Fishing in the Fastness

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Fishing in the Fastness


Scribe Notes: Session – Autumn 806

GM: Jono Bean
Night: Starting 10:00am on Sunday the 4th of June 2006 until 6:00pm Sunday the 4th of June.
Level: Medium/High.
Title: Fishing in the Fastness.
Short Game: Looking at playing on the 4th and maybe if needed the 5th (but hopefully not needed).

Exp and Loot:


  1. Eat the fish - Done.
  2. Tine Nuts - Did not try.
  3. Shoka's Oath - Did not try.
  • Find a unicorn/and or a flying mount for Clem
  • Return an item to the shaper and ask him to fix it
  • Convince the shapechangers to let Clem stay with them for a while

The Party:

At the start a total of five spots open.
Clementine - Werebear-Hobbit - Female Hobbit Air Mage - Party Leader?
Mordrin - Dwarf - Female Warrior - Mil Sci
Mebh - Human - Female Air Mage Warrior
Braegon - Human - Male Earth Mage Healer
Shoka - Human - Male Fighter-Air Mage Apothecary
Boulder - Giant - Male Warrior - Scribe
Kilroyyyyy! - Human - Male Rune Mage Cook

Scribe Notes

by Boulder (additions and correction by Clementine here)

10th Harvest

We get together at the guild in the morning to plan our fishing trip. After much discussion we agree that we will ride down to Amber on the 12th to coincide with the prophesied Return of the Friends of the Owl. Shoka warns us that when he spoke with Jedburgh at Candlestone Farm seeking some Tine Nuts, he was informed that Tine Nuts are in short supply because lots of people in the Fastness are being turned to stone.

Shoka portals to New Haven and starts brewing some agility potions for us, the rest of us rune portal to Kilroy's place in Slippery Rock. Ignoring the apple tree in the basement and other oddities of Kilroy's place we walk to the coven seeking some restoratives and a skin change. Following a confusing conversation where we try to match our request to what the witches foresaw that we would request, we walk away with 4 amulets protecting us from Nagas, 3 Rk 16 restoratives, and a doubly charged Duck skin change that is active on both sides.

A short walk and draining portal later we are back at the guild, settled in at the guild pub for a gruel and beer session.

11th Harvest

We go our seperate ways, agreeing to meet up in the evening to prepare for our ride tomorrow morning.

That night as we haul the maps out, we discover that none of us has ever walked to Amber, we have always flown. Fifty plus miles is a bit much to do in one day on horses when we have a couple of people who don't ride well, so we decide to fly down tonight on a couple of clouds. By the time we have the horses blindfolded, controlled and loaded on clouds, then fly down, we arrive at Amber in the early hours of the morning.

Someone has been applying copper leaves to Clem and Mordrins house since they were last here, but we ignore that for now and pile inside to get some sleep.

12th Harvest


A few of the local kids turn up first thing to bring us fresh bread and check out who (or what) we are. After talking to them and then some of the adults we confirm that a lot of people have been turned to stone, only a few brave souls are still willing to enter the Fastness to work the mines and harvest trade goods. Nobody has seen Clementine (the Nixie) or the Wise Owl since about 10 weeks ago and neither of them is locatable within 10 miles.

Catherine's Swamp

We ride north to the swamp to talk to Catherine the Witch, she is a beautiful young woman today and is growing fresh batches of leeches. Catherine has not seem Clem or the Owl either, we find it odd that she has not noticed and seems unconcerned. Checking her out thoroughly with DA, Healer empathy, and a divination by Kilroy we do not find anything amiss.

Shoka and Catherine talk Herbalism for a while, she is keen on a full set of his enhancement potions as she is able to drink several of them and make them permanent on the Equinox.

When we ask Catherine about the Tightening she tells us that when the Elven Brothers stole her bag of leeches, they got a set of Gold and Black communication leeches. They are using these to create a communications web between several places of power, the Tightening is the drawing together of the power of these places with the web. The strongest minds in the web can control the others in it, normally Catherine would be strong enough to retain control but one of the Elven Brothers is unable to be controlled so they can never lose contests for control of the web. To avoid falling under their control Catherine has withdrawn from the web. We speculate on various ways to wrest control from the Elven Brothers but none of them will work unless we have someone on our side who is uncontrollable. The next best solutions is to take out the uncontrollable brother.

We take our leave from Catherine, on getting back to our horses Mebh's horse reports that someone arrived on a cloud and fiddled with their saddles. A search of the saddles reveals unique non-magical tokens that we presume are used to locate us. We remove all of the tokens, summon some birds and attach the tokens to the birds. They can locate away!

Copper Tree Bloodbath

Riding South to Amba we decide to seek the Elven Rangers to see if they can tell us more of what is going on in the area. A couple of short cuts later we ride up to the top of the Copper Tree cliffs with a stone Goblin and Badger in Boulders pack for later investigation. The wind is gusting oddly among the trees, to avoid anyone being pincushioned by a sudden gust Mebh casts a Calm over the area. A couple of us get an odd feeling that something is wrong, as we are checking around to spot the cause Clemintine goes down under a barrage of spells, a bunch of Ogres, Orcs, and Skeletons land on the cliffs edge, and Bellow the Air Elemental arrives.

Things start badly with Clementine down and bleeding, Kilroy and Braegon held by their own bound air, and enemies on all sides. The fight could be close but then Bellow sends a windstorm of copper leaves through the area which kills Clementine, most of our horses, and most of Bellow's allies. While we are wounded and pin-cushioned with copper leaves, it is short work for our front line to finish off the few survivors and drive Bellow off. Mordrin resurrects Clementine with a scroll, we are hopeful that Bellow will return so that Clem can control him but he stays away. An hour later we are all healed up with several hundred pounds of copper leaves in bags and a few useful items from the corpses.

The walk/ride back to Amba is thankfully uneventful.

The Wise Owl

At dusk we use a bowl of air and some pine needles to summon the Wise Old Owl. To our relief he arrives promptly then thanks us for summoning him as he had been held prisoner by the Harpies for the past couple of months. The Owl was unable to answer questions from any of us except Clementine, after some heavy hinting by the Owl Clem asked him why and we found out that the Owl is still controlled by magic that Angela put on him called 'Voice of Furfur'. To remove it we need to wash him in Mana Water which can be obtained from the mushrooms in the Amba Mine. The owl also informs us that the harpies are holding Clementine (the Nixie), Swithan, the Muffin Monster, the Kings Rapiers, and some necromancers.

The Voice of Furfur magic is from using an item of some sort. They are planning to use it to Control Clementine (the Hobbit). Because Clem is the Master of Air, as long as both Clem and the Harpies are in the Fastness she will hear the Voice and can be affected by it.

Amber Mine

Thinking it best to remove the control from the Owl asap we walk to the Amber Mine. Cautiously entering we come across the occasional petrified miner but make it to the mushrooms without incident. An hour later we have enough mana water, we mix it with a bucket of normal water and wash down the Owl. The cleansing works and the Owl suggest we leave immediately as the Gorgon is living in the mine.

Instead we wall ourselves into this section of the mines, and stay for another hour to collect enough mana water to remove another control just in case the harpies are successful in using the Voice on Clem.

Kilroy dons a large circlet that covers his eyes and protects him from Gorgons, then with him on point we cautiously leave the mines and walk back to Amber.

13th Harvest

Whispering Winds

Standing just inside the high mana area on the road south of Amber (next to the X that is conveniently carved into the road), Clementine uses Shoka's invested Whispering Winds to command Angela to release our friends to us and not interfere in our activities.

We then set up camp in the Braegon-built earthern hut 50 feet north of the 'X' to await the delivery of the prisoners.

A few hours later two gargoyles fly up to the 'X' look around and then fly off again.

Half an hour later two gargoyles and a chimera fly up and then fly off again.

We wait a while longer then Airabella turns up to ask what we want. The conversation is rather difficult as Airabella has deafened herself and refuses to look at Clem so as to avoid being controlled. We try to tell her that we just want the fish and our friends released, Airabella leaves again before Clem can finish writing out instructions on a sign.

The Gargoyles return again and Clementine leads the group to the 'X' at a run and manages to command a gargoyle to return and talk to us before it gets out of earshot. After a few minutes of questioning the gargoyle and torturing it with confusing and conflicting commands, Clem releases it to report back that all is well.

Then Shoka deduces that they are stalling us while they go to the Amber Mine to get water to release Angela from Clem's compulsion.

The Gorgon and The Deal

We use the shortcuts to get to the mine before the gargoyle, as we approach we can see a dragon outside the entrance. Somewhat concerned we slow our charge and check if it might be some sort of trick. It does appear real, it also seems to have several goblins on its back with siege weaponry.

As we study it we are noticed in return, a dark cloaked figure starts towards us, behind it the dragon points at the figure and signals us. We eventually translate the signal to mean that the figure approaching is the Gorgon and we are going to be petrified. Once it realises that we have got the message the dragon and goblins fly off. Kilroy dons his circlet and charges, the rest of us follow more cautiously, Shoka shooting arrows into it as we approach. The first few miss as it appears to have been using a project image. Boulder is not careful enough and gets petrified by a good gaze at the Gorgon face. Kilroy and the Gorgon meet, but instead of dispatching it quickly as expected Kilroy is cut down by the Gorgon who is fast and skilled with weapons. The rest of the party catch up and carefully engage the Gorgon without looking at its face. Shoka and Braegon circle around behind it then close and restrain it so that Mordrin can behead it.

As soon as it is beheaded Boulder reverts to flesh as we hope all of the other statues are doing. The head is carefully placed in a sack, just in case it still has power.

Regrouping at the mine entrace we head in after the harpies.

A locate confirms that they are at the magic mushrooms. When we get close they throw a wall of stone in front of us, Braegon tunnels it, then they put walls of bones in front and then behind us. Shouting that we just want to talk we begin negotiating with the harpies.

They are upset that we killed their Gorgon but eventually an agreement is reached.

  • They will release Clementine, Swithan, the Kings Rapiers, and ?? to us.
  • They will release their other prisoners within a year once ransoms have been negotiated.
  • We will take one portion of the fish each and they will take the rest.
  • Once we have eaten the fish we will leave the Fastness for at least one week.
  • We and they will continue to maintain the truce between us.

We leave the mines and head back to Amber.

14th Harvest

A day of rest in Amber. Shoka spends some time with Catherine brewing potions. Braegon plays with Earth on the Day of Earth Forgotten Power just south of the X.

15th Harvest (Fish Day)

At Shoka's insistence we arrive at the pool not long after dawn. The Three Elven Necromancers (we only see 2) arrive and approach us under a flag of truce. They are not impressed that we made a deal with the Harpies and insist that if they don't get a share then the fish will not arrive at the pool. We agree to talk to the Harpies to get another three shares for them, we will signal if the deal is made, they will prevent the fish from arriving until after they see our signal.

We then send a message to the Harpies that we need to talk to them. Airabella arrives a short while later and we tell her about the Necromancer's demands. She tells us that they know already and will deal with the Necromancers, an hour later she turns up with the corpses of the Necromancers.

At 12 the fish swims to the head of the pool and spawns the next generation. We catch him, take our portion each and pass the rest on to the Harpies as agreed.

Feeling stronger and wiser, we have an uneventful walk back to Amber. There we close up the house, say our good byes and head to the swamp to see Catherine before we go.

Catherine is still brewing potions, Shoka and Braegon lend a hand chopping and stirring, the rest of the party just indulge in stirring. When Catherine gets to a point where she can leave it simmering a few of the party ask for leeches then we say goodbye.

Catching the night cloud back to Seagate we arrive in time to join in the later part of the equinox parties.

Reference Material


This calendar below relates to special days within the Fastness. These days may or may not effect other areas outside of the Fastness.

Autumn: Fruit (4)
Waning Lugnasad 1Guild Meeting
Seagate, Briefing.
2The footstep month 3 4 5 6
New Moon 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Waxing 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Full Moon 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Waning 28 29 30 1 2Odd human like
people seen in the hills.
3 4
Harvest (5)
New Moon 5The short days 6Day of dry water power 7 8 9The Necromancers 10Naga's return
from the north
11Day of Dusty
unclean Air storms
Waxing 12Return of friends of the wise owl 13 14Day of Earth
forgotten power
Fish day
16Day of Beginning 17Day of Rest 18Day of Reflection
Full Moon 19 20 21Elemental day 22 23 24 25
Waning 26Baal high day 27 28 29Michaelmas 30 1 2
Vintage (6)
New Moon 3The quiet month 4 5 6 7 8 9
Waxing 10 11 12 13 14 15Day of healing 16
Full Moon 17 18 19 20First waters 21 22 23
Waning 24 25 26 27 28 29 30Beerfest
Day of dry water power
As a Guild party destroyed the power of water; this has led to the lack of water element in the Fastness, the water day has become a day where everyone in the Fastness can not drink. Sometimes this lasts a day sometimes two. The place is often silent with little to no movement within the area.
The Necromancers
Bluerod the Ranger, friend of Swithan - is the said to be the son of Blackrod. He now works out of Candlestone Farm for Jedburgh.
This is the day that he thinks that the three brothers Necromancers will return by way of the short cuts in the eastern hills of the Fastness.
Return of friends of the wise owl
This is a reading of the Night Sky reflected in the magical pool at Candlestone Farm. It is;
"Friends of the Owl will return at night with tightening of the middle with a clasp of silver, and studs of gold.
With a brain no longer covered by the three points they will assist and gain power over the tightening."
Day of Earth
Some details I have researched, ideally I would like to verify them on the 14th. - Braegon
  • Hour long earth rituals are more likely to succeed
  • Resistance to Earth magics is halved
  • Earth spells may be easier to cast in some locations
  • Earth portaling magics are more effective
  • Elemental Earth Lords are potentially able to move from the the Plane of Earth to Alusia.
  • Missing Earth magics are more obvious

Elemental Powers and Days

There are four elemental forces within the Fastness: Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. The power and influence of each of these elements waxes and wanes during the year and each has strong and weak regions within the Fastness.

There is also a base level of power and influence for each of the elements, these used to be in balance but currently they are not.

Since the focus (cf. Elemental Key) for Water was banished or destroyed in 797wk, following the destruction of the Beavers Dam, Water has been greatly dimished in the region. Air has been growing in power/ascendance since about the same time, presumably expanding to fill the vaccuum left by Water.

Normally in this sort of balance I would expect Fire to expand as it is generally considered to be the opposing element to water. It may be that it cannot because it is an opposing element, or it may be that increasing its power requires active 'pushing' and nobody has been doing this for fire.

Elemental Days

Each Element has one or more days of power within the Fastness. Presumably this is due to or causes a weakening of the borders between our plane and the elemental planes. The cause of the Elemental Days and influence of the Elemental forces requires further investigation. It may have been an intentional part of the shaping of the fastness, it might have been required to draw enough power to create the sub-planes, or it may be that the borders to the elemental planes were damaged in the creation of the sub-planes.

The resulting effect is that on these days the appropriate elemental colleges are more powerful and creatures of the element are potentially able to breach the borders and voluntarily come through to our plane. Presumably the elementals and any other creatures of the element are also more powerful on their elements day.


Rumour is that someone is systematically working on gaining air power, training in air power, and re-enforcing their position.

Prophecy indicates that with the absence of Water power that Clementine will come into ascendance, it is ambiguous whether this refers to the water nixie or the Air mage.

Air power can be focused in a triangle of power

Clementine is the Master of Air in the Fastness.

Free Air Elementals in the Fastness are seeking to destroy the Master of Air secure their freedom.

Above the valley is a place of Air Magic power. There is a 120 foot high wooden tower built by the first of the Green Water Goblins tribe members, this is where the element of Air was opened and the Shaper summoned a large elemental called Bellow and bound it to the tower and the hills.

Bellow is aware of most magics involving air within the hills, as a talent magic Bellow knows about all flying creatures within the Fastness. He attacks flying creatures that have not performed the ritual of Safe Flight by bringing a wooden bowl of air to the top of the tower and asking permission for flight.


The places of Earth Power are mostly below ground.

Rumour has that Braegon is the Master of Earth in the Fastness. This is confirmed when Boulder involuntarily jumps at Braegon's command.



The Beavers Dam and Lake in the north of the Fastness was a place of water power.

Mil Sci

Marching Order

Single File Double File Open Ground


Shoka Mordrin
Braegon Clementine
Mebh Kilroy

Boulder Shoka Mordrin
Braegon Clementine
Mebh Kilroy


3 hour watches, 2 on watch offset by 1 1/2 hours, 1 on watch at beginning and end when people are making and breaking camp, cooking, talking, etc.


Standard Magics

  • Armour of Earth Rk 20 +42% Def, -1 Damage, dur 10.5 hours (Braegon).
  • OR Rune Shield Rk 20 +25% Def, +5 AP, dur 21 hours (Kilroy).
  • Strength of Stone Rk 20 +20 EN or PS, dur 21 hours (Braegon).
  • Cold Protection Rk 6 +2 on Temp Gauge -2 from Cold based damage, dur 7 hours (Mebh).
  • Vapour Breathing, dur 10 1/2 hours (Shoka)
  • Feather Fall, dur 4 hours (Shoka)
  • Smite Rk 20, 21 magical dam on first strike (res. for 0), dur 21 hours (Kilroy).
  • Bow Spell +7 Dam on next 2 Arrows (Mebh).
  • Arrow Flight +18% on 10 or 20 arrows (Mebh).