Fishing in the Fastness version 2

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We plan to go and eat the Wise Fish in the Fastness

10th Harvest

We portal to Kilroy's place in Slippery Rock to deal with the Witches. We receive

  • four amulets of protection from Nagas (these are incompatible with Bracers of Protection from Harpies)
  • a skin change of a duck to put on the fish if necessary (that's what we did last time)
  • six Rk 18 Restoratives

In return we owe them a couple of sacks of diamond dust from the Fastness Falls.

They warn us to watch out for rats on the day of rest, the 17th. They also mention that Harpies came by a few weeks ago.

Meanwhile Shoka makes agility potions, +8 for 4hrs.

He is told at Candlestone Farm that Tine Nuts are unavailable due to people turning to stone.

12th Harvest

We fly to Amba by cloud, in the early hours of the morning.

Urchins at Amba tell us that miners have been turned to stone, up on the cliffs where the copperleaf trees are. The Elvish rangers know all about it. They can be found making tuning forks at the cliffs.

We go to Katherine the Witch. Clementine is missing. Strangely nobody has noticed or can remember when she was last seen. Ditto the Wises Owl.

Kilroy does a divination on the witch. She is a doppleganger, shapechanger, skinchanged, and connected to the game thing.

Katherine has had the fish 19 times.
She can make long duration effects permanent on an equinox

The Naga are harpies again/still. (Seems we were mistaken in believing they were Nagas, but Bedivere told us that it was their true form.)

We have a long conversation about gold and purple leeches. They are connected to some gamelike magic that Katherine and many others are involved in. They are used to communicate in some kind of group like mind, but it's very dangerous.

The harpies have some. Their group includes and Elvish type mind that is not susceptible to control. I already know that Angela is not susceptible to control, can't remember where from. Boulder has this part wrong in thinking that that was the Elven Brothers.

We get various leeches from Katherine.

On returning to the horses we find that someone has put locatable coins under our saddles. According to the horses, they were 9 elves and a dwarf, who flew in in the air with a funny bridle.

Back to Amba, then we take a "path" from near Amba to the ruins at the top of the cliff at 22, (this is nearly 2 way) then to 25 (home of the goblin blessing goblins but none seem to be here. There is a pile of hay covering three stone goblins, it has not been inhabited for about a month), to 30, 3x round the rock to bottom of other cliff then ride up the hill to the copper trees. We spot the Badger on the way. 33 is greenwater goblins. (numbers refer to Braegon's map of portals).

We are attacked at the copper trees by Bellow plus a mind mage and an E&E. The elemental blasts us with leaves, kills me and most of the baddies and the horses. I get better.

Back to Amba. We summon the Wises Owl, he was caught by the harpies. So is Clementine the Nixie. They are going to try and summon me using my hearts desire a unicorn. They also have Swithan, the King's Rapiers, and a couple of the necromancers.

A Medusa has been turning people to stone. You need to cut off her head. THe owl can't can't unless asked by me, because he is controlled by the Angela the harpies, using "voice of Furfur". He needs to be cleansed in mana in the mana mines to remove the control.

[Plan: whispering wind to Angela telling her to set Clementine free, not come after the fish, not summon me and set the unicorn free]

We check out our basement, there is 3xbroken glass and 3x great luck, that we probably left here last time.

We go to the mines with the owl and remove his control.

Angela is immune to control magic (I suppose the owl told us that) but she still does what I say. Is this a trick on her part or can I really control her?

The owl says Angela is using the "voice" to tell them what to do. It must be heard. We take some extra man in case I get "voiced".

13th Harvest

We go to the giant x, whisper wind to Angela The instructions:

(a) Do not use Furfur's voice on me.

(b) Do not let your fellow harpies interfere with you. Bring all your prisoners to the giant x and turn them over to me. Don not interfere with my activities, nor let your fellow harpies, you, or their minions interfere with my activities.

Unfortunately we neglect to give a time frame for this.

We wait.

Shoka is suddenly inspired, realising that they've all gone to get mana to cleanse Angela, so off we go.

I have a sign that says "Stand still. Do nothing"

At the mines, a dragon at the entrance warns us about a Medusa coming out.

We kill the Medusa, a vial breaks and stuff comes out.

We negotiate with the harpies. They have in addition to those we know, some shaper's children, naga, fairies, the baker from Hope, dwarven ghosts. They want me to release the power of Air and Water.

We make a deal.

  • We will share the fish.
  • They will release our friends (Clementine (the Nixie), Swithan, the Muffin Monster, the Kings Rapiers, and the unicorn)
  • They will release the others listed in a year and a day.
  • I will attempt to unbreak the balance of elements in a year and a day.

They give back Clem's stolen essence and the Roof Dwellers luck.

Things we Should have Done

Tell them not to remove the control.


  • Control removal mana
  • 2xgreat luck
  • 3xbroken glass
  • copper leaves
  • many chokers