathron - it fails and is removed on the 2nd attempt - the MA 8 curses here are very stubborn.
Part way through the second removal - Anathel has a guest - Beauty.
We DA and get the following : Avatar level - Non spell caster - behaves as human.

Day +3 Over a filling breakfast we discuss Beauty's visit with Anathel and find out that 'she' is a consort of the Lord of the Masque.
Beauty is currently early into her time here - the first few weeks of 5 years.
Beauty visits again in the afternoon.
Mario with a glint in his eye and a bulky dagger in his pocket speaks to her.
Discussion concerning a copper scroll, old and fragile from the snake head place (serpent folk)

The Medeanite Sorceress had four bound spirits
hawk is a namer, toad is a earth mage, orchid is a psychic, void chalice - a celestial of some kind and can summon the entropy locusts.
There are 2 others Shireth whose signature is circles, may be able to remove curses and Kamuel, a death knight who can forge iron without heating it.

Also in the discussion we understand some kenites have a death curse, beware killing them. The Spiders in the tunnel - cursed and fled - are made from the weaver of dreams, the lord of threads and possibly another lord.
The entity Ungoliant is known as the big U

Anathel hands each of us a recipe and we plan to be off the the Paths of Sheol to collect the items from a ruin.

The items
spices from a palm tree,
inside the ruin we need Hydrargyrum something to do with alchemists
golden century blooms half a dozen

There is a middlemarch in or near the ruins, which may be identified by falling sand.

Anathel witch marks Robert and a sixth finger grows from his hand.
(2 weeks of in game training- talents 4 weeks, flight by 1. May rank Thari and Lamethian by x weeks (language) )

Day +18 We meet the wizard, he is 5ft 8, grey robes, broaches, has a bell talisman by his ear and a huge staff engraved with glyphs - he is a wizard.
He comes with a warning to Anathel of Berith, The Savage Duke. He has manifested far to the north, it's BAD. He is one of the pseudothei, fully manifested on plain ie, not avatar but full power. He has power over contracts and covenants, and is beyond the wizard's power. Located approx 2000 miles to the north and 400 miles to the east. He can detect a person by their covenant.

    • NOTE guild contract is a detectable covenant.
The Ruins
Approx 80 miles south west of here, and 2 to 3000 yards above sea level
The area is approx 1500 yards above sea level and the forest approx 200 yards

We acquire 2 flasks each approx 10lb and 40lb when filled with hydraspyrargum. Party has protection magics plus a 1 day long cat vision, we fly to the ruins taking a couple of hours over a dry arid landscape. We see ruins a low wall and gate with engravings of lions. a low wall much diminished by time. Glyphs on the walls have not been affected by the erosion of wind and sand. We DA nature of magic, seal and denial magic, The DA no aura on the gateway, ESP returns animal life/vermin in the area.
On top of the date palm is a middle march to another oasis- a person is there sunning themselves. The portal is rainbow edged. We meet Jereboam, lost in the desert a water mage, apparently, from Jesurea, trying to get to a place of power. We harvest and pick some flowers and fruits (spices from palm tree).
Jeroboam leaves the middlemarch with us and we meet the Phoenix at the top of the palm tree, the middlemarch is its egg. We speak to the phoenix but it's a bit broody. It Incinerates Jeroboam. We have picked the dates and are outside the ruin. looking around we see a dry fountain, there is bigger structures approx 200 yards away and a central roadway. We hunt for the blossoms with approx 5 hours of flight left, we check the dead body of Jeroboam, there are a couple of pearls, Nature of Magic: Communion (savage duke ?).The Phoenix tells us we can find another middlemarch past fountain on the left 3rd door on the right (location of the blossoms, we surmise).
We head into the building ruins. Mario notes figures shambling towards us from the left. Bandage-covered beings advance upon us. Julius runs in fear towards the fountain, Tage moves warily away. Inside the mummies wrappings is a burning fuse.

There is massive explosion taking out a nearby building. One of the mummies exploded taking some of the other mummies with it. We tactically withdraw running at full speed away from the walking bombs. Mario casts ESP and we detect a master mind in the direction of the fountain where we are heading. Shortly afterwards a noxious vapors fill the area obscuring our view of the mummy bombs. We hear something being dragged obscured from view in the vapors. There are more big explosions and parts of building rain down around us. (nomination bravest adventurer for Mario dropping behind explosive mummies and setting them off while Immolated in flames, and by the sheerest good luck taking no damage in the process.
We hear in the distance the phrase 'By the strength of my will and the power of my art' Tage fails to cast and a purple grenado passes us heading for Faust who has changed into a bird and flies off. Julius climbs onto a building and we all follow, out of the vapors Pretty Flower spot a shadowy figure in the window of a building 70 feet away. Another purple siege grenade arcs over and I jump from the building falling in the process as everybody scrambles from the building top and several of us are injured. Pretty Flower casts and Mario casts then falls to the ground while trying to jump between the buildings. Julius falls too and Tage falls smashing his pelvis, he lies still unconscious (spec 100)
The siege grenade goes off and Pretty Flower channels the damage back to the caster, the shadow is damaged. We hear some winding and we hear different voices "you're not going to touch me with that" and then we hear the phrase 'By the strength of my will and the power of my art' again. We advance in the room Pretty Flower sees a shimmering dome a protective charm. Counter necro special is cast under the shadow creature I climb and fail to make it to the roof same with Julius. The shadow tries casting and when he cannot cast wants to talk. The mirror he has allows commune with creatures in the astral he offers 6 siege grenadoes some charms and a mirror for safe passage. He tries to get an agreement with some of the party and we do not want to be subjected to the manifested power that can affect agreements (maybe a trap) the shadow leaves and lights 4 of the 6 grenadoes and we run. The front of the building is destroyed - we try to locate him and the loot.


  • The Astral
  • The Abyss
  • House Kerberoth


House Kerberoth to the Heights of Chaos

Landmark Time Notes
Ford of Sands 5
Crimson Spires 6
Sapphire Pools 10
The Bridge and the Lock 8
Crumbling Paths 5
Coldstream 12

People and Creatures

  • le Comte de Versillac - an alchemist, white sorcerer and employer.
  • Abysmal daemons.
  • Henry the Toymaker - a tinker.
  • Madam Arcati - a fortune teller.
  • Anathel of Karthri - a witch around 60 years old.

Character Studies

le Comte de Versillac
Human male, 5'10”. Wears a lot of silver, over perfectly white leathers. His translucently pale skin and jet black hair, piercing blue eyes, and fine bone structure give him a PB of 23. He is primarily an Alchemist (though not as we understand it), but also a sorcerer, and owns a Mill of White. Can shapeshift into an eagle-sized white hawk. Smug, arrogant, condescending, and powerful enough to make it all seem natural. Doesn't play nicely with others. Happily deceives allies and employees.
Lord Florian
Great chap. Friendly, affable, likeable, handsome, dresed in read/orange/yellow flame-themed silks. Women swoon, men follow him. We were all happy to help him and hang around him, without thought of risk or reward. He is also lucky and very thick (his words, but we agreed). A Fire mage of only middling competence, and experimental mechanician with mad, but not sane, skills. He is probably immortal, but only because bad stuff bends space/time/mana to avoid affecting him. His aunt is the much scarier and smarter Lady Aquillon. She is an Air mage, who regularly kills him for his stupidity. He took some Djinn from her without realising what they were, and she's been hunting them across worlds for some time. We agree to tell his aunt "Florian was abroad doing charitable and mighty deeds" if we meet her, but I suspect we'll just grovel and beg.
Lady Aquilon
Yep, she just begged. Smart, on the ball, aggressive, demanding, and with a libedo like a rogue elephant - you feel trampled afterwards. But helpful - she gave gifts to those that entertained her. More details required.
Thuwan Ippar
The high priest of Hurrthan, the local deity. He is a round, jolly man with a shaved head and stands about 5 ft 8 in. He is attended by attractive young acolyte priestesses, who dote upon him. He is the keeper of an astral gate, and has a message spell.
A Kenite Priest of Midian. He was a thaumaturge and often wore bronze jazeraint mail. Sadly missed by his people, who are likewise sadly missed.
Anathel of Karthri
A witch pacted to Nyx. She appears to be in her late middle years, is small, dumpy and has tight brown and grey curls. She particularly likes boys, who are any male younger than about 45. She has the special gift of being able to find sweets in her pocket whenever they are in her presence. She spends half the year at Karthri, the other half at Dioscura. She is a talismonger and her signature is cycles.
A personification. Her hair is like a fall of midnight, her skin is pale except for a blush of rose to her cheeks, and her eyes are the blue of cornflowers. A mark in the shape of a heart adorns the corner of her mouth. She is the luck of the Lord of the Masque. They are lovers, but she is destined to die tragically about five years after they become reacquainted and she cannot manifest again for around 100 years.
Nameless, the Wizard
A powerful wizard with a heavily worked staff. He is a talismonger, and he has taken a Word of Binding not to reveal his name. His signature is, likewise, not known. He is the guardian of the boy Tammuz.

Information and Rumour

Stuff to Read
Directions from Alusia to Sura to Karthri
From Alusia through the Astral to the edge of the Abyss is a day of travel. Through the Abyss to House Kerberoth at the edge of The Lands of Chaos is a full week, at any speed. A caravan leaves Kerberoth on the 15, through the Lands of Chaos, to the city of Jiroth in Lameth, a Kingdom of Tanuel. From there, we head north up a large valley past Anthari to Sura, high in the mountains overlooking the northern gateway to the rest of the Seven Kingdoms, starting with the Kingdom of Karthyria, whose closest (southwestern) province is the Karthri of 'Anathel of Karthri'.
There is very limited supply of healing in The Lands of Chaos and Tanuel, with supplies of healing potions, waters of healing, Earth/Mind/Rune healing magics, eagerly sought (and taken). Sadly the guild has little or none of these services either. However, we do have a large supply of brandy which we use instead. Instead, our Earth, Mind, and Rune mages cast brandy magic! Wiccan Restoratives also seem to be in short supply.
The Abyss
The Abyss is a flat featureless plain covered by eternal night (darkness 80%). The sky is rent by a huge crack, from which crimson light edges through. The land is filled with wandering bands of daemons, creatures of chaos with ITNs but no GTN, as they do not belong to any genera. If seven or more people are within 1000 yards of each other in the Abyss, then daemons are summoned by the presence of life. Encountering another group of travellers in the Abyss can be extremely dangerous. While you neither hunger nor thirst in the Abyss, regular meals help with energy and breaking up the monotonous journey. Sleep and rest are necessary, and of course dangerous.
Particular entities to avoid in the Abyss include the Lady of the Abyss, who is insane by chaos daemon standards. The scream of horses and clatter of carriage wheels is the only warning the Lady approaches, and advice is to flee at maximum pace, for its not just devils who take the hindmost. The Chaos Wind is a rainbow-streaked storm which shreds powerful locals and travellers alike. Carnage is a 30' wide red metal demon with wide spinning blades in front of a lobster-like body. Rampage is a 7'6” demon who runs fast, and doubles his mass every step he takes, resetting every 5 seconds; it is better to run up to him than be run over, but better yet never to have seen him at all.
The border between the Abyss and the Astral is a mile-high butte dropping into the Abyss. The border between the Abyss and The Lands of Chaos is a steep slop, at the bottom of which is a wall, guarded by a garrison town, through which passes an archway covered in glyphs and runes. The road passes through this archway and up to House Kerberoth three-quarters of the way up the precipice.
Daemons are creatures of chaos, with mo moral dimension – some are good, many bad, some pleasant, many dangerous. They are not from Hell, nor Unholy (unlike evil devils from Hell). You can reduce or break them, but not kill them. Once broken, other daemons (or others?) may consume than to gain their power, through the talent of “Devouring”. Daemons hold grudges, as once reduced, that power is never recovered, no matter how powerful the daemon later becomes.
The Paths of Sheol
The Paths of Sheol pass through the desert in the sandy wastes to the southwest of the Seven_Kingdoms, and lead to Hell. These Paths are patrolled by Thrones, Angels in the form of 8' Wheels of God, with eyes all around their rim. These implacable followers of order have no moral dimension, so are neither good nor evil. The Ophanim are an order of Thrones, who are seeking for a missing Ophan that they fear has fallen, so they are waiting to intercept him on the paths of Sheol. Endgame, a very tough person known to the guild, was accidentally run over by a Ophan, and lived despite multiple crushed limbs and organs.
Travelling in the Astral
Le Comte’s portal to the Astral was white, and he carefully closed it behind him. In the Astral it is misty, you can dimly see archetypes of the place you are at and places nearby. There are no particular routes – instead you navigate by intent. It usually takes 1 hour to get anywhere on the same plane (even different planets). Getting to the edge of the Abyss takes one full day. This differs from the Void, which many also call the Astral.
Caravans to and from Kerberoth through the Lands of Chaos are quire common. There is one leaving from Kerberoth around 15th of the first month, and another leaves around the 15th of the second month. Caravans contain up to 300 merchant factors, each with typically 3-9 camels. Many travellers without highly skilled rangers also travel with the caravans. They cost around 5sp/week.
Seraph Wing Carpet
If you get a seraph wing then (a) you can make a flying carpet, although you leave a trail of blue footprints behind you, and (b) you have one annoyed five-winged immortal and all its friends hunting you. Details in here. Not that you get a real flying carpet!
Weird drinks that are known here include, Shadow Wine, Wine of Sorrow, and Tincture of Aconite and Passionflower.
Wells and Mills
A Well is a source of a Power – e.g. a Well of Fire. The owner, by sacrificing some fo the lifeforce, gains a supply of that power which is refreshed annually. A Mill is similar. Le Comte has a Mill of White.
Actorios Stones
Using Binding magics, you can make a jewel, engrave the ITN of a daemon and a compulsion rune on it, and you have a daemon servant.
Potions using Blood of Ophanium
Restorative + Blood gives a potion that restores all FT and EN except that lost through spell casting.
Leprechaun vital organs + Blood gives a luck potion (read the two dice in D100 roll either way).
These alchemy tips brought to you by Pretty Flower.
Lord Florian
Great chap. Friendly, affable, likeable, handsome, dresed in read/orange/yellow flame-themed silks. Women swoon, men follow him. We were all happy to help him and hang around him, without thought of risk or reward. He is also lucky and very thick (his words, but we agreed). A Fire mage of only middling competence, and experimental mechanician with mad, but not sane, skills. He is probably immortal, but only because bad stuff bends space/time/mana to avoid affecting him. His sister is the much scarier and smarter Lady Aquillon. She is an Air mage, who regularly kills him for his stupidity. He took the Djinn from her without realising what they were, and she's been hunting them across worlds for some time. We agree to tell his sister "Florian was abroad doing charitable and mighty deeds" if we meet her, but I suspect we'll just grovel and beg.
Florian's Flying Machine
The flying device looks like a bicycle with chalcedony and orichalcum (magic metal) blades, and was powered by twin Djinn. Florian's flying device was easy to fly if you don't put you hand where the Djinn power the blades, don't lose your balance, and keep it level and straight. But it tends to cut out at twenty feet up, and glide down, so it still needed fine-tuning, before Pretty Flower broke it utterly by banishing the Djinn. The Djinn when banished went back to the City of Brass, or the Abyss, or possibly Aquillon's house. It only weighs 40 lbs, and we could disassemble it and carry it with us. But Mario says no.
In the West Wing of the Inn at the foot of Sura, dwell Legionnaires wearing lorica segmentata and armed with sarissa, pilum, and short sword. They also cary pistols from the plane of Perfidious Albion, which work like thunderclap-poewred stone-throwers. They were fighting Dire Reflections in the Great Hall, and some squids. Lord Florian will provide grenados to them, and they seemed to know his well. They drink the finest Marsalaat wine from sealed amphora.
Blood Wolves
Ruddy, Dire-wolf-sized lupines. Can shape-shift into lupine centaurs. Both met had colleges (Mind, Earth). Led packs of wolves as ruthless bandits. If a blood wolf injures you, that night you become marked. If a blood wolf dies, they may possess anyone that has been marked by their bloodline, and which is on a plane connected to the astral. Bad juju to be injured by these guys. It also means they are more prone to fight to the death that others, and more prone to casually injure promising candidates and then take off. More info?
A nomadic people who ply various tradeskills in and around the area of the Seven Kingdoms. Largely involved in whitesmithery and tinkering, nevertheless, they often number a few Artificers in their midst. They travel in family groups of up to 300, and usually have a traveling altar. Kenites are easily distinguishable by the complex tattoos on their foreheads.
Some Kenites are born able to deliver a Death Curse of MA 49 to those who murder them. The curse is best described as 'ambush bad luck'. In the event that something can go wrong, the curse will cause events to conspire such that they go wrong in as lethal a way as possible. The curse does this seven times before it is depleted.
Spider Folk
Large spiders the size of men, and with the same kind of strength. Can move along walls, and have a venomous bite. Onset is about an hour, halves physical stats (PS, MD, EN and AG) unless a 3 x EN check is made. Apparently fills heart blood with peculiar influences, often connected with astrological Aspect. One caster, seemed to cast wiccan magic, possibly a witch. Aura strength was weak, possibly undead, possibly some odd kind of construct. Cooler than the air around them.
They appear to be entities created artificially by the Lord of Threads and the Weaver of Dreams. They were based on Sparlainth but some escaped to a plane called Nualis many thousands of years ago. These were forced to flee and some or all of them ended up under the mountain about 120 miles south east of Karthri.
Of usual appearance, these had unnatural healing properties. If they eat human or humanoid meat, the flesh lies beneath their skin but provides no sustenance. If they receive a wound, the flesh slithers beneath the skin to the afflicted part and heals any specific grievous injury there, and about 5 or 6 damage points. Ogresses who eat the flesh of children come into oestrus.
The Panther
A set of fangs that appear about 6 metres above the ground, and are proportinate to a panther of that size. It et the ogres and then sauntered back into the jungle about 120 miles south east of Karthri. It's breath smells of mace and spikenard, and it is destined to defeat the Serpent. It is a personification and its signature is the Moon and the Hunt.
The Phoenix
A bird made up of swirling purple, gold and scarlet butterflies. It Incinerated Jeroboam of Jesurea, a servant of the Savage Duke. Its nest is on top of a huge palm near Wadi-al-Hram, and decorated with mace, cinnamon, spikenard and myrrh. The space at the top of the palm is bigger than it should be.
Its egg is a middlemarch to an oasis. It mentioned that it was to fly soon, and that on the occasion, it might grant wishes. It flies about once every 500 years or so, and the world changes as a result of it. It is a personification, and its signature is Change and Fire.

SGT Snippets & Nominations

What's Hot What's Not

Bravest adventurer for Mario dropping behind explosive mummies and setting them off while Immolated


Magic Rk Effects Dur Faust Ibrihim Julius Lathron Mario PF Robert Tage
Sense Danger 1 32% to sense danger Green-tick.gif
Sense Danger 3 30% to sense danger Green-tick.gif
Greater Enchantment 11 +12% magic and MR 3 days Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif
Enhancing Enchantment 6 + Ranks to BC, DM, Range or Dur 40 secs

Treasure & Valuation

Treasure Distribution on adventure.

Item # Wt Faust Ibrihim Julius Lathron Mario PF Robert Tage
Silk Bandage 26 1/4 lb 3 3 4 3 3 3 3 4
Spider Venom Sac 2 1 lb Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif
Black Iron Grenado 11 2 lbs 3 3 2 3
Cobalt Chaos Grenado 4 2 lbs 1 1 1 1
Red Iron Grenado 2 2 lbs 1 1
Mirror of Cyprian 1 10 lbs Green-tick.gif
Dark Pearl of the Astral 1 1/4 lb Green-tick.gif
Siege Grenado 20 2 lbs 5 5 5 5
Copper Scroll: Plans 1 6 lbs
Healing Potion 14 4 oz 2 2 2 2 1 1 2 2
Consciousness Disc 15 1 lb 2 2 2 2 2 1 2 2
Potion of Caster's Grace 12 4 oz 2 2 1 2 1 1 1 2
Lesser Runeblade 1 2 lbs Green-tick.gif
Finale 1 1 lb Green-tick.gif
Gem of Psychic Stealth 3 2 oz Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif Green-tick.gif
The Wheel of Fortune 1 4 oz Green-tick.gif
Sideways Tom 1 - Green-tick.gif
Phylactery of Spark 1 4 oz Green-tick.gif
Telekinesis - Triple Strength 1 - Green-tick.gif
Note: restriction on armour is only for this adventure, as they can be adjusted for elves.
name total Faust Julius Lathron Mario Pretty Flower Robert Tage
Certainty 8
Reaping 8 2
Galvanism 8
Darkness 2
Corruption 4
Hand 3

Supplies Bought

  • 14 Rank 8 Restoratives @600sp {8,400sp}
  • 6 robust (2 pulse) 10pt healing potions @500sp. {3,000sp}
  • 6 fragile (1 pulse) 10pt healing potions @500sp. {3,000sp}

1 used by Mario

  • 10 flying carpets (12 lbs each) @ 200sp. {2,000sp}
Each party member has 1 robust 10pt, 1 fragile 10pt, 2 restoratives, 1 carpet (total 15lbs).
Ibrihim and Lathron each carry 1 carpet and 1 restorative extra (13lbs).

Party expenditure to date. {16,400sp} Party income to date. {188,690sp}

Experience & Other Awards

Faust Ibrihim* Julius Lathron Mario Pretty Flower Robert Tage
30,000 14,050 21,230 32,510 35,690 23,510 25,240 25,700
After racial tax:
25,000 14,050 21,230 27,091.67 35,690 19,591.67 25,240 25,700
After the Loot Auction:
25,000 14,050 21,230 27,091.67 35,690 19,591.67 25,240 25,700
Income (less expenditures):
13,206.07sp 22,327.67sp 19,042.67sp 12,206.07sp 16,112.67sp 16,312.67sp 11,413.27sp 16,892.67sp

Note: Characters with a * after their name will not be participating in the Loot Auction

Final Awards


Ibrihim returns to Seagate on: . He may advance any Talents by six Ranks, the Adventuring Skill Flying by one Rank without requiring any time, and because of the extensive use made of it, he pays 90% of the Experience cost. He has five training days in House Kerberoth and seven training days at Sura. He has five days of immersion in Thari, and twelve days of immersion in Lamethian.
As a result of bathing in chaos-touched alchemical fluids, one of his primary stats has a new maximum value of 23.
Ibrihim's Treasure

Party Awards

The party returns to Seagate on the 30th of Seedtime Spring 810WK. They may advance any Talents by seven Ranks, the Adventuring Skill Flying by one Rank without requiring any time, and because of the extensive use made of it, they pay only 90% of the Experience cost. They have five training days in House Kerberoth, seven training days at Sura and thirty training days at Seagate before the Guild Meeting.
Those who have not used a Pentecost Potion have twelve days of immersion in Thari and twelve days of immersion in Lamethian.
Those who have taken a Pentecost Potion have twenty-one days of immersion in Thari, twenty-six days of immersion in Lamethian, and four days of immersion in Keni (the language of the Kenites).
Julius and Faust have an additional 49 days of immersion in Common. Although their Plane of Origin is marked as Tanuel for Julius and The Lands of Chaos for Faust, if Banished, Expelled or subjected to similar magic, then they will return to Alusia as if they originated from there.

Faust's Treasure
Julius' Treasure
Lathron's Treasure
Mario's Treasure
Pretty Flower's Treasure
Robert's Treasure
Tage's Treasure


Spring: Thaw (10)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon3.jpg Candlemansa 1 Guild Meeting 2 3 Enter the Astral 4 Descend into the Abyss 5 6
Moon0.jpg 7 8 9 Daemon fight 10 11 Arrive at House Kerberoth 12 13
Moon1.jpg 14 15 16 Caravan departs Kerberoth 17 18 19 20
Moon2.jpg 21 22 23 Heights above Jiroth 24 Fly up Lameth 25 Lameth 26 Mountainside.
Blood wolves
27 Follow until encounter Nephilim
Moon3.jpg 28 Travel to Sura 29 Meet Thuwan of Hurrthan 30
Spring: Seedtime (11)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
1 2 3 4
Moon0.jpg 5 6 7 8 Rites of Thunor Leave for Karthri with Kenites 9 10 11 Encounter Medeanite Sorceress, spiders, fall into pool
Moon1.jpg 12 Find set of connected chambers and alchemy lab 13 Recover and divine 14 15 Equinox Explore underground city of the Serpent Folk, followers of Father Yigg 16 17 Eostre Find way out, above rainforest. Encounter ogres and the Panther 18 Travel to Karthri & meet Anathel
Moon2.jpg 19 Travel to Wadi-el-Hram, meet Jeroboam, Phoenix, Dire Reflection 20 21 22 23 24 25
Moon3.jpg 26 27 28 29 30
Spring: Blossom (12)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
1 2
Moon0.jpg 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Moon1.jpg 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Moon2.jpg 17 18 19 20 21 Floralia 22 23
Moon3.jpg 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Walpurgisnacht