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Potion of Reason Restored


This potion will restore the imbiber's reason if they succeed in a roll of 4 x MA. The potion weighs ½ lb and is considered Rank 20, with an MA of 30. The imbiber will glow brightly while their reason is restored. If the contents are poured into a grenado, it may be thrown at a hex, where it will burst shedding Rank 20 light in an area 25 ft across. Any creature that is considered an Aberration (e.g. Calamari) may be burnt, forced out of the current mundane plane, or slain. An entity who is insane but not an Aberration will be rendered catatonic.

In the Name of Chantris, I affix my seal:


The Rt. Hon Beship Rowan Velcanthus, S.C.

Season Plane of Origin Aura Nature of Magic
Summer 814 Alusia Magical Light of Reason