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Feralie is a plane that can be accessed by traveling through a portal in the mountains near Novadom. It is a world that is very like Alusia in many ways. Magic is known to exist, although practitioners of it are extremely rare. People wearing metal armour are pretty uncommon, as well.

Guild members that have traveled there have reported emerging near a pass that runs through an impressive mountain range. Subsequent investigations reveal that this pass, and the inhabitants thereof, were destroyed in an exchange of hideous arcane energies between a group of immortals led by Oberon, The Lord of Wands against Tlactla, The Lord of Corruption and his evil hench-entities.

So great was the destruction that huge volumes of stone were carved out of the mountains, exposing a vast cavern running beneath their roots. Highly ranked practitioners of Naming Incantations have determined that this cavern is, indeed, a House of Power for The Lord of Serpents, whose name shall not be uttered. There has been much speculation on the nature of a House of Power.

A noted and powerful Guild scryer who did not want to be named has hypothesised on the basis of their observations that both Lord Oberon and Lord Tlactla broke off their exchange shortly after the discovery. Both, apparently, seemed off-colour. This is usually considered difficult to identify in the case of Lord Tlactla, but the noted scryer did not seem to have any trouble.

When visitors from Alusia arrive, they find that while they are on Feralie, or if someone from Feralie is on Alusia, the passage of time is congruent. That is, if a day passes on Alusia, then a day passes on Feralie. If there is no one from Alusia on Feralie, or vice versa, then thousands of years can have passed on Feralie, when next they synchronise.

The nearest habitation from the point of emergence (a pattern, created by Serifan, The Lord of Patterns) is a very large walled city called Purity's Folly. The master of the city is Artemus, The Lord of Threads. Much of the day to day running is handled by his chatelaine, Mrs Fang. Those members of Guild Security best suited to diplomatic endeavours in distant climes report that it is wise to evince a polite and respectful demeanour when in the presence of Mrs Fang. Particularly for young, virile, male Guild members.

Adventurer's are advised that there is an establishment called the House of Redes in Purity's Folly. It is a reasonably large building, the walls made from what appear to be green withes, almost as if of green thatching. It is roofed in the same kind of manner. The house is built above a stream that runs through the city. It is not connected in anyway to the sewerage system, and fouling this stream carries truly hideous penalties. The house has no floor.

A worthy by the name of Hieroymous runs the place, and allows all who wish to enter. If a person lies in the stream, and there are beds set up inside the river to allow this, then one injury, no matter how severe will be rapidly healed. The healing period is determined by the type of period: If an injury would take three weeks to heal normally, then it will take three days. If it would take three days, then it would take three hours. The most it can take to heal is one week.

Apparently, anyone recovering from a wound in this manner can pluck green withes from the inside wall and read them, often learning startling and valuable things.

Astrologers and scryers have discovered that the world of Feralie is surrounded by huge rings, and there are reports of people walking upon them. The stars hang from rods in a kind of curtained ceiling, and the brave can reach up and touch them. At least one set of Trumps is known to be there.