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There are a few factions or alliances within the Fastness of Girwyllan that are common knowledge:


Harpy Attacks

The Harpies have some allies: Gargoyles, Red goblins, Orson Wells, Lizardmen, Pirates
- Known aims: Kill guild members, Raise and control the shaper, make Feldo and Gross and Clementine suffer


The Necromancers are a loose faction of near a dozen groups. All of these groups are powerful and lead by a Necromancer. Friends of most of them are: Undead Hydra, some Dread knights from Rashak
- Known aims: Take over the land of the dead. See detailed notes below.

The Shaper

The Wise Owl, The Muffin Monster, Clementine the water Nixie, Kathrine the Witch, Feldo and Gross and their Basilisk Ernie, Swithan, Candlestone Farm, The Dwarven spirits, and some members of the Seagate Guild of Adventurers: Clementine, Braegon, Mordrin.


  • The Duke of Carzala and Amber village. They have had some help in the past because of the Elven Necromancer problems from the court of Alfheim in the form of three Elven Rangers.
  • The King's Rapiers - Known aims: return to Aquila in style, and support the Western Kingdom and the King Ulric Schwarzrotgold
  • The Shapeshifters
  • The Hobbits of the Southwest
  • The free Elementals - remain free
  • Green Water Goblins
  • The Naga