Filgiso Forest

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Filgiso Forest

The Filgiso is a dark and unpleasant place most of which has never been explored with endless trackless forest. It is said there are no accurate maps of the Filgiso.


Mt Aliliel

Late in the evening of the 8th of Fruit 805wk, a significant portion of the northern Filgiso was incinerated by the eruption of a new volcano. The volcano was created by the emergence of the Balrog, The Shape of Fire, it formed and then settled into quiescence within an hour.

The new mountain has been named Mt Aliliel in honour of the Fire Spirit that stood guard over the Shape of Fire these past millenia.

Mt Aliliel rises about 800 feet above the surrounding land, the forest has been incinerated out to about half a mile and damaged by fire out to a mile from the cone.

Dead water Lake

Rumours in the night sky have told of a mystical lake overlooked by "Blood, danger and woven gold", which takes the life of all that swim in it.


The Shape of Fire

A Balrog imprisoned millennia ago to keep him from his desire to reduce the surface of Alusia to ash. Guarded by the Fire Spirit Lord Aliliel until he was released by necromancer servants of Rashak.

Compelled by Engalton to postpone his desire to burn the world, the Shape of Fire is believed to spend most of his time under the Filgiso, awaiting the day he can burn everything.


The forest is home to and guarded by many Dryads.


Hidden in the depths of the forest there is a cave with a number of portals to locations around Alusia. The cave is the base camp for a group of mercenaries who provide specialist healing and Divination skills to larger companies.

These mercenaries are the size of small trolls but have the intelligence of smart Orcs. Most of them are Namers. Last seen working with Silverwinds company on the Isles of Freedom. The camp is heavily disguised and Scry Guarded. The Trorcs also assist in enhancing the reputation of the forest where they can.