Five go forth in Cornumbria

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Night Tuesday (mainly)
Place:13 Layard St Avondale
Phone 021 1067365 or 8285154
Information: Information from players for Julia.

  • Horton - Mind Mage - Errol Cavit
  • Mungo Third Son - warrior from the northern lands of ice and snow i: War Chief (Mil Sci) & Herald (Scribe) - Michael McFadden
  • Brunhilda - Solar Celestial Female Hill Giant - Michael Scott.
  • Nikola - Pre-Rapaelite prone to turning hairy & growing 4 legs. Party Leader - Bridget
  • Lothar - A sly e & e sort partial to the grape & grain apparently - William

From the Adventures of Mungo the Magnificent

Scribe Notes

1 Meadow: We are going to Cornumbria to do a vital job for the Duchess of Caith, Mother in Law of the Duke of Brandenberg. The guild security tell us: The independent clans of Brandenberg have annoyed the Duchess… . & they don't pay taxes! (Well that is hardly a crime –a cover story no doubt for something far more important and Bard -wourthy !!!) The area we are going to is unmapped but known to be full of dragons. A foul Villian called Count Azure dwells there. There is an Orc necromancer living in Castle Erwhon. Causa & Erewhon are rivals.

Our employer's representative is a factor from Caith, a middle aged solid looking matron, serious of manner with (surprisingly) barely an admiring glance my way, called Elspeth Summers, twice removed from the noble Lady Lizette. The information is very secret (so I instantly try to forget it) & mostly I ponder the great conundrum of which is more fearsome & would best match my new set of armour - a large axe or a large sword ? Anyway, the jist of what she says is this: Our cause shall be just & wourthy. We need to “discourage” an evil & foul band of merchants & traders by “taxing them” of all of their possessions – which we may lawfully retain by way of legitimate & necessary disbursements. We need to beware the black fleet of Count Azure. Clan Flint, a gang of fearsome foes dwell somewhere there. We must be discrete! ( Aha – no flags or trumpets during battle) but should they believe we are Conumbrians, an equally evil clan but fine singers and prone to wielding the vegetable known as the leek, then so much the better. Our adventures, if if they weren't so secret would have be material for bards for generations. There is a bounty on any gargoyles found.

She does not mention money which is bad manners to posh city types but says we will get a reward.

We hold a mighty feast the night before our departure to prepare ourselves properly for this adventure. Lady Nicola - a serious lass spends her time praying (no doubt to conduct herself properly in battle - some folk are like that - they suffer from nerves but so what all that matters is that you can front on the field) & does not attend. Anyway, the ale flows freely & as does the haunches of roast meat, the telling of tales & camaraderie. By the end of the night after many kegs I know we have now properly bonded into a fearless band of warriors who would fight back- to-back a top of a mound of our stricken enemies - to the last man against the most insurmountable of foes…. I am 500 sp the lighter & "decide" to sleep in the tavern under the table that night.

2 Meadow: We are going to travel by sea with Captain Dylan who is half elf half selkie - (i.e. he is a bit fey so keep that iron well hidden) but commands a swift & well armed corvette crewed by 10 sailors of mixed race. He will convey us across the bay to the Freetown Mages guild. I practice Navigating for the two days it takes to travel there

Session 2

Horton the Obervant took these notes:

...Enough said.

Session 3.

5 Meadow: We head toward the tall stone walled tower of Grobbenbonk, the Sherrif of Orctown. (If you were Sherrif of a place called Orctown, you'd have a decent tower too.) We are met at the gate by guards - an Ogre & 2 hobgoblins (big f$@% rs all.) Grobbenbonk is elderly & borne on a pallet. He tells us he controls various portals. He pays taxes/ tribute to the Duke. The message from Jethro is delivered to him.

Grobbenbonk seems well enamoured of Lady Nicola & being of the vertically challenged sort starts humping her leg like a randy ladies lapdog.

Grobbenbonk wants us to locate a foul & treacherous former lieutentant called Himble who as stolen a powerful magic crossbow, red in colour . We will get 500 sp as a reward for the bow & 1000 for Himble or body part thereof (actually just his head) & also our employer's regard. Himble we are told is a rough looking Hobgoblin, big scar to the face, broken tusks, green hair - i.e. like all of them only bigger and meaner. Orctown seems a lawless & appropriately treacherous place - but heedless of the danger we head off in search of Himble - who obliges in true cowardly fashion by ambushing us on the way with a gang of about 50 thugs. My request for single combat is replied to by the deadly crossbow shooting bolts with strong magic charges causing significant damage. After a desperate battle to within inches of everyone's death, we overbear Himble & retrieve the bow. Blood, weapons & the bodies of our enemies litter the field of combat - no doubt the carrion birds are gathering (darkening the skies) & the women are wailing about something… plunder the reward for the victorious is recovered including 3 amulets: 1 x diamond, 1 x beryl, 1 x carbuncle, a pile of daggers & shortswrds +2 cunningly designed to be used in close combat.

We fly to Freetown on the 5th day of our adventure to repair armour & some very nasty wounds that Nicola & I have sustained to out nether regions - best left unmentioned.

Session 4.

Four days are spent in Freetown having our wounds healed (thanks be to Frey or whoever is deity of bedroom adventure - I forget who, I usually rely on a round of oysters washed down with 4 or 5 tankards of ale) & Nicola's special Rapaelite armour fixed. On 10 Meadow we wander around the market looking for a guide. Some Hobbit scamps apparently picked our pockets (30 sp each) - but so what if they get to stay up late drinking, feasting & boasting of their daring at our expense - I am glad for them. Eventually we head to Mistress Roundbottom who finds our guide - Samantha Lightfoot. Wither her help Brunhilda & I search for new shields - a buckler for her (500sp) & a large round one suitable for a shield-wall for me (779sp). We are successful, locating masterwork pieces. Mine is easier to handle than the norm and can be used to shield one person beside me.

We fly back to Gully's in with 3 tasks to complete - gather mistletoe, release a sea-horse in a lake amid marshland & find purple sand.

We will fly to the lake via Axbridge Town. Flying is of course great if you are a thunder god & have a sky chariot pulled by goats, but for mortals such as I is a queer & unnatural process. I crash badly outside of the town & am forced to shift shape to recover from the grievous wound suffered, whereupon some farmers spot me in wolf-man form & arrive pitchforks at the ready. With their fears mollified by Brunhilda, we are referred to goodwife Sally at the Pig & Whistle Tavern.

We arrive at the said Pig & Whistle. Lots of people pass through while we are there. Horton the Fearless (the sly hound also it seems) plies the most comely barmaid with her own ale (& his silver tongue) on the pretext of obtaining information for us. Prior to Horton having to retire to a private room at the tavern to "Sleep" she babbles the following in no particular order: she talks of the Tribemens being savages, who wear blue paint & spiky purple hair, holding a wild hunt every night - where a perfect white stag is accompanied by weird twisted creatures half human (This could simply be a guild party of course - weird twisted half human & all that!). She claims someone stole the wife of the ruler of Cornumbria…this could be the ale talking as the story gets more interesting the further it goes… if we are invited to Nixie hall we should careful (ok?) they have green pointed teeth… in the swamp the water will be calm but if we stray off the path we will be killed & eaten by Fossengrim… BUT Fossengrim love liquor and can't resist it. ( I buy three bottles of "whiskee"- some sort of local firewater & Horton takes three bottles of applejack in preparation - it won't go to waste either way!)… the barmaid has had enough by now - exit her & Horton…

A bard is present & we now question him. He says that: Flint has a truce with the tribes because usually the tribes kick out interlopers. He says it is not all that dangerous & that one must be polite to their chiefs & be careful to not their daughters unrequested. It is polite to share food if offered. They favour pikes & a large swords as weapons. There is a fortress in the mountains by the sea. He is unsure where the place with the magic waters is. I commission him to write a saga of the mighty adventures of Mungo Thirdson (well worth it at 40sp).

There is a Tinker present selling pretty things, magic dwarves shoelaces that let you walk as fast as a dwarf, potions etc. Lady Nicola buys 2 x restoratives & 1 x healing. He sells 5 x heal anything poisons for 2 sp each - yes we were all born yesterday - but if he spends it on ale & has a laugh at our expense then that is how the fates have cast their bones & there is nothing we could have done to stop it.

I talk next to two outdoors type in the corner sipping tall ales & smoking taller pipes. I buy a further round but they can't help & suggest local guides.

11 Meadow That morning we decide to fly over and scout the region we shall explore but lady Nicola's spell backfires badly & we have to revive her - with a cure anything potion - I guess you can trust the word of some tinkers. A large breakfast ensues. As we leave, I and ??? purchase stylish two shoulder potion bandoliers, tastefully decorated with skulls, spiders, axes etc ( 1 pulse grab) 40 sp each… We fly over civilised cultivated land & from the air can see a large swamp to the west….

Session 5:

An overfly reveals a long causeway 15 miles or more long running through a marshy swamp to Conumbria. We land to check out possible ambush spots in the places that have more vegetation for cover. A debate ensues over whether our taxation method shall be "traditional or civilised". Lothar & I propose black masks & a cry of "Stand and Deliver" - Lady N favours a polite request for tax "if one pleases"…. A wagon is noted in the distance - a day away. We hide and prepare for an ambush, feeding on fish caught in the swamp. The wagons arrives the next day (12 Meadow) and an ambush is sprung. I leap out in wolf man form and the merchants, a cowardly lot, flee directly into the swamp - home no doubt of snakes, alligators - and worse hill-billies. We don't see them again. Their cart is large & full of coal. A search by Horton reveals a hidden compartment from which emerges - 10 glass-steel shortswords, a bag of milky white stones & a sealed note with a gargoyle sigil imbedded in the wax.

Brunhilda, the best flyer and Lady Nicola will fly to Grobbenbonk in Orctown & try to persuade him to set up a portal. He agrees to do so for 4 x shortswords & some wine...

Meanwhile an elderly Raphaelite preacher walks along the causeway. I greet him without incident. Lothar warns that they are highly dangerous & best left alone.

Grobbenbonk sets up a 2 way portal to seagate it takes 2 days until 14 Meadow. It is an un-unobtrusive ring of stones set a mid a copse. We return to Seagate with the coal, & other loot etc. We approach the spy college who determine that the sealed document is a letter written in invisible ink saying: Here is the money to help you recruit others - hopefully our plans will come to fruition in 6 months.." The crest is determined by the Courtier College to be that of the "The Neville" also known as "The Flint". The information is forwarded to Lady Summers. The cure all potions are determined to intact be highly unreliable - Lady N was actually simply very lucky. The stones are semi precious. We return to Cornumbria that night.

Early the next day 15 Meadow a gargoyle is observed flying apparently doing a reconnaissance. Brunhilda, Lady N & Horton attack by air, while Lothar & I shoot from the ground - as an opportunity opens up. The beast plummets to the ground & is dead. Its head is removed for the bounty.

Session 6:

We then re- set our ambush & observe evil merchants (actually peasants trading beans) walking down the road & challenge them. They claim to be going to the Wassail - some sort of festival. Lady N, great lass that she is but the worlds worst bandit, feels sorry for them and actually pays them for their beans - thus actually encouraging trade rather than stopping it as we have been paid to do. Arrghh!! What happened next was a blur so I can't record the exact details, but definitely involved cunning peasant trickery, some kind of innate & unstoppable peasant mind control power whereupon the peasants jumped in the water after I threatened to defend myself by killing them. Very unfortunate - they escaped somehow but hopefully got eaten by alligators or hill-billies.

We decide to shelve banditry for a while & look for a lake for the water horse. We fly-over the South & then the North - no lakes - but we see a damned big oak tree - aha! home of mistletoe we think! Some spell-craft trickery is at play as the tree seems to get no closer as we head toward it. (Flying is not our thing - Lothar crashes & lands awkwardly imbedding a stone in his arm) By land the same thing happens & the direction "North" starts moving. We need the help of the fae & so Lady N summons them with alcohol. The fae, tiny faery creatures, do assist & provide instructions that by peeling an apple and throwing the peel over your shoulder in a ritual we will end up going toward the tree. Lucky we do have an apple - but it works until we ( Lady N) is attacked by a werewolf - which is duly restrained and put to sleep by Lothar's spell. The Fae, summoned again with thimbles of the demon drink, reveal it is under a curse to participate in the wild hunt "until the white hart is caught". The leader of the hunt is Oran, a Lord of the Underworld.

Apparently the werewolf thought Lady N (a wolf shapeshifter) was in heat & was not actually trying fight her if you get my drift..... enough said - if you want more explanation talk to a priest, witch or watch farm animals in spring... To avoid having to join the wild hunt we are told we must: avoid attacking people on bridges, don't annoy Oran's priestesses and don't need to be resurrected..

The apple peel trick leads us to a tall tree (300') which duly has mistletoe at the top. Communication is possible with the tree through spellcraft - which agrees to permit mistletoe gathering if beans are planted in the forest. As you know we have plenty of the damned things thanks to our complete failure at highway robbery & so the deal is struck. The tree also indicates that the Lake we seek is to the south - which means it must be magically obscured as we have flown overhead. Lady N scurries up the mighty oak, but unfortunately falls down to her death having secured 9 pieces of mistletoe. Brunhilda thanks the mighty oak & invites it to accept the offering of blood…. It is back to the guild for us to patch up a few injuries.

Meadow 16 - 17 We are at the guild. A resurrection of Lady N is conducted & we learn of the powers of the mistletoe. Eating a piece will increase endurance & cure poison - as such we all eat a piece & now only 4 pieces of mistletoe remain. Some time is spent unsuccessfully looking into safe landing devices for flyers following numerous injuries suffered by several novices in our group.. Lothar's portable hay-bale plan does not receive universal approval… .A restorative & a healing potion is bought by each of us & we buff before arrival.

Back at Cornumbria, once again Lady N, through no fault of her own, completely fails to provide adequate banditry leadership letting some lying peasants off the hook to travel to the Wassail with all goods intacto.

The same thing happens with a cunning old woman tinker who talks Lady N out of taxing her because Lady N feels sorry for her. This mission seems doomed unless perchance the merchants obligingly arrive waving a black flag with a horned skull on it & a large sign saying "Evil Scum - We eat Elf Babies! " "Perhaps" choosing a Raphaelite Knight to lead our endeavours in banditry ( as opposed to a fearless warrior of the North or even another one of us) was a mistake - all those party members who voted for her to take up this role should start praying to Loki in the hope that the trickster god will drop a new brain in the hole at the top of your heads..

So Banditry is on hold again & we will focus on finding a home for the waterhorse. Lothar uses spell-craft to talk to its egg to tell us where to go. This seems to work

When we wake up the the next day being 18 Meadow we note our clothes are muddy, our liquor stolen & an arrow made of sticks pointing out to a hill-billy hut set in the swamp. The Fae no doubt - drunkards! We investigate after wading though mud. The hut has been burned. A search reveals signs that the inhabitant, who has been murdered following a struggle, was fae friendly - e.g. horseshoe over doorway & other secret signs. A guild issue dagger & a standard guild healing potion flask have been left & outside there are boot footprints which on examination by our rangers are deemed to be falsely made by foot-shaped stamps - i.e someone has deliberately left all this evidence to implicate us - & the fae have warned us of it by the arrow !! There is evidence that some manner of illusion spells have been used. The death was by slashing - gargoyle slashes??

We decide to leave before "los federales" arrive. Three of us leave by a raft located outside the hut - Lothar, I and Lady N. The others fly overhead. We make 4 miles but Lady N, who has not removed her armour falls in & has to be rescued - if it wasn't for bad luck, she'd have no luck at all …

Session 7

After more mud, midges & dangerous slippery creatures we meet some swamp folk who will direct us to one "Bob" a local wiseman (witch) who will show us where be the magic lake. We are told in 3 days it is Arran, Lord of the Dead's Day & to be wary. As I recall after a number of drinks of (our ) whiskey we are advised to avoid gingers & stay inside & revell while the hunt is on all day & night. The causeway in particular is not safe. We buy a mighty ship, or at least a skiff of smallish size (4 persons) and shallow bottom, which I as Captain name "The Sea Wolf." We stay one night and the next day 19 Meadow a fellow named Tod will guide us. We eventually meet an old man who is Bob & who provides three tricky riddles that might befuddle the ancient & learned but through native cunning, bravery & resource we solve. Bob seems in favour of this wild hunt. We eat some special mushroom toast & "water" before passing into a other place… the sky is is a pink sunset & Bob is not there. The Magical Lake is located & we row out into the most "shimmering" part & the egg is released…before a terrible scream is heard & a water horse bursts from the lake with a slimy tentacle wrapped around it… in fact 10 tentacles, so large that it, the tentacle creature, capsizes our boat. A battle with this monster ensues & we finally rescue the horse. Lothar through magic trickery speaks to the sea horse which first takes him for a ride but then says it wants to grant us all a wish.. aha! I am thinking: kingdoms to rule, powerful weapons! piles of loot! a platoon troop of comely valkyries ! unemptyable cellars full of fine wine, mead & ale! - well actually for some reason Lothar choses for us all to have gills & to breath water!!??!! We all develop slits on our necks & can breath water..

When we return to Bob, no time has passed. Bob, with whisky is persuasive and Lothar and I decide to join him on the wild hunt that night.

22 Meadow. We wait by moonlight on the bridge on the causeway for the hunt to arrive.. we are then swept away with a of pack of crazed animals, fantastical beings & shapeshifters on the wild hunt chasing a white hart through the night in transformed shape - I as a wolf man & Lothar as a Manitcore. Lothar has a battle v a hippogrifff & I v. a giant snake. We are both victorious. The hart is caught & we feed on it….

When Lothar & I wake up in the morning, 23 Meadow, , Lothar & I are each wearing a suit of fine leather "barbarian style" armour & blue paint which is determined to have magical defence & other qualities. Lady N DA's us & perceives that we now have qualities of animal magnetism (maybe she never DAed me before) .. suddenly out of the blue she is transformed by magic into a crazed naked nymph (with furry legs like a goat) and starts frolicking, flirting like a drunken barmaid feeling lonely & grabbing all the alcohol she can.. qualities unusual in Pre-Raphaelite trainees such as Lady N. She is looking unusually wanton ("PB 33") & is in grave danger of mutual seduction by all of us. I manage to snap her out of it.

Our next actions are decided: we will rescue a swamp girl stolen form the burnt hut by gargoyles & do a little more banditry on the causeway….

On arrival we not a heavily armed merchant wagon coming down the causeway...

Session 8

We overpower the merchants & guards after a tough battle finding: 1 x walk unseen scroll, silks, a purse of 20 sp , rare silks, fripperies, high quality food, 2 x horses, orange jasmine, black spider venom, aphrodisiacs 5, truffle oil , etc . THey fought well & bravely so we release them with their lives & armour. Before departing tell them to report they have been attacked by the the party of Sven the Bandit & Lathron the Elf.

Then we return by portal to Seagate. My and Lothar's armour is determined to be +6/+3 and can transform with shape changing. Apparently Lothar can now transform into a Manticore. I have the option of becoming a true shape changer as a serpent but reject it. Snakes are craven creatures belonging to the trickster god Loki (who once turned into mare & got serviced by a stallion - yuck) & unbefitting. We get various supplies - aiming to communicate with the fae folk & locate the stolen girl.

Lady N does much praying to Raphael and penance for her wanton outbreak.

When we locate Lady N the next day 24 Meadow at Raphael's temple she is peeling potatoes in a cotton shift looking morose & contrite. Brunhilda, approaches the Mother Superior of the Temple and explains we are dependent on Lady N's help to rescue the captured swamp girl - an innocent. Lady N is released on the basis that she may fight only with a shepherd's crook, (symbol of Raphael) which if she is true & devout will serve as well as a sword.

Research on gargoyles reveals they are evil, cowardly & dark creatures who live in mountains (surprise).

Thus prepared we head back through the portal. The broken merchant cart still remains on the cause way days later. Alcohol is left out to attract the fae - unsuccessfully. So we decide to fly over to seek the help of Bob the witch on his mid swamp island. Om arrival Bob pulls out a deck of magical cards and has a visions. He tells us through the cards he sees: "a den of iniquity, dragons, drinking orcs, slaves, the north."

We ponder this and decide to fly to Orc Town to consult Grobbenbonk. Grobeenbonk is as re-splendid as ever in purple robes, carried atop a shield by to giant hobgoblins. We are told the likely villain is Grog the slaver who lives at the Green Dragon Inn. We get directions and fly there.

On arrival at the Green Dragon Inn it seems that folk like us are not to common in these parts - i.e. we don't have tusks, grey skin, scaberous parts, missing teeth etc.. - but at least we look tough & in Brunhilda's case, big as well. . .. A guide, without any surprise to us, informs us of numerous gruesome murders locally. We kick open the batwing doors and stride menacingly into the Green Dragon pub, hands hovering over sword hilts. I ask in a loud voice for Grog…the noise stops & everyone looks mean & nasty at us. The barman, an Ogre, says "over here." Brunhilda, as we have drinks poured, notes in the corner of her eye, someone skulking out. She, Lothar & I give pursuit chasing a weasally little orc through the streets & eventually trapping him in a drain pipe . After a few threat later he leads us to Angela, the swamp-girl who is being kept as a slave in the town.

He tells us that she was purchased from gargoyles & arranges to set up a meet with them & us. Meanwhile back at the Green Dragon, the Ogre is negotiating for the sale of the same Angela..too late. Lady N pays the ogre money for "protection." He serves some kind of agili-tea which makes you move quicker.

Session 9

Our plan is to ambush the gargoyles at our meeting in the hills outside of town lunch-time tomorrow, 25 Meadow. A signal has been used to arrange this.

Luckily we had watches set at night otherwise there would have been a few unwelcome visitors.

We fly & walk to the meeting spot 3 hours early aiming to locate a spot to spring an ambush on the gargoyles. On the way we note a signal to some bandits apparently further up the hill of our approach - since we are the only true bandits in town they will get it later... IT seems this party is not appreciative of fine military tactics or that sort of thing & so after brief debate we simply wait in clearing for them to show… approximately 14 of them arrive by air & land before us, 2 carrying boxes. Lothar, holding an invisible crossbow approaches them in a faux friendly manner before shooting one in the head & signalling an attack. A fight ensues & it seems the gargoyles were not actually that, unprepared releasing the contents of the boxes which are - a basilisk & a salamander… we fight fiercely slaying two of the gargoyles… midway through I lose awareness as I note my flesh turning gray, stiff & stone like - "oh b%$&@r I am a rock" ……

I awaken to a cure all potion being eased down my stone - throat but horrors! I am now transformed by the cure-all potion to be a small puny goblin & worse still I note some serious strangeness….

... Brunhilda & Lady N are looking at me in a very lascivious manner, licking their lips with slow tongues giving me the eager "come-on" eye with fluttering lashes, urging me to touch their ripe & wanton womanly flesh & to look up their skirts, their obvious unspoken demands are filthy, twisted and I am compelled to obey with my dirty grasping goblin claws…I can tell they want it real bad...

…..before I feel a bash on the back of my skull knocking me out, an amulet of lizard controlling is found and two boxes magiced to contain the beasts. In my goblin body I had also noted the presence of a rich vein of glass steel & digging uncovers 20 pounds of it.

Back at the guild a curse has been removed at a cost of 1800 sp & I am back to my manly form, thank the gods, and Brunhilda and Lady Nicola do not seem so eager or as affectionate as before, in fact if anything they look a little suspicious…. We decide to travel to Freetown, sell some mistletoe & enquire about having dragon glass shaped to weapons. Before we go, guild security question us about the information we have come across. We give full details of the note, glass-steel daggers, seal etc.

We travel by flight following along the coast, avoiding the town of Santuary. Half way we stay at an inn in the Duchy of Aladar - great pies, mead ….and a friendly sloe eyed barmaid who I regale with tales of my daring, making a pose with my muscles and showing my best scars etc

The next morning 26 Meadow having shaken off the foul memories of goblin-hood, I awake restored with the comely wench asleep beside me. I explain I must depart with the party due to the urgent & perilous nature of our mission & in politeness provide her with a generous number of slivers to purchase herself something nice in memory of me….!?! but would you believe it, pleased she was not, burst into tears & accused me of treating her like a slut, I wanted a present she said, so I offered her a fine handled hunting knife, bringing more tears & accusations.. eventually I find a pretty trinket somewhere which mollified her a little - it seems manners are a little different in the South. Our Northern shield "maidens" & warrior women are far more practical sorts....I take note of this lesson.

We fly to Freetown & using the hobbit guide Samantha to show us to the Earth Mages College, selling one piece of mistletoe for 1000 sp. We are then directed to Arena in the Guild Hall for the purpose of shaping weapons from the steel glass. We are shown through a militaristic style hall to a tough looking woman. I agree to pay 20,000 sp to have a sword shaped from the steel glass.

Session 10

… my notes are missing & my memory weak for this part of the adventure. In summary: We got 2800 sp for 2 x piece of mistletoe Lady Nicola rescued a boy from a well. We encounter 4 x burly guards on the causeway who are looking for a group of 5 bandits, 2 of whom are wolfs / wolf men - I wonder who they could be.

Suddenly Lady N has one of her sluttish fits and turns into a crazed randy nymph with goat legs..she kisses several of us - including Lothar the Manticore before she is snapped out of it by a bucket of cold water from Brunhilda. She prays to Raphael who responds as readily as the gods from where I come - by doing little.

We decide to consult Bob the Swamp Witch & fly to his island. Horton crashes badly ( ruining the cabbage patch) & Lothar the Manticore grabs him with a clawed foot, leaving a large slash which makes Horton look far more manly…. disturbingly Lothar licks his lips greedily at the taste & smell of Horton's blood… apparently manticores love the taste of human. Lady N distracts him with a piece of Lath jerky.

Bob, is smoking a pipe of potent "seeing herbs" which cause visions. Over supper of fish & liquor, we put a proposal to him: he, with his fae friends make the end of the causeway road vanish - thus preventing trade but letting us avoid having to fight an army. We agrees he will do so for: truffle oil, saffron & rock salt - all found in the cart we looted - plus a lemon tree.

We fly to see Grobbenbonk in Orctown who for 100 sp & a dance with Lady N will portal us to Seagate (he leg humps her)

At Seagate the spices are retrieved & the lemon tree purchased. Lady N negotiates unsuccessfully with the Dwarf Wordsmith to remove the curse that has caused her to become a nymph when exposed to attractive males. Grobbenbonk, whose perversion seemingly knows no limit, lustfully eyes the pegasus of guild member Sabrina. Grobbenbonk gets an illusion spell cast on him to appear very handsome (for a goblin) but essentially remains a stumpy little ugly f&$%er and does not make Lady N succumb.

Session 11 We fly (three days) around the coast to Bob's island stopping at the same coastal tavern as before, where I provide the gift of a silver trinket for the comely barmaid in question who is not quite so cross - manners in the Southern Realm - I seem to be getting a better handle on them.

We fly inland over a huge forest (allegedly dragon infested) - noting a tall dark tower in the middle which is carefully avoided.

On 30 Meadow an abbey is sighted - we recall hearing of a young girl having gone missing from there & land to see if we can help. As we get closer the sign of a "Double Cross" can be seen. It is a retreat for Rapaelites, Samaelites, Michaelines & others with a pious & miltaristic bent - no damned fun at all - what is the point in battle if you don't get to feast, brag, drink & cavort afterwards? Those gods seem a poor choice compared with the likes of Odin Thor & Frey who wisely extol these aforementioned practices. We are introduced to Brother Abernethy - a large formidable (but dim) Holy Joe ( Michaeline) and Celina the Solemn a Gabrielite? Apparently a young accolyte warrior girl Beth, her head puffed full of pious wrath following excess time at prayer & not enough drinking or....(deleted) , has run off a few days ago to start a personal crusade v. the Storm Priests who are funded by Lord Azure. Its all very political but this could start a war between the Abbey & Calder. The Michaelines are over-wrought with it all being the holy will of Michael & so are reluctant to do the sensible thing & intervene (or else join her) - we agree to help.

We fly following the road & asking if locals have seen Beth - who hasnt exactly hid her trail by cavorting about on a large steed with shiny armour & we eventually locate her in a forest surrounded by approximately 75 vicious hideous animated skeletons who have her trapped against in a ring. Her horse has run off. We charge in - those skeletons are foul evil, ravenous and almost overwhelm us. Only the strength of our resolve, the bite of our steel & our military cunning (Tactic 1: charge!!!) allow us to triumph.

The holy rollers at the abbey are pleased to see Beth back - who no doubt will be off praying on her knees in sack-cloth & ashes and thrashing herself vigorously with birch twigs in repentance for her foolishness - what a waste of misplaced (deleted)energy. If she ever backslides, she will doubtless be the death of the first friendly male she meets. We are rewarded with 2 healing potions/ holy waters ? - I forget.

The rest of the adventure passes easily. We find some of the valuable purple sand on breaches in the North guarded by Sphinxes. We answer a riddle & distract it with a pig. We plant the heads of gargoyles on the road before returning to Seagate on or about 3 Heat.

It is a relative success. We all live - eventually. We get paid. All modesty aside (as it was a team effort and everyone played their part in our glory) I receive an award from the Seagate Guild of Adventurers at the following Guild Meeting with two Healing Potions in recognition !!



  • Stop trading in and out of Cornumbria (the Word is already out). A slow work in progress.
  • Other Jobs
    • Deliver message from Jethro to Grobbenbonk. Done.
    • Recover red Rune bow of Grobbenbonk's from Hobgoblin. Done.
    • Return Water Horse to magical lake in swamp (and leave quickly). Done.
    • Pick mistletoe from tall tree in middle of forest. Done.
    • Rescue swamp girl Angela. Done.
    • Find purple sand.

Persons of Interest


Hobgoblin loot: 3 amulets: 1 x diamond, 1 x beryl, 1 x carbuncle, a pile of daggers & shortswrds +2 cunningly designed to be used in close combat.

Master work shields: Mungo 779 sp (large round) -2 md penalty, covers 2 x neighbours . Brunhilda 500 sp (buckler)

Saga of Mungo Thirdson 40 sp.

2 x Bandoliers - 3 potion / 1 pulse Mungo ( Snakes, dragons, skulls axes) & Lady Nicola ( Raphaelite Symbols) 40 sp each.

4 x cure anything potions - 35% work, 35% don't work, 30 % bad news.

1 x cart of coal.

1 x bag smoky quartz & carnelian stones.

6 x glass steel short swords - +15% to hit.

3 x magic pieces of mistletoe sold for 3800 (1 piece also eaten by each party member - LAdy N restored to normal +1 endurance for others.)

5 x restoratives, 5 x healing potions bought by party.

2 x suits of +6/+3 armour - Lothar & Mungo.

1 x walk unseen scroll., 20 sp, 2 x horses, silks, spices, fine ingredients, from merchants.

2 x magic boxes

I amulet of lizard control.

20 lbs of steel glass - enough for a sword sold to Mungo.

2 x healing potions bought at the guild.

2 x healing potions from the Michaelines



  • Greater (+7 two areas)
  • Strength of Stone + 12 (EN/PS)
  • Shadowform/Coruscade Def +36/+36
  • Armour of Earth Def +12



  Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon0.jpg Beltane
Meadow (1)
  1 Guild Meeting 2   3   4   5 White Lotus 6 Seagate Light Festival
Moon1.jpg 7   8   9   10   11   12   13  
Moon2.jpg 14   15   16   17   18   19 The Castellan Borderers Ball 20  
Moon3.jpg 21   22   23   24   25   26 Seagate Crafters Ball 27  
Moon0.jpg 28   29   30    
Heat (2)
  1   2   3   4 Seagate Guildmasters Ball
Moon1.jpg 5   6   7   8   9   10 Seagate Races 11 The Duke of Carzala's Summer Ball
Moon2.jpg 12   13   14 Midsummers
 (Faerie Day)
15 Solstice 16   17 Seagate Summer Fair Day 18 Seagate Summer Fair Day
Moon3.jpg 19   20   21   22   23   24 The Castellan of Brastor's Summer Ball 25  
Moon0.jpg 26   27   28   29   30    
Breeze (3)
  1   2  
Moon1.jpg 3 Day of Death 4   5   6   7   8   9  
Moon2.jpg 10   11   12   13   14   15   16  
Moon3.jpg 17   18   19   20   21   22   23  
Moon0.jpg 24   25   26   27   28   29   30