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Green Water Healing potions

Made by Green Water Goblins
These are from the green waters which is in the area of the Green Water goblins. You can get them by 'diving for them into the lake' and they are found on the bottom of the lake floor as a thicker more viscous liquid. It can heal 10+ 1D10 damage unless distilled to a greater quality.

Tine Nuts

These nuts are used for preserving the herbal things from the valley.

Copper Tree Leaves

At the top of the cliffs that the Amber mine is set into, is a small plateau of about half a mile in size with the eastern side blending into the hills. On the plateau is a small forest of Copper Trees. The trees have no undergrowth. The Copper tree leaves are razor sharp. Because the lack of undergrowth when winds gust through the trees, the leaves turn into a storm of deadly small blades. But the leaves are of great value. They are used in fixing all types of Armour.

Amber Turnips

Grown in Amber Village
These large turnips can cure most natural poisons with a single bite.

The Shapechanger Diamond

In the middle of the shapechanger camp is a large chimerical statue of a man/tiger, perhaps a shapechanger in the process of becoming a beast. In his upraised hand, he holds what appears to be a diamond. If the refracted light from this 'diamond' falls upon anyone trapped in a form not their own, then they will have a chance of returning to their true shape.

This remedy may apply to a shapechanger trapped in beast form.

Rabbits Feet

WGT: 0 Value: 200 sp
Made by Green Water Goblins
These small brown rabbit's feet amulets give the wearer good luck. The foot is on a twine string enabling it to be worn around the neck. If the wearer fails a magic resistance check then they can elect to destroy the amulet and this will allow them a second chance at making the magic resistance check.

Broken Glass

WGT: 0.5lbs Value: 1,000 sp
This is a small piece of broken red glass about 2 inches on a side. If a character breaks the glass then that character often has good luck for a short time.
When the glass is broken the character gets to roll three times for their next percentile roll, and take the one they wish.

Blue Waters

Wgt: 1lbs Value: 1,000 sp
This special magical healing water will heal all damage done to Endurance.

Copper Waters

Wgt: 1lbs Value: 1,000 sp
This special magical healing water will heal all tiredness (Fatigue).

Gold Ball

Value: 2,000 sp
When this ball is dropped on the ground one charge is used up from it. The effect is that all elementals within 200 feet must save Vs Namer of be banished.
Charges: 1 2 3

Copper Nails

Weight: 0.8 lb. Value: 600 sp
When this normal looking copper nail is nailed into the footprint of a witch, its magical nature is revealed. Great pain will be visited upon the sole of that particular witch. This will lower their Willpower and TMR by 1 for every nail used, 1 nail per footprint. Willpower may not be reduced below 1. The magic in the nail drains away once they have been drawn from the ground and are then only useful as mundane nails.
Number of Nails 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Quickness Crystals

Weight: 0.8 lb. Value: 600 sp
Made by Green Water Goblins
This dust must be used within 30 seconds of being ground, the grinding itself taking 30 seconds. If the dust is sniffed within that time frame then it provides the benefits of a Quickness Spell for 2 minutes, except that initiative value is calculated differently.

The working of the dust is subtle, requiring some familiarity and so each time the dust is taken, IV increases by 1. However, the nuances of the effect are too refined for most to properly recollect. Memories of how the dust works that are older than 1 week fade, no longer contributing to IV.

Ex. A user has just sniffed the dust. They have used the dust 12 times in the last week. Their initiative value, therefore, will be 13 this time. Tomorrow, they will have used the dust 5 times in the last week. If they take the dust on that day, they will only receive a 6 point bonus to IV.
Number of sniffs (in crystal form): 1 2 3 4 5 6