Flute Interlude

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Scribe Notes
The adventure takes place on the Isles of Freedom


Adventure: Flute Interlude
GM: William Dymock-Johnson
Session: Winter 807 wk
Night: Thursday
Level: High

  1. Father Broc, an Elven Rune Mage
  2. Kit - Gabrielite Inquisitor (semi-detached)
  3. Silverfoam - Elven Namer played by Michael Parkinson
  4. Lizette - Human - Female - Namer
  5. MDK - Dwarf - Male - Exterminator played by Michael Scott

Sirth. A Dwarven Runesmith from the Isles of Freedom.
To locate and recover (intact) a flute created to destroy Kyanite Crystal. The flute was believed to be seen last near Novadom in the hands of one of Rashaks minions. The flute and flautist must be brought together by the Day of the Balai (14 Ice - 74 days from the start) in order to destroy the remaining crystal.
10,000sp each in gems.

Astrology reading

In the Land of the Searing Sun,
A doom doest awaiteth,
A bane beyond all banes,
Burrowed beneath the shifting sands,
Dreaming of glories past,
The Old Lord of Dark's Haven does lie.

Near the lands of men he plots,
And speaks to them in dreams,
Where others study good and grace,
He dwells with foul intent,
A curved sword and lugubrious ship,
Takes you to his waiting death.

A dream that may of been born of fiends,
Hatched out of desire for revenge,
Against the Grey Lord and the Wild Lady,
Of mortals and imortals he hates those most,
Thier blood would be as ambrosia,
Thine allies blood as nectar.

He waits, he watches and dreams of the day,
As his shadows gather with dark intent,
Those he seeks to redress past wrongs,
Gathered like moths to a flame,
Drawn by the salvation in his claw,
To be clensed in searing revenge.


1st Frost 807

1pm - We meet our employer Sirth (A dwarven Runesmith from the Isles of Freedom) in the guild after the meeting. He gives us an astrology reading and explains: “Eons ago, one of my dwarven ancestors made a golden flute (a normal size flute made of beaten gold) that had the power to carve tunnels, create underground area and generally work with rock, crystal and similar materials. Somehow, it fell into the hands of an evil Lich king and from there into the hands of a powerful Drow necromancer named Rashak in around 795. It is likely that due to its nature Rashak gave it into the hands of one of her lieutenants.”
We take a moment so he leaves and refreshes himself while we sort out party positions. Silverfoam will be the Military Scientist due to his extensive experience, I (Father Broc) will be scribe while Kit will become our Party Leader unless it becomes necessary to obfuscate - which Kit is hard pressed to do, at which time either Silverfoam or I will step up.
We thank Sirth for his time and assure him we will start right away but may wish to talk with him again.
Silverfoam and I head to the Guild Library to do some research on the recent Dark Circle. We spend the day there and discover the following information.

It appears that a number of Rashak’s lieutenant’s survived her downfall but a number of these have not been heard from since. One of these lieutenants’s was the chief shaper – Lord Radikias, aka The Drow of Ajiba who was a Lich.
Lord Radikiad was around when the drow kingdom sank into the sea with a huge loss of life. He however had tired many decades/centuries before of growing old and had become a Lich and thus, when everyone else died he simply carried on but later left the area. He is renowned as a Shaper of Artefacts and Buildings with huge experience across the continent.
During our research activities the rest of them do some things in Seagate and generally rest up and chat. MDK gets some offers of work.
Kit has some words with his moral superiors (the High Priest of Seagate and a High Inquisitor) about the churches position in all this. Kit gets some information on Masada and what the Church Knights are presently doing there and is asked to do something for the good of the Church. The Church gives Kit some advice. “Beware the Glowing man” as he seeks what you do. In addition, we should “Fear the Graceful Dancer”
Once our research at the Guild Library is completed, we return and the night passes fro the party.

2nd Frost

6am - Silverfoam and I are heading off to Elfenburg to do some more investigation at the Elfenburg Elven Consulate. SF and I take the slow portal to Elfinburg. Arriving in mid morning, we go and visit the Ambassador at the Elven Embassy but he is out and instead we meet with Hans the Secretary who also has access to the Consulate library. We spend the day with Hans and visit the depths of the extensive library past the fire breathing Chimera that guards the area.
We ask to see a copy of The Treatises of Elvandar but Hans informs us that the copy they had has been removed by Lord Larkin of Elvandar who is the Huntmaster for Lord Velteyn of Elvandar. Asking about the Treatises gives us the information that they are details of the Unification of Elvandar/Elfhiem and the details refer to the process and events around the last unification. There is also specific mention around The Wild Hunt and its use. Specifically that the use of the Wild Hunt by non elves could be cause for the dissolution of the elven kingdom and the use of the Wild Hunt to kill species deigning to use the powerful magic. This is cause for concern, as we know Engleton/Morgan and Vychan. Have all called the Wild hunt recently.
Lord Radikais was originally a regional governor who survived the kin-slaying, got old, became undead and when Ajibar sunk, most Drow died but he survived, as he was already dead. He is/was the chief architect of buildings, particularly incorporating souls into structures.

We enquire as to when the next flying ship to Alfheim from Elfenburg is and we learn it is on the 5th of Frost. We decide to return to Seagate around 6pm and share our news with the rest of the party. As a result of our investigations, a decision is made and we move aboard Kit’s flying ship and head for Masada.

3rd & 4th Frost

Travel onboard ship to Masada.

5th Frost

7am - We arrive at Masada and we land and ‘roll’ into the church knight encampment around 7am. We all disembark from our ‘wagon’. We meet a Michaeline knight Sir Rending of Souls and accompany him to see the commander of the forces here who is a Raphaelite Knight titled Captain Idleness breeds heresy. Captain Idle is talking with a Urielite knight, Prelate Screams (Nothing is more joyous then the screams of the enemy children). We introduce ourselves, present our credentials and then explain our mission to elicit their cooperation. They show us some musical instruments that they have recovered from Masada thus far which include some drums, a harp, a tambourine and a recorder – but no Flute.

We divinate these instruments and the results are listed in the Section below titled ‘Divinations’.

The camps Namer, the Witchsmeller pursuivant is currently in Novadom.

Once this is all, done we partake of some breakfast and around 10am head into Masada to search for yet undiscovered sections and to investigate areas of concern, strange or weird events and unexplained occurrences.

We enter Masada and after some looking in places we judge to be a void we descend into what appears to be a torture pit. There are several (6) ‘live’ dismembered beings here being tormented by a skeletal thing and several Imps. We charge in and despatch the enemy freeing the 6 beings while only myself took some damage when the skeletal thing pulled my clavicle out of my shoulder.

5th Frost 807

9am - We are healed along with our newly found captives. Brother Truth sears the Wicked, a Samuelite joins us and we discuss the astrology reading. He informs us of some nuggets of information once we ruminate about the reading. The interesting titbits are:

  1. Brother Sivius went to Arabie and spoke of a lugubrious ship of the desert (aka a camel)
  2. There is a great library called ‘The Rock’ in Arabie. It is a vast fortress built or rather built upon by dwarves many years ago
  3. Arabie has cults of Orobis
  4. Uvall – Duke
  5. King??

The Alhumbran Drow angle is something SF and I undertake to discover more information if possible. We discover that the church knights have recovered a large amount of information from within Masada and this includes Quartermaster notes of what goods, sent where, to whom, by whom and other interesting information. We discover:

  1. Masada was supplied from several mains points
  2. Novadom
  3. A city in the Isles of Adventure. We remember that there is a rumour of such a city that has been made ‘dead’ for a mile around it. ‘Dead’ in the sense that all life there and for 1 sq mile around it has ceased to be due to the introduction of a toxin to the central water source. Someone dark, sinister and lethal may have been involved.
  4. Adjepbar
  5. Masada shipped vast amounts of loot to the Isles of Freedom in exchange for some Kyanite Crystal.

In the course of these discussions, we have refreshments and lunch.

5th Frost 807

1pm - Sir Jeffrey (a heavily endebted Aladarian knight) has some information for us since we have been talking about and looking to find musical instruments in the area. He relates us a tale that has the following pertinent information.

  1. He and some fellows found a Golden Flute on the 2nd Level
  2. Since it was loot he used it as collateral in a dice game which he lost
  3. He lost the Flute to a Mercenary named Mad Bart
  4. The Mercenary Company was Kazon’s Killers from Ranke and had up to 30 Heavy Infantry fighters in the company.
  5. Kazon’s Killers departed Masada some 2 months ago and were headed for Seagate via Brastor Holdings looking to take ship home.
  6. The company is commanded by Capt Kazon

We decide we should head off in pursuit but not before Kit speaks eloquently of freehold land in Brastor Holdings that required strong political and moral leadership, with the result being a recruitment of up to 300 church knights heading that way soon to help with the rebuilding and settlement of the area.

After more discussion and the laying down of a Rune Portal end, we depart Masada around 5pm by our flying transport.

6th Frost 807


7th Frost

7am - We arrive at Westgate and head to the Westgate Cathedral. We spend ½ the day helping with the building of the Cathedral and create a nice addition to the Cathedral. I then utilise the ‘portal’ area we have created to enable a rune portal and succeed with my work. I then activate the portal and portal us to the Seagate Gabrielite Orchard Gardens where I have previously created a rune portal.

Upon arrival in our carriage, we attract some attention from the locals who hadn’t expected to see a wagon simply appear in the gardens and crushing some trees. In amongst the townspeople we notice a man taking extraordinary notice of us and our activities. We move quickly to capture him and then discover that he is a Binder, unpacted, the last magic to impact was far speaking, he is a traveller from off plane – specifically the sword Worlds confederation and he has a notebook that details 8 portal points in and around Seagate/Confederation Bay along with other portal information. He has travelled inter-dimensionally recently and he’s from a plane called Atraxia. He has an enchant Armour arm bracelet as well as a normal Dagger. One piece of unusual equipment he has is a weird shaped piece of wood that we identify as an oblique splinge. The splinge measures magic, measures topology (geometry without measure), Atraxia is the plane of Origin and its related college is Binder.

7th Frost 807

5pm - Since we have our prisoner, we decide to hand him over to the relevant authorities. We head off to the Castle and see the Chancellor. We explain who and what he is and he ums and arghs and then we suggest he send the prisoner to the guild for questioning, a suggestion he readily agrees too. We take him to the SAG and turn him over to Guild Security.

We then start our search for Kazon’s Killer using source sin Seagate itself. We enquire of the Chancellor, Harbour-master Tyrone El Shaldim (a rotund, middle aged human male who runs a tight harbour and keeps to the regulations), Mercenary guild heads and other such knowledgeable individuals. We discover that the company departed for the 5 Sisters a month ago as they were short of cash by the time they arrived in Seagate and they had heard there is lots of fighting going on down there.

They departed on The Maidens Revenge and The Fiery Harlot on the same day. Bart was reputed still to have the Golden Flute when last seen. They were heading down to do something with or about Tobias the Pirate King.

7th Frost 807 / 8th Frost

Midnight / 12.01am - We depart Seagate after I have laid down another portal point.

8th Frost 807

Travel, rest (for the non boat Commanders) and shifts for Kit and Silverfoam while they fly the Flying boat towards our destination.

9th Frost 807


We are in sight of Shorapur in the Five Sisters. There is a sizeable storm in the area and our flying boat/wagon is in danger of getting wet but Captain Kit decides to continue on in anyway while we search for the vessels carrying the elusive Kazon's Killers mercenary company. We also decide to espy the two while we are some distance away, thus we see that the town shows signs of being a battle zone with fires raging and burnt out areas easily seen by Admiral Silverfoam with his trusty eyeglass. We are heading in slowly when I start to hear voices in my head.
It appears there are Five Sisters trapped in the town and they are in need of help. Fearing the possibility of a trap but also cognisant of our duties to offer aid and assistance we decide to put down in a nearby square and help the ladies. We land and there is a brief scuffle with some locals that Kit and MDK deal with while I get to the ladies and steer them to the safety of our transport. Then a huge Fire Elemental, several Demons and a number of Imps arrive on the scene. We decide on our priorities and evacuate with our rescued ladies leaving the enemy forces in our dust. We flee up and then out to sea while we talk with the ladies who we discover are sisters of the Order of Unmatched Tempering down here Vampire hunting, led by Sister Suspicion is Proof. Kit is told by a friendly cherub (who pops in briefly) to beware as ’The Graceful Dancer’is turning it’s eye towards you.


We continue looking for the boats we seek and after an hour searching the numerous boats we find them both tied up securely to the central docks.

We ‘come into port’ and ‘land’ on the hard near the ships to allow MDK and I to alight and make our way over to ‘The Maidens Revenge’ where we have a brief conversation with the Captain during the height of the storm and are given some information to further our work in this town. The Captain bought Kazon’s Killers down here and they alighted and started fighting for the Captain. They are staying at the Busted Wench, an Inn to which we are given directions.

Since we are going into the town proper and probably fighting, a decision is made to take the ladies to safety along with a number of refugees. Around 50 refugees are squeezed onto the ship along with a baby named Alexi who is passed into Kit’s hands by a desperate Mother. The boat is sailed out of the harbour and taken north to a village on the coast named Duncarrow-on-Sea. In the village we meet a number of ill looking, emaciated and pale villagers. We alight our passengers here where they should be safer and in discussions we discover information on New Lords of Shorapur.

Once we have off-loaded the refugees we head some out to sea to rest before our planned actions in the morning.


We return once more to the harbour and take up our spot from the previous night. Silverfoam, MDK and I alight and are met by some local fighters who ask us to help fight the evil that has taken hold in this town.

  1. The evil are Demons, Devils, one of the 72 and numerous other Mages and Undead.
  2. Capt Bazcot is organising men to fight the evil and would like more help if possible. Capt Bazcot can be found in a warehouse some 200 yards from where we are.
  3. There are a number of mages resident in the town who have retrenched to their sections of the city, along with their guards.
  4. The Demon Lord Alloces has taken the Castle and Fort. He is reputed to have massive big black armour, a face of a lion, a very big sword, red flesh and celestial magic at his disposal.

We inform them that we may help, or at least not hinder their efforts and we proceed on to the Busted Wench. We arrive at the Inn and proceed to wake Capt Kazon from his slumber. We told the Barmaid to wake the Captain at once and she replied "That it would be rude and un-manly to wake him up at this early hour" to which we replied "Yes That's us" (Since we three are in fact 2 elves and a dwarf). Once roused however, he joins us for breakfast and brings us the news of the capture of Mad Bart 2 days ago by Vampires. We discuss our needs, are allowed to search his room for the Golden Flute, but to no avail! We negotiate further in case on of his other men have the Flute or know of it and are then on our way back to the boat and the rest of the party.
Further discussions are held back at the boat which will lead to us taking another group of refugees to the village to the north and us offering the sisters a chance at real vampire killing. Before we leave a Golem appears bringing Kit an offer from a Mr Thorn at the Sable residence, to buy his boat (presumably one of the local "Free Mages". We send back a note declining the offer but offering a meeting to discuss mutually beneficial outcomes.
We also decide to visit Capt Bazcot before we leave and head off to his warehouse headquarters. We meet the Captain and hear his story. He's looking to claim the city for his own and is trying to get rid of the evil infestations here. He's willing to pay 4,000sp for the demon lord and 2,000 for each Demon, with other bounties to be negotiated. We discuss our motivations with him and get him to agree to Kit's rule of Law here in Shorapur, should we be able to help banish the evil from the town.


We take the 2nd boat load of refugees North and put our offer to the sisters who leap upon the chance and will happily accompany us on our Vampire Killing spree.

We spend the afternoon in Duncarrow-on-sea helping where we can with healing and integration with the village. We find a pagan shrine to the goddess of the moon there along with a number of empty houses which are available for the refugees to use as the owners have disappeared, never to be seen again. A feast is cooked that night while Kit and I create some holy water to aid us in battle tomorrow.
We stay in the village overnight without incident.

10th Frost

2 am
We depart the village and review with the sisters our plans to deal with the Vampires. Sister His sight sears the guilty is most vocal in endorsing our plans to deal with the vampires.
We arrive in Shorapur ready for the battle with the evil Vampires. The 'We ' being Kit, Silverfoam, MDK and Broc along with the 4 sisters, and we are all disguised to look like pitiful peasants. We enter the town and join the queue of people waiting outside the castle to sell their loved ones, or less than loved ones in exchange for food. We bribe, beg, lie and push our way to the front of the queue, gain entrance and are shown to the Major Domo.

Once in the Major-Domo's presence (he is an entity mind controlled by a Vampire) we haggle as planned, over Kit for some food. We successfully sold Kit for 500sp and then he was taken away. SF then successfully sold the 4 peasant lasses that we have with us for another 300sp each as well as using some big words. With Kit just out of sight and the MD going mind blank when SF used more than two-syllable words we decided now was the time to strike. I dealt to the MD with 2 swift blows while the ladies, SF and MDK subdued the 2 human guards and some servants.

Kit meanwhile 50 feet away had been taken through the main hall where dinner party was in progress, that involved the Demon Lord Alloces and 6 minion death knights (not undead or demonic as such, merely human allies) sitting around a table piled full of food.

Now this situation is another reason that some SAG members are not invited to many breakfasts or dinner parties these days. Kit not only interrupted someone speaking when he wasn’t invited but he also had the temerity to leap over to the speaker and kill him with 2 quick blows while saying the words “die evil soul sucking scum, die” (or words to that effect) until the poor guest lay dead at his feet. (Actually, Alloces asked someone what they were doing here, and, under the misapprehension that he was addressing me, I informed him that I was here to kill him and his minions - a true Knight never lies, you know..

Needless to say things progressed from there. We responded fast to Kit's suggestion we also crash the breakfast and so the social occasion came crashing to an end rather sharply after we entered the room. The Host killed his annoying greater summoner ‘associate’, Sister Mastery is Authority was eaten who then gave the demon lord a Holy Hangover (she’d imbibed a vial of holy water to help protect herself and was carrying one on her body) and then MDK killed the host. The rest of the guests were skewered and killed until only our group of 7 were left standing (sans the dead/eaten Urielite Sister) over the mess of a breakfast gone wrong.

Once the breakfast guests and the host had been dealt with, we then despatched a Vampire who had fled upstairs to pack and then his 2 associates who were having a rest in the crypt under the castle. We freed ‘Mad Bart’ and several other prisoners from the cells, received his thanks and got an explanation from him about the whereabouts of the Golden Flute. The actual words have changed to suit ‘gentler ears’.

“When we arrived in this here town I felt an urge so went off to a local entertainment establishment for some ‘entertainment’. There was a ‘lady’ there who, in an unearthly way, was the most stunning and captivating lass I had ever seen. I immediately agreed when she offered to entertain me personally. The entertainment was the best I’d ever experienced (so was so lithe, limber and happy to please me), so I gave her the Golden Flute to remember me by. I then left there and the next day was captured.”

The death of these evil beings and their minions meant a great evil was removed from menacing the populace and so once we’d checked the rest of the Castle we called the troops to order. We informed them that the evil lords of Shorapur had been killed by ourselves and that today would herald a new day for the city. This day shall henceforth be known in Shorapur as Shorapur Liberation Day and a cause for feasting each year.

We gave orders for a large feast that night, as well as ensuring that the Urielite sisters would be responsible for Justice in Shorapur, while Captain Bazcot would deal with the administrative and titular responsibilities.

We spent the rest of the morning sorting out the town, helping the needy and visiting the entertainment establishment where our worst fears were realised and the lass had left town. We surmised that the lass in question was someone special and probably a succubus. I found the scent of a demon leaving town about where she would have departed from and so we had our next direction for travel.

Having set up an interrim administration, freed the oppressed, and fed the hungry, we had lunch and again departed Shorapur, sailing along the coast road seeking this lively lass.

By Mid afternoon we’d spotted her and I made the mistake of informing Kit who was getting some sleep at the time. So at 2 miles away he teleported down and killed her before we’d even arrived to help. Looking around we saw nothing left of her until she simply appeared some distance away asking to have a chat.

We agreed to chat and found some interesting information about local politics, the golden flute, interested parties and other such relevant subjects. After consulting my superior I agreed to help this lass who we have learned is Illiyas. We agree to consider her terms that encompass us either killing or betraying her erstwhile employer who is the dragon Scaleryx. Apparently he can see those who scry upon him and knows a lot of names and ITN’s.


We consider our next move and decide to check the Guild in seagate to see if any messages had arrived from the other party.

We successfully pass through a rune portal ony to find ourselves in the void and worse, are be-calmed as Kits ship needs something to propel off in order to have speed. Talking amongst oursleves ensues with lots of options discussed but little resolved.

Creatures with tentacles come close and we scare them off using Kit suspended on a rope off the side of the ship (perhaps he doesn’t look that good to eat ;) as a sort of ‘bait’! We get some DA’s off and get Animal – GTN Filcher. The filcher goes away once Kit hits it.

Soon thereafter a number of beings come closer and hail us. They appear to be 4 ogres who advise us to come to the near way-station for protection from the things that wander the void. DA’s reveal SLS – GTN Ogres – Non aligned or pacted – their Major Magical Ability is Summoning.

They are acting as if we might belong there and are being helpful. We go along with their ideas so that we can maintain an ‘illusion’ of belonging there. One of them suggests getting a rope to help tow the ship towards the way-station and heads off to get one. When he returns he also has 2 more friends.

They start towing us slowly towards the way station while we try and think our way in the opposite direction. We’re told we need some Zolata – whatever that is. We soon enough discover that concentrating on things enough will enable some movement and so we cast off from the towline and strike off away from the way-station some “30 squarms off the maincourse” according to Admiral SIlverfoam.

While making some distance slowly away from the way-station we are again met by some figures in the void, but these turn out to be 6 thinly built and bony beings which DA as SLS – GTN Human, College Mind. One identifies himself as Morgan de Xormberg, a Void hunter and his associates. They are covered in intricate tattoos and patterns. We talk with Morgan and discover he has a sister Tarash de Xormberg who is studying at Southhaven academy for Girls. We are asked to pass a message on to her which is -“The Binding of Morash is immenent”. The others in his group are discovered to be similar but their colleges are Namer, Air, None, Earth and Celestial. When we inform them of the nearby way-station they beg our leave and had off there to kill the evil ones.

We decide this place is a bit nasty for us poor travellers and plan our escape. I start a dimensional portal while the others guard me. During this period we are attacked, but fend off a number of Animal nightmares than come upon us.

I continue finishing the Dimensional Portal at about the time that Admiral Silverfoam sights a void cruiser dock at the way-station and then shortly thereafter head in our direction.

I quickly finish the Dimensional Portal and we ‘dive’ through it, I attempt to close the portal as we can see the Void cruiser starting towards it but I am unable to do so due to distance and other factors. We head for the ground at some speed and we find ourselves some 10 miles south of Newcourt in the County of Foxcourt. The Dimensional portal stays open above us for some minutes and the Void cruiser comes through after us.

Kit steers the ship towards his lands nearby in the region of D’Arbres, where we soon land and then move off the ship into the fairy realm. Kit talks with some fairies who lead us deeper into the woods.

After some hours walking through the fine woods we come out in a clearing beside a wooden hut and near some fires with people around them. Our guide (a pixie named Happiness is Dew) says he will leave us here in the protection of the bigger wild people. He points to the wooden hut and says the new Master of the Wild Hunt is in there. We enter the hut and see 5 ‘hillbilly’ wild elves and a high elf who looks as if he’s from Eidolon. We introduce ourselves to Lord Larkin, the Master of the Wild Hunt who is reading the Articles of Elvandar (AoE). We discover that the AoE was forced on the elven nation by the high elves.

We partake in a meal with Lord Larkin, Lady Tiger and many others. During dinner I ask who would be interested in coming to kill a dragon with us and am astonished when 20 of the elven heroes agree and we plan to depart in 2 days hence, once we are all sobered up and some planning in done.

11th Frost


We depart back along the forest paths back to the SS Impetuous Virtue and from there to Newcourt where Kit and I pay our respects to our liege Lord. We then pass on to Seagate where we do some work, get some stuff, speak with some people and then in the afternoon retrace our steps back to the camp of the Elves.

12th Frost


We all depart with the 20 Elves on the hunt for Scaleryx and far Azuria.

13th Frost


14th Frost


Our travels bring us to the shores of Azuria, a weather beaten, high cliffed, rugged and inhospitable land (as much as we can see anyway) but the lair of Scaleryx our Dragon Prey.

We locate his hidden lair, a fight ensues, half the elves are killed, MDK manages to fall off the dragon and gets splattered on the ground. Scaleryx is a Mighty Blue Dragon with a blackened right front claw that is a mark of his last encounter with lady Sabrina.

Scaleryx manages to stay alive long enough to see us off but not until Kit has managed to liberate the ‘scales of justice’ that we have come to recover. In his cave we free some slaves that were being made to learn mind magic (specifically Empathy) in order that Scaleryx survives longer against his foes. There were also a few 8ft tall dragon kin mages in there who caused some discomfort to Kit.

We all flee to a nearby island where the dead are preserved by Lord Larkin and the rest patched up as well we can.

We then start the long flight back to our forest glade.


15th Frost


16th Frost


We arrive back at the clearing, we pass the dead on to the appropriate healers along with our thanks for the heroic efforts of one and all. Some of us may again go after the evil Dragon Scaleryx.


We depart the glade, pass through to D’Arbres and then on to Seagate where we check for messages from the other party. We then decide to spend our time continuing our good works in Shorapur with the rebuilding and cleansing of the evil influences, or at the Guild, training.

Information, Facts and Suppositions

Astrology Interpretation

  • lugubrious ship = camel
  • Land of the Searing Sun = Araby (?)
  • Dark's Haven = ?ovadom
  • Where others study good and grace = ??? temple?
  • Grey Lord - Engleton
  • Wild Lady - Sabrina
  • Graceful Dancer - a Calamar ship orbiting Alusia
  • The Glowing Man - a greater summoner called ...

Other Facts/notes

NPC's of Note

Locations involved in this tale

  1. Masada
  2. Brastor
  3. Shorapur
  4. Newcourt
  5. Azuria
  6. Elvandar (in north-west Alfheim)
  7. Insel der Freiheit


Some loot was gained by those who liberated the city of Shorapur.

  • 4,000sp for Alloces's destruction.
  • 2,000sp x 6 knights of Alloces.
  •  ?,000sp x 3 vampires from the D.C.
  • 3,000sp from Kit to be spread between all party members who thought freeing the city wasn't it's own reward. Currently believed to just include MDK.
  • Maybe a couple of musical instruments from Masada? Or did we give them back?
  • The gear of the Allocean knights - fireball item, armour, ever-changing weapon, etc.

I think we took NO loot from the dragon, it being dishonourable to steal from one's opponents

  • Turning their treasure to smoke, water, acid, etc., is perfectly acceptable - we didn't gain anything from it, except the flute which dissolved after it achieved it's single holy purpose - and it was very funny.

A treasure split between relevant parties should be arranged at some time.


Party Roles

  1. The Front Line will be KIT and BROC
  2. Second Line, Ranged Attack Specialists and Support Mages are MDK, SILVERFOAM and LIZETTE

Merged Group Roles

Once the 2 groups are joined then new roles and tasks will be assigned


Watches for the 12 hours of Darkness: W=on watch; S= on standby (resting but ready); D=divinating P= purifying. Menolly, Lizette, & SF may be doing healery things instead of S/D

Sir Kit lulls to sleep all not on W or S in 1st hr.
1st: Kirgoth, Kit, Logan W: Menolly S (or camp duties).
2nd: Kit, Logan W: Menolly S.
3-4: MDK, Broc W.
5th: Logan, Menolly W; Lizette D.
6th: Logan, Menolly, Lizette W.
7th: Kirgoth, Anooke, Lizette W.
8th: Kirgoth, Anooke, Silverfoam W.
9th: Kit, Brundar, Silverfoam W.
10th: Kit, Brundar W; Silverfoam D.
11th: MDK W; Brundar P; Either Broc P & SF W, OR Broc W & SF D.
12th: MDK, Broc W; Brundar prepares breakfast; other mages P.

For Travel

  • Disguise Rk 21
  • Rune Portal 100 miles+
  • Ship Current Rk 20

For Combat

  • Rune Shield Rank 11, +16% Def and 3AP
  • Invisibility Rk 21
  • Multiple Images Rk 10
  • Raphaelite Holy Water (drink - protection from Undead/Demons. limited, not very effective)
  • Gabrielite Holy Water (throw - harms undead)