Finding the Flensers

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Game Master 
Dan Dixon
Party Leader 
Fizzgig (Adam Tennant)
Party Scribe 
Belladona (Tricia Hunt)
Military Scientist 
Uzi Urksome (Zane Hembest)
Other Members 
Ishamael (Ross Alexander), Sabastian (Terry Spencer)


Date: 01/03/806

Party members meet in a guild meeting room: Lucious a Justicar of the Lunar Empire wishes to hire a group of guild members to find information on beings that are illegally producing "flenses", the still living skins of creatures that still retain some of their original owners characterisitics. The creature so "skinned" is rendered insane. He has as an example a Saurimi flense, a Ceremi being a lizard man with a high natural armour (6), this combined with their relatively high combined fatigue and endurance means the Ceremi flense's are being used as "armour". The flense can also be healed as per a normal entity. He also says that human flense's can be used to disguise other humans as the skin can be completely closed. He believes this can be used to fool not only physical sensors but also DA as the flense is inspected and not the wearer. The number of these flenses is small, but their existence is disturbing, and they have been unable to find any information on the people who are making or selling them.

Luscious want the investigation carried out in Tycho City, a free city so not formally under control of the Empire, but as a major city within the Empire's boundaries he has significant influence. However his men haven't been able to gain information, perhaps because they are too well known, thus this is to be a clandestine mission. He cannot protect from summary execution but may be able to aid people caught and imprisoned.

Commission: Obtain information on the flenses, and if it is possible capture someone for questioning

Payment: 40,000sp (total) for information and 80,000 sp if someone is captured.

He has the following:

The meetings of the many 
Give a chance to find the few 
Black clad contract hounds bring 
Fresh starts and changes new 
Spur on you guild bound pack 
For if the weeks slip by 
They will fall into the 8 legged web 
And like flies will surely die. 

Party members leave to gather possessions etc. Pass through portal to Tycho (drains fatigue). Arrange way of contacting Luscious via a barkeep in a pub, and leaving notes in a statue of Sebastian's. Sleep and recover. The guild outpost is some distance from Tycho, so in the early afternoon travel into Tycho using horse and cart. Find place to stay (Philip 25sp day =175sp week), top floor building. Get stuff up, set up wards etc.

Go to docs, visit pub "Mermaids Murkan" Barnabus is bar keep, gay gladiator pub. Find out about fighting arenas. "Tar pit" nicer, for rich boys and is fairly well controlled, fights are between specific types of standard gladiators fighting highly skilled and not "to the death" matches. "Gangrene's Pit", more low life, less rules.

Visit Tar pit until about 2am, no good leads. Go on to Gangrene's pit which is closing, but we meet Ursus a gladiator who takes us on to a private fight elsewhere in the city. Uzi fights a Cereni, while rest of us gather info or look like (are??) vicious nasty low life types. Uzi beats Cereni (Cerawak), which we heal and take back to our accommodation, feed heal more and let rest. Sleep.

Date: 02/03/806

Question Cerawak, he is from an island where a primitive community of Cereni existed, was taken into slavery, escaped and was living "under" the docs of Tycho, until recently when captured by gladiators, drugged and put to the fight. The is a large extent of tunnels etc under this part of Tycho which is essentially built on piles above the sea. Cerawak agrees to try and get information for us in return we will try to take him and his immediate family back with us into freedom. We forge an "ownership" plaque and let him go with money and ask him to return in two nights to a specific spot were we will pick him up.

Go to the slave market, dropping Cerawak at the meeting point in an area where its not too uncommon for slaves to be wandering around alone. We find market occurs twice a week and the next marked is tomorrow. The slave boats taking Cereni are due in soon, and expected to be selling at this market. We look around. Carts with Cereni slaves arrive while we are still there. Slavers are sallow skinned people wearing a red slash. Go to the Mercian questioning. No luck. Sleep

Date: 03/03/806

Go to the slave market early in morning. We want to see if anyone "unusual" is buying large (high endurance) Cereni slaves (for use a flenses). As the gladiators probably are looking for a similar type of creature, we are mainly looking out for the unusual or something not quite right.

See two groups that catch our attention, one a man appears to be DA'ing slaves. Enquire and they are a gladiator guild, they buy two Cereni. The other is a single individual with 4 Cereni body guards who buys two large Cereni. Checking him out, the Cereni guards wear "Quin Vitalis" plaques and they are under the effect of a charm person. DA on man gives "no college". We decide to follow this group. Fizzgig lays down a locate and we will follow him from a distance, however, however Fizzgig feels like is mind is frying and has to make magic resistance checks each pulse. He dispels locate. But our suspicions are well aroused. Fizzgig follows closely while leaving trail for us. The man and his Guards walk to a boat on a canal with two guard Cereni in it who are wearing flenses! Two Cereni go into the water to tow the boat, the rest get in. Cast a locate on one of the recently purchased Cereni and follow the boat. It goes into some of the "under" Tycho tunnels. We track it to a specific building where again the locate does the brain burn, fails his resistance and loses 1MA. There is obviously some kind of scrying shield on the building, which is one of the very few in this area that is entirely of stone.

We go back to accommodations. Sebastian draws a picture of the man, but we suspect he may have a flense on. We go to the drop-of point and leave a note for Lucious with our information so far. Sebastian does a reading of the night sky, basically is this guy too powerful for us to try and attack and capture, answer is no. Sleep

Date: 04/03/806

Wake late and plan for an ambush. Go back to the slave market and look for good place along the route that the man travels to find a good ambush point, find one. Make more detailed plans. The final plan is to attack the man and his four Cereni guards on the way to the slave market, from a darkened alley mouth using mechanitian blackfire items on the guards, and sleep on the man. The idea is to be very quick and attract as little attention as possible. Then move body through street in rolled carpet, we will need Cerawak and Uzi to carry. It is a mile to the imperial tower so we will ask Luscious to stand by with a few men much closer to take over the body and deter any local law. Go to the market, find out about next market with fresh Cereni, this is on 08/03. See "invisible" Cereni but are too expensive to buy, and perhaps to dangerous to have in our group. Retrieve previous note from Luscious and send another asking for backup for the ambush. Return to meeting place and pick up Cerawak who tells us that he checked out a few sand bars (with warmed sand) that the entities doing the flensing are Cereni, and they tend to break into a group or crowd and mass charm the Cereni, taking the most useful. Return to accommodation, and read night sky to check up for ambush. Sleep

Date: 05/03/806

Go shopping, dump merchant goods. Sebastian makes a black fire trap.

Date: 06/03/806

Take our stuff and the cart with Cerewak's family back to the guild outpost. Sebastian makes a black fire trap. Walk back to Tycho … pant pant pant.

Date: 07/03/906

Rest the day in our accommodation

Date: 08/03/906

Early in the morning set up ambush on route to the slave market. Activate plan, one guard faints, one is catatonic and two panic, the man is successfully slept. Drag him into alley strip him (cutting clothes off) … roll in the carpet and get ready to leave. But an eye pops out across the street, Belladonna and Uzi are slept, Ishmal bolt of star fires they eye while Fizzgig lays counters and Sebastian sprints away to Luscious. Three more eyes appear, more sleep and counter spells we manage to flee toward meeting point with Luscious. The man wakens in the carpet, struggles then dies. We get to Luscious in the next pulse and give information, especially to attack the building we traced the man too yesterday. Depart to the Empires tower.

We rest. Luscious has body examined. Cannot determine death. Remove flense and find man covered with a brown paste. DA has effect reported by Fizzgig, intense, brain burning pain and loss 1MA. Some kind of anti scrying cream (we bottle some of the goo). Turns out man inside is permanently dead and cannot be raised. Very unusual. The retributors (guards) return from investigating the base, which had been abandoned, but some very interesting gear and equipment was found, also "fluxes", an illegal drug that is the pure distilled emotions of an entity. Receive full payment (80,000) We return to the guild. Provide for Cerawak and his people.


Game time

8 days

Playing time

Start Saturday 
05/03/06 11am
Finish Saturday 
05/03/06 10.30 pm with breaks for lunch and dinner
Game level 
Time (3 sessions


  • accommodation 175sp
  • Total Costs

Goods and Loot Received

  • payment 80,000
  • No DA goo ???
  • Total Goods Received


  • Costs 175
  • Goods Received 80,000
  • Guild Tax (10%)